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Black Mesa Winery Receives 2020 SBA Award

Black Mesa Winery owners Jerry and Lynda Burd win SBA Home-Based Business of the Year award. Courtesy/SBDC

From left, Black Mesa Winery owner Jerry and Linda  Burd, Black Mesa Winery accountant Antonette Martinez, Century Bank VP/Los Alamos Branch Manager Karen Easton, U.S. SBA Regional Administrator Jusin Crossie, Century Bank Universal Banker Patrick Metzger and Española Mayor Javier Sanchez celebrate the Burd’s winning the SBA Home-Based Business of the Year award. Courtesy/SBDC

SBA News:

Black Mesa Winery owners Jerry and Lynda Burd were recently awarded the 2020 SBA Home-Based


Emerge Launches ‘Women Like Me’ Ahead Of Election Day


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Emerge, the premier organization that recruits and trains Democratic women who want to run for office, launched on Wednesday “Women Like Me” – a campaign to draw attention to the diverse women that are running for local, state, and federal offices this election cycle.

There are more than 640 Emerge alumnae on the ballot Nov. 3.

“All across the country and at all levels of government, women are taking their activism and community involvement to a new level by running for office,” Emerge President A’shanti F. Gholar said. “‘Women Like Me’ celebrates the Black, Indigenous,


Valles Caldera National Preserve Partners With Community In Lighting Retrofit Project To Protect Night Skies

A before and after example of retrofitted lighting at the Village of Jemez Springs. A two pronged floodlight was replaced by a single fully shielded black light fixture pointing downward. Photo by Roger Sweet

The before and after photos of the exterior of Hidden Valley Sporting Goods, showing two out of four replaced light fixtures. On the left showing the light coming directly from a light bulb, on the right showing the light clearly pointing downward. Photo by Nanci Lambert

NPS News:

JEMEZ SPRINGS — Valles Caldera National Preserve, in collaboration with its friends group, Los Amigos de Valles


New Mexico Supreme Court Approves Pretrial Detention Rule Changes To Enhance Public Safety


SANTA FE – The state Supreme Court has approved changes in New Mexico’s pretrial justice system to enhance public safety.

The Court issued orders last week to revise procedural rules governing when a person charged with a felony can be held in jail before trial. The rule amendments take effect for cases pending or filed on or after Nov. 23.

“As confirmed by independent evaluations, New Mexicans are safer today because of pretrial justice reforms implemented by the state Supreme Court in the past four years. Newly approved rule changes strengthen the reforms and further protect


PAC 8 ‘Meet The Farmers’ Videos: Montoya Family Orchard

PAC 8 received a MainStreet grant to create three videos about local farmers who sell their produce at Los Alamos Farmers Market. ‘I feel it is important for the public to see how the farmers grow their produce and where it comes from. It’s also nice to meet and get to know the farmers you buy food from,’ PAC 8 Executive Director Jean Gindreau said. Gindreau added that she hopes these videos will encourage more people to go to the market. The video series is called ‘Meet the Farmers’ and will air on PAC 8 and YouTube. The second video –  features Montoya


Scenes Of Early Voting Underway In Los Alamos County

Early voting is underway for the 2020 General Election and Los Alamos County is providing voters two options: in-person voting inside the Municipal Building or a drive thru ballot drop off outside in the parking lot. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

Voters cast their ballot Thursday inside the Los Alamos County Municipal Building. COVID-safe practices are visible at each stop in the voting process including mask wearing and social distancing by voters, staff and volunteers. Upon entering, voters sign in on an electronic pad using popsicle sticks to avoid touching screens. Also, hand


‘Jewish Life In New Mexico And Beyond: A Mosaic Of Stories’ Virtual Fall Conference Oct. 24-25


SANTA FE — Jewish Life in New Mexico and Beyond: A Mosaic of Stories is the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society’s theme for its virtual 2020 fall conference Oct. 24-25.

Both Saturday and Sunday 2-4:30 p.m. programs will feature two sessions each day, led by noted New Mexicans.

Zoom pre-registration will be required. Contact: or call 505.348.4471.

The Oct. 24 program includes in Session 1: “The Spanish Flu Epidemic in N.M. and the role of Rabbi Bergman”, led by Naomi Sandweiss and Richard Melzer, followed by Session 2, “The Jewish Catskills: A Summer Place”,


Letter To The Editor: Why I Support Aaron Walker For County Council

Los Alamos

I find it refreshing to have a non-partisan candidate, with the best interest of all residents in mind, running for a seat on our County Council. It’s time we say no thanks to more of the same and get “new blood” into our County Government.

Why do I support Aaron Walker? I’ve worked with Aaron on the Community Development Advisory Board since it’s inception and have been able to get to know him and his family. I have been impressed by his reasonable demeanor, his openness to learning about the diverse neighborhoods and challenges, and his willingness to ask solid and hard


Amateur Naturalist: A Study In Lichen

The vertical canyon walls and a stream in Hidden Valley in the Valles Caldera together provide and hold water vapor, which can then support plants that are different than in more open areas. Photo by Robert Dryja

Los Alamos

Think about a pot of boiling water on a stove. Bubbles of water vapor can be easily seen rising in the pot to surface. Vapor then cools just enough to appear as steam saturating the adjacent clear air.

Temperatures are in the range of 200 degrees at this point. Now observe a cup of warm coffee or tea. The cup may feel warm when held and steam may not be visible. However,