Daily Postcard: Moon And Venus Spotted Over White Rock

Daily Postcard: View of the moon and Venus at about 7:21 p.m. Thursday from White Rock. In reality, when it seems as though Venus and the moon come into contact Feb. 27, Venus was actually 84 million miles away from Earth, while the moon was 249,892 miles away. The meeting between the two planets is expected March 28 when the crescent moon creeps back toward Venus for a very similar event. Photo by Nancy Ann Hibbs


‘Inside Arts’ Features Local Photographer TK Thompson

Local photographer TK Thompson is featured on ‘Inside Arts’ beginning Sunday on PAC 8. Courtesy/PAC 8


The Los Alamos Museum of Art continues its series “Inside Arts” with an interview with local photographer TK Thompson on PAC 8.

The interview airs 8:30 p.m. Sunday, 4 p.m. Tuesday and 8 p.m. Thursday, March 5.

The sheer joy of photography comes through in the works of TK Thompson. Motivated by the “wonders of the world” around him, Thompson finds joy in the whole process embracing the technical advances in current equipment and production.

“I try to give my work an emotional component


Teatro Paraguas And Blue Raven Theatre Present ‘3 X 3’

Actors Talia Pura, David McConnell and Kate Sawyer.Courtesy/Talia Pura

Theatre News:

Teatro Paraguas and Blue Raven Theatre present “3 X 3” Three New Plays by Talia Pura.

Containing elements of drama and comedy, these plays explore human relationships, which tend to be complicated and messy in families. Each play contains three characters, and three is always a crowd.

Pura is an award-winning writer based in Santa Fe. Her plays have been seen here, as well as New York City, Minneapolis, across Canada, in Stockholm and Cape Town. As the artistic director of Blue Raven Theatre, Pura focuses on