Roadside Art: Slug Bug Ranch

Slug Bug Ranch: Most everyone has heard of or seen the Cadillac Ranch off I-40 near Amarillo, Texas where several Cadillac automobiles are buried nose first in a line. Over time the cars have disintegrated and visitors have spray painted the Caddys on every surface possible. However, there is another ranch down the road between Amarillo and the Oklahoma state line in the tiny town of Conway, Texas. Again, just off I-40, is the Slug Bug Ranch. There are five VW Beetles buried nose down next to an old, run down, shell of a former gas station. Again, the Slug Bugs are spray painted just like the Cadillacs.


Posts From The Road: The Other Side Of Hatch

Muffler Man & RV: The statue that started it all in Hatch still stands tall in front of the RV dealership owned by Teako and Josie Nunn. Photo by Gary Warren/

Dinosaur and Hot Dog: Next to the RV dealership, a dinosaur and giant hot dog easily catch your attention. Photo by Gary Warren/

Sparky’s: Sparky’s opened in 2008 and is now like a museum for giant statues. The interior of the building features more unique Americana art work and decor. Note: Sparky’s green chile cheese burgers are the best! Photo by Gary Warren/



Roadside Art: Wildlife Crossing … Watch For Tortoise!

We have all seen wildlife crossing signs along roadways but they are usually for deer, elk or other larger wildlife. In a desert state park in Nevada, this wildlife crossing sign is for the desert tortoise, which is prevalent in the area and not easily seen by drivers or hikers due to its smaller size. (Photographer Gary Warren travels the country and is sharing his photos of unusual roadside art with the Post.) Photo by Gary Warren/


Roadside Art: Canoes Spotted On Rocky Hillside

Row, row, row your boat … wait, where’s the water? Three canoes have been placed on a rocky hillside just outside of Terlingua, Texas. I do not know who placed them or why they are there but they make me smile every time I see them. The closest water is the Rio Grande, which is several miles to the south of the canoes. (Photographer Gary Warren travels the country and shares photos of unusual roadside art with the Los Alamos Daily Post.) Photo by Gary Warren/


Weather Alert: LANL On Delayed Start Due To Storm

LANL News:

Los Alamos National Laboratory is on a delayed opening this morning due to the winter storm falling over the area.

Employees should plan to report to work between 10 a.m. and noon, however, before departing for work, check for updates at or by calling 505.667.6622.


Roadside Art: World’s Smallest Target Found In Texas

A tiny decaying cinder block building located between Marathon, Texas and Alpine, Texas is now Target Marathon. The building was probably used by the railroad in the past as tracks sit just a few feet behind the structure. It is not known who created the miniature Target, which comes with a red shopping cart out in front. It was first seen in 2016. The world’s smallest Target sits alongside U.S. Highway 90 between the roadway and the train tracks. A little bit of mystery but a project sure to bring a smile to visitors traveling this stretch of highway in west Texas. Photo by Gary Warren/


Posts From The Road: NM Museum Of Space History

Museum and Hall of Fame: The entire campus of the New Mexico Museum of Space History sits high on a hillside on the eastern side of Alamogordo overlooking the city below. Shown is the facility which houses the museum and International Space Hall of  Fame. Photo by Gary Warren/

Space History Exhibit: Shown is a display in the space history section of the museum. Hundreds of items used in the space program as well as hardware used are displayed throughout the museum. Photo by Gary Warren/
Space Station 2001: A mock up display of Space Station 2001 is included in the