Neonate Garters Lifting Spirits Around Los Alamos

It is neonate (baby) snake season and Tweedledum and Tweedledee were spotted today on Camino Uva and are lifting spirits around Los Alamos. ‘Please treat these little guys kindly. Garters and rattlesnakes have live births while bull snakes, coachwhips and others lay eggs. Both live births and eggs are happening now around the county.’ Photo and details by Jan Macek


New Mexico Game & Fish: Learning OHV Safety With Robots

NMG&F utilize Safety Sam and Safety Sara for large group public outreach. Courtesy/NMG&F

NMG&F News:

For the first decade of the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish Off-highway Vehicle (OHV) Program’s operations, the main method of public outreach has been its All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) simulator.

The simulator works for small groups as a one-on-one introduction to ATV safety. However, trying to reach larger audiences with the simulator requires a lot of labor and time.

The OHV Program has two new tools for large group public outreach: the ATV-riding robots Safety Sam and


Bluebirds Lifting Spirits Around Los Alamos

Bluebirds visit a backyard garden with a pond Thursday lifting spirits on Barranca Mesa and around Los Alamos. These birds are highly social, usually feeding in flocks during the non-breeding season. They hunt for terrestrial insects by dropping to the ground from a low perch. Bluebirds also frequently feed on berries in trees and rely on trees both for nesting cavities and hunting perches. Source: allaboutbirds.com. Photo by Selvi Viswanathan

Bluebirds visit a backyard garden with a nearby pond Thursday on Barranca Mesa. Photo by Selvi Viswanathan

Bluebirds visit a backyard garden with


What’s A Prescribed Burn … How Does It Help Wildlife?

Professional wildlife fire specialists at work. Photo by Cody Johnston/NMG&F

NMG&F News:

Fire as a management tool, when planned and controlled by professional wildland fire specialists, can be an extremely efficient and practical way for habitat biologists and land managers to promote positive change in a habitat and yield numerous benefits on the landscape.

Before human intervention fires helped shape landscapes and habitats and it has only been through modern land use practices that we have deprived landscapes of fire.

However, with the use of prescribed fire as a management


Megaripple Migration Offers Insights Into Martian Atmosphere

Large, bright-toned ripples in the sand within Proctor Crater on Mars. Courtesy/NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

AGU News:

Scientists show for the first time that large sand ripples known as megaripples are migrating on Mars, according to a new study. The findings suggest Mars’s dusty surface might be much more active than previously suspected, offering clues about the Red Planet’s poorly understood atmosphere.

Sand dunes and ripples are typical features of deserts on both Earth and Mars. Megaripples are distinguished from smaller ripples by the coarser sand grains that gather


14th Annual Day Of The Tread Scheduled For Oct. 25

Scene from a previous Day of the Tread known for its fun Day of the Dead inspired costumes. Courtesy photo

Scene from a previous Day of the Tread known for its fun Day of the Dead inspired costumes. Courtesy photo

SUNNY505 News:

Registration is now open for the 14th Annual Day of the Tread presented by True Health New Mexico and benefiting various non-profit organizations that serve New Mexico’s children.

The event is scheduled for Oct. 25, pending any COVID-19 restrictions. In conjunction, there will be a virtual event, should the live event be canceled or if people are more comfortable riding