Northern Flicker Balances On Seed Box in Pajarito Acres

A Northern Flicker (female red-shafted) is spotted balancing on a seed box today while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at a residence in Pajarito Acres in White Rock. World Photo by Nancy Ann Hibbs

A Northern Flicker sticks out the tip of its tongue while eating seeds from a box on the patio of a residence today in Pajarito Acres in White Rock. The flicker is a type of woodpecker, but it pecks soil instead of wood, mostly feeding on ants and beetles, but also other insects, berries and seeds. A flicker’s beak is narrower and more curved than other woodpeckers. Woodpeckers generally have disproportionately


Suspected Goosenapper Spotted At Ashley Pond Park

This man is caught on camera today in what appears to be a goosenapping caper at Ashley Pond Park. He was spotted in broad daylight lifting local beloved goose Homer into his arms and carrying him off … fortunately and for unknown reasons he suddenly let Homer loose and left the scene. Courtesy photo


Don’t Throw Away Thanksgiving Food Scraps … Compost!

Madeline Bolding, organizer of Los Alamos Food Scrap Swap, holds up  food scraps and the finished product after composting. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Daily Post

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and take stock of the blessings in life. It also is time to enjoy an abundance of good food and this can be problematic.

A large holiday dinner can lead to food waste, which is a major contributor to global warming. Tossed in the landfill, food releases methane gas and unfortunately there is a lot of food waste in landfills.

According to data compiled by the Los Alamos


Los Alamos County Places Two Parcels Up For Sale

Community Development Director Paul Andrus

Los Alamos Daily Post

They may only total less than half an acre, but two Los Alamos County-owned parcels off Trinity Drive offer a lot of potential to the community.

These two parcels at 3691 and 3689 Trinity Dr., off 35th St. and Trinity Drive near the future site of Hill Apartments, are up for sale.

Community Development Department Director Paul Andrus said the County started advertising the sale of the parcels Oct. 15 and proposals for their solicitation were due Nov. 6. A walk-through of the site also was


NOAA Strategy Targets Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

A diseased brain coral in Looe Key, Fla. The disease is leaving a white band of recently dead skeleton in contrast to the healthy, yellow/brown tissue. Courtesy/Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

NOAA News:

NOAA unveiled a new strategy Tuesday for the response to stony coral tissue loss disease, a disease that is spreading throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean region and may pose a threat to the Indo-Pacific region.  

The high-level strategy provides a framework and focus for ongoing efforts to slow the spread and to prevent and prepare for potential spread into the Indo-Pacific


BLM New Mexico: Christmas Tree Permits On Sale Online

BLM offices begin online sales today of $5 personal Christmas tree permits. Courtesy/recreation.gov

BLM News:

SANTA FE – Beginning today, Bureau of Land Management offices will begin online personal Christmas tree permit sales to harvest piñon and juniper.

Permits are available through Dec. 23 and cost $5 per tree. To ensure the community’s safety, the BLM will only have the permits available online this year. Permits can be purchased by visiting forestproducts.blm.gov.

When purchasing online, you must have access to a printer for printing the permit and map. The public must attach the


The Horse Shelter Celebrates 20 Years Of Rescuing Abused And Abandoned Horses Throughout New Mexico

Polly was admitted to The Horse Shelter severely emaciated with medical issues and is now ready for adoption. The Horse Shelter is asking for the community’s support to help these horses in need. Courtesy/THS

President of the Board
The Horse Shelter

  • Support is needed to supplement pandemic revenue loss

SANTA FE — Twenty years ago, New Mexico’s first statewide horse rescue, The Horse Shelter (THS) kicked off an incredible ride to save neglected, abused and abandoned horses.

Founded in 2000 by Jan Bandler, THS is New Mexico’s largest non-profit rescue and is a no-kill shelter


SFNF Reminds Visitors Vault Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

SFNF News:
SANTA FE – Recreation staff on the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) report widespread misuse of vault toilets, especially along the popular corridor that ends at the Santa Fe ski basin.
Too many visitors are dumping their trash in places it doesn’t belong, including the vault toilets at developed recreation sites.
Vault toilets are a good solution for sites without running water. The toilets are installed over an underground tank or vault and enclosed by a small building. Human waste is held in the underground vault and periodically pumped out to be hauled away for