Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum Presents Patrick Berg, MD, Maj, USAF On The Origin Of Life Wednesday June 29


In 1802, William Paley published his famous watch analogy in Natural Theology. He asserted that if a watch is found in an open field, “the inference we think is inevitable, (is) that the watch must have had a maker – that there must have existed, at some time and at some place or other … an artificer who formed it.”

He reviewed the complexity of human anatomy, as well as animals and plants, based on scientific understanding at the time. Seeing complexity far beyond a watch in plants, animals, and human anatomy, he concluded that there is a Creator.

Paley’s idea was not new. From the Read More

Fr. Glenn: Back And Forth

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Let’s see … did anything notable happen this week? Hmmm … let’s think.

Ah, yes … the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health/Roe v. Wade overturn by the Supreme Court—celebration for some, infuriating for others. But, no matter which side one falls on, we know one thing for certain: it is not the last we’ll hear of the debate; quite the contrary. Because of the extreme polarity of the division, it will be a battle that will likely go on—as it already has—for decades (centuries?) to come.

The Dobbs decision is an interesting (rather long) read as it goes through the reasoning of the court. Read More

Children’s Parade & Carnival To Be Held 4th Of July!

Scene from a previous Independence Day Children’s Parade and Carnival in White Rock. Post file photo


Announcing the exciting return of the community Independence Day Children’s Parade and Carnival in White Rock, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 366 Grand Canyon Dr. Activities begin at 10 a.m. with a flag ceremony and children’s parade around the block, led by the Los Alamos Police and Fire Department.

Children are invited to festively decorate their bikes, trikes, strollers, wagons, etc. and join the parade! Balloons will be provided for parade Read More

TGIF Concert: Aaron Howe And Paul Roth July 15


What: Aaron Howe, baritone and Paul Roth, piano

Music: Bellini, Yamada, Ravel, Duke and Gounod 

Date: July 15

Time: 5:30 p.m. (doors open at 5:15 p.m.)

Where: First Presbyterian Church, 208 Grant Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501

Admission: Freewill offering and open to all

For More Information call 982.8544 


  • Tre Ariette – Vincenzo Bellini;
    1. Il fervido desiderio

    2. Dolente immagine di Fille mia
    3. Vaga luna che inargenti
  • Three Japanese Songs – Kosaku Yamada;
    1. Komori Uta

    2. Narayama
    3. Matsushima Ondo
  • Deux Mélodies Hébraïques – Maurice Ravel;
    1. Kaddisch
Read More

Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum: Prof. Victoria Erhart Speaks On Eastern Christianity & Science June 22

An image of Christ measuring out the world. Courtesy/LAFSF

Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum News:

The Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum presents UNM-Los Alamos Professor Victoria Erhart speaking on “Eastern Christianity and Science” at 6 p.m. this Wednesday, June 22, at Kelly Hall of Trinity-on-the Hill Episcopal Church.

Eastern Christianity, Greek-speaking Christianity, and its branches, as it developed east of Rome, has gifted the world with two theologies quite different from but not at odds with Latin-based Western Christianity. The Eastern Christian doctrine of Creation is Read More

Fr. Glenn: Days To Celebrate

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Saw a great headline the other day: “Justice Sotomayor praises Clarence Thomas as a ‘friend’ who ‘cares deeply about the court.” While the Justice admitted that she and Justice Thomas disagree most among all the Justices about constitutional issues, she expressed admiration his concern for people nonetheless. Imbedded in that story was also: “Sotomayor and Thomas’ friendship is not unique among Supreme Court justices. The late Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia have often been held up as a triumph of friendship over partisan politics.” Hmmm … quite the lesson Read More

WR Presbyterian, Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran, First United Methodist Churches Host Table At Pride Festival

White Rock Presbyterian Church News:

White Rock Presbyterian Church will be hosting a table along with Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church and First United Methodist Church of Los Alamos at the Los Alamos LGBTQ+ Pride Festival 4-7  p.m. today, June 17, on the lawn in Central Park Square.

WRPC recently completed a nearly-year-long journey toward deeper understanding of Christ’s call to inclusivity, with specific consideration given to LGBTQIA+ persons, and in April formally adopted this statement:

“Convinced that God loves and cherishes each person just the way they are and delighted Read More

LAFSF: Dr. Eric Ferm Presents ‘Images Of God In The Bible, Art And In Our Scientific Work’ At Kelly Hall Wednesday

Eight spokes of the dharma wheel represent the Noble Eightfold Path. Courtesy/LAFSF


Last Wednesday the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum (LAFSF) attendees heard former LANL physicist, Dr. John Ambrosiano, speak on “The Science of Buddhism”. He said that Buddhism, considered one of the world’s four great religions, is at its core not a religion at all. Professed to be non-theistic (neither atheistic nor agnostic) it is a blend of spirituality, eastern philosophy, and empirical psychology. Its spiritual roots lie in the mystical traditions of India, to which the historical Buddha Read More

Fr. Glenn: The Enemy Of Striving

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

In our media today—mainstream, social and other—we are ever deluged with criticism. Political party against party, candidate against candidate, stance against stance, screamers against screamers. Those on the receiving end of ceaseless criticism can easily fall into a depressing funk of futility … feeling that no matter what they do, say or think, it will be criticized and even condemned. Fix one thing, and critics will just point out a perceived weakness somewhere else. Spouse verbal abuse often falls into this category: a spouse’s unrealistic or ever-changing expectations Read More

First United Methodist Church Los Alamos Seeks Donations For Transgender Resource Center In Albuquerque

First United Methodist Church:

Due to discrimination and minority stress, 41 percent of transgender people attempt suicide. According to the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing (November 2010), family acceptance and a safe home is the number one predictor of health and well-being in LGBTQ+ youth.

The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico in Albuquerque fills the needs that families cannot provide, and provides for the needs of transgender individuals whose families do not support them.

In honor of Pride month, First United Methodist Church in Los Alamos asks the community Read More

Los Alamos Faith And Science Forum’s Ninth Summer Series Kick Off Lecture Draws Full House

An audience member asks a question of Professor Marty Hewlett during his lecture Wednesday at the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum in Kelly Hall at Trinity-on-the Hill Episcopal Church. Courtesy/LAFSF


The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum (LAFSF) kicked off its ninth summer series to a full house last Wednesday in Kelly Hall of Trinity-on-the Hill Episcopal Church. Professor Marty Hewlett spoke on “Darwinian Evolution: perspectives from science, philosophy, and theology.”

Professor Hewlett began by identifying three ways of seeing and knowing – through science, philosophy, Read More

Fr. Glenn: ‘You are gods!’

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

You know … when you think about it, we human beings are wonderfully made. After all, not only do we live and grow and are animate like all animals, but unlike them, we can think, plan, reflect, discern cause and effect, conduct science, etc. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that our mental ability is that which makes us most like God (though still infinitely less than Him, of course). And Jesus, when rebuffing an opponents’ challenge, quotes Psalm 82: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said ‘you are “gods’”? (John 10:34)

We might then remember Rene Descartes’ contemplation of whether Read More

Church Of Christ Ministers Tim & Tanya Stidham To Retire

Tim and Tanya Stidham are retiring after 35 years from their ministry at Los Alamos Church of Christ. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

Thirty-five years is a long time. In most cases, it’s more than a generation. That’s how long Tim and Tanya Stidham have served as ministers of the Los Alamos Church of Christ. They are retiring from that work June 5.

Actually, it won’t be 35 years until August, but circumstances require the Stidhams to be in Abilene, Texas, before then.

“Our daughter, Tera (Stidham) Harmon, has been offered an assistant professorship at Abilene Christian University,” Tim Read More

Fr. Glenn: The Two-Sided Coin

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Protection of offspring: one of the strongest of all human instincts, often even surpassing that of personal well-being, or even one’s own survival. We saw that the other day in the reports of the Uvalde school shooting in which a teacher died while instinctively shielding a child from the killer—a protective instinct seen often with such tragedies. But sadly, rarely does a day go by in which there we don’t see a story about child abuse of some sort—physical, sexual or otherwise; few things stir us to fury so quickly and so intently. And those are only those we see in the news; we Read More

CYIA Hosts Vacation Bible Schools And 5-Day Clubs

Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) teen summer missionaries to host Vacation Bible Schools and 5-Day Bible Clubs in June and July. Courtesy/CYIA

CYIA News:

Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) teen summer missionaries will be hosting Vacation Bible Schools and 5-Day Bible Clubs in Los Alamos and White Rock in June and July.

These free sessions, for children ages 4-12, will be held Monday through Friday, featuring Bible and missionary stories, games, songs, Scripture memory, crafts, snacks, contests and prizes.


  • June 13-17:
Read More

Fr. Glenn: Strength And Honor

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

(Sigh). Recently we saw another story of what is commonly called “stolen valor” involving those who falsely (disgracefully) claim of having military honors or positions. But such is not limited to military, but may be extended to such fraudulent claims in civilian spheres as well: EMT, firefighter, police officer or some sort of spy or government agent and the like. Then there are the potentially disastrous fake nurses, doctors, lawyers, professionals and other occupations (who wants a fake plumber or electrician working on their systems, either?). Of course, this is Read More


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