Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my Advertising, Marketplace Item or Announcement online?

I love the Los Alamos Daily Post! Is there a way I can contribute to its success?

YES!  There are many ways you can contribute to the Los Alamos Daily Post.

You can write stories and take photographs of news worthy things you see going on such as sporting events, unusual activities or beautiful / interesting scenes and submit them for consideration. We love our community correspondents!

If you’re feeling darn guilty about getting all of this incredible content for free, then you can assuage that guilt by providing your contribution to the cause of good, locally owned reporting.

You can contribute (not tax deductible) to the Los Alamos Daily Post by clicking on the following PayPal link:

Another way to help is by “Subscribing to News Alerts.” Press the button found on the top of the right hand sidebar to subscribe. Doing so lets us know that you want to be counted among the growing legion of smart and faithful fans of the Los Alamos Daily Post. You can also “like” our Facebook page. (Too bad there isn’t a “love” button.)

Another extremely important way you can support the Daily Post is to let our advertisers know that you “saw them on the Los Alamos Daily Post.” Advertising Ads are a key way that we pay our bills. Letting our advertisers know that their Ads are working will go a long way towards keeping the daily post as wildly successful as we have been so far.

We thank you for your support!

I’ve noticed that the website has changed slightly since I last visited. What gives?

We are continuously adding new features to the Los Alamos Daily Post news site. You may notice changes from time to time. Don’t be alarmed, it’s normal. If you believe that something on the site is “broken,” please let us know by going to the “Contact Us” menu item and sending us a note describing the problem. That would be a big help to us and we thank you in advance for taking the time to inform us of any problems you notice.

Our goal is to make the Los Alamos Daily Post the very best local news and information portal on the Internet!

What is the best browser in which to view the Los Alamos Daily Post?

We use Mozilla Firefox for our site development work. Because of this, Firefox will naturally provide a viewing experience closest to what our developers have intended. If you are using another browser and things appear “strange” please let us know by using our “Contact Us” menu selection.

We noticed recently that on Android phones, if you are using the Opera mobile browser, the rotating banner ads don’t rotate … you only see the first ad. Of course we are aware that you want to see all the ads. On Android phones, we know that the browser that came with the operating system renders the Los Alamos Daily Post in spectacular fashion.

What is the official RSS feed URL?

Click on the Los Alamos Daily Post feed link at the bottom of our pages in the “Follow us” block to subscribe to our RSS news feed. We are syndicating our news headline titles.

I can’t see ladailypost videos. All I see is a black box. What can I do?

The world of video for the Internet is in flux. The past standard method for displaying video on the Internet has been through an Adobe Flash plug-in. A new standard where no plug-in is required (video is display directly by browsers rather than using an external plug-in) is rapidly evolving. New standards in HTML5 specify how video is handled by browsers. You can read about HTML5 Video HERE.

Google’s Youtube is the leader in the use of video on the Internet. We will keep an eye on Youtube and the standards as they develop. Currently, we still recommend that you install the Adobe Flash video player if you have trouble playing LADailyPost videos. 

You can download Adobe Flash directly from HERE. (Note that you will be asked if you would like to include McAfee Security Scan Plus. Uncheck the check box if you do not want McAfee to be installed on your system.)

If you would like to join Youtube trail of the HTML5 video player you can do that HERE.