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Letter To The Editor: Break-Ins … Hardship Isn’t An Excuse

Santa Fe
It’s disturbing to see local friends and family who are business owners prayed upon during this time of national crisis.
Hardship isn’t an excuse for folks, no matter how disadvantaged by their loss of income, lack of access to quality healthcare, child care, and general welfare, to keep the wolf at bay through theft.
The generosity of those offering award money to help catch those so driven, for whatever reason, gives us pause to ask if we might not do more to help those hardest hit and perhaps desperate with the prospect of the novel coronavirus’ disruptive


Debate Flares Over AI To Detect COVID-19 In Lung Scans

Medical staff perform a CT scan of a Covid-19 patient at Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan, China. STR/AFP/Getty Images

HSNW News:

A series of studies, starting as a steady drip and quickening to a deluge, has reported the same core finding amid the global spread of COVID-19: Artificial intelligence could analyze chest images to accurately detect the disease in legions of untested patients.

Casey Ross writes in STAT that the results promised a ready solution to the shortage of diagnostic testing in the U.S. and some other countries and triggered splashy press releases and a cascade of hopeful headlines.


Update: Los Alamos Residents Donate $1,250 To Help Police

Update: Four more community heroes have contacted the Post to contribute, increasing the reward to $1,250.


A resident of Los Alamos and reader of the Los Alamos Daily Post contacted the Post this morning after reading about the burglary spree overnight Saturday and the destruction criminals inflicted on several local businesses (link).

“I want to help our police catch those responsible,” the resident said. “I will donate $500 on the condition that you allow me to remain anonymous.”

We agreed and spoke with the police to make them aware of this generous offer, which increases


NMDOH Provides Healthcare Workers Avenues To Comply


SANTA FE — The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) announces instructions for where New Mexico health care providers can go online to comply with two public health orders announced March 25th designed to protect our state supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Providers reporting how they plan to comply with the ordered three-month delay on all non-essential medical procedures without risk to their patients can now submit their policies via the clinicians section of the NMDOH’s COVID-19 website at


Dogs Lifting Spirits Around Los Alamos: Meet Freddie

Freddie, 10, is a Havanese who dreams of lifting spirits around Los Alamos. He is a member of the Rick and Liddie Martinez family. Courtesy photo


Freddie is studying this little guy’s moves so he can really lift spirits around Los Alamos. Courtesy video


New Mexico Office Of Superintendent Of Insurance Cautions Consumers About HCSM Health Care Sharing Ministries


SANTA FE — The New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance cautions consumers who have subscribed, or are considering subscribing to health benefit plans offered by Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) that these are not authorized health insurance plans.

A HCSM may use marketing practices that suggest its plans include the protections found in approved health insurance plans. However, that may not be correct.

These plans may be less expensive than a regulated major medical plan. They may also appear to provide the benefits and protections that a major medical plan is required


COVID-19 Growth Curves For March 29, 2020

This figure shows the recent growth in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases for several US states, using data through Sunday 29 March. Dashed lines show exponential growth curves, labeled by doubling time in days. Several states (for example, California) may be seeing a slight reduction in their exponential growth rates, as recent data points seem to be dropping below the dashed lines showing their growth over the past two weeks. But Florida is on pace to overtake California soon. The growth in New York has moderated to a 4-day doubling time; its earlier rapid growth with 1.4-day doubling may


Chart 14: COVID-19 Daily Cases By County In New Mexico

Chart shows the cumulative cases of COVID-19 by county in New Mexico. Courtesy/Eli Ben-Naim

Chart shows total cumulative tests of COVID-19 statewide in New Mexico, Courtesy/Eli Ben-Naim

Chart shows the probability of having zero cases in Los Alamos County. Under a random (Poisson) distribution, the probability of having no cases equals the inverse of the exponential of the expected average value. The expected average value was calculated using New Mexico statewide totals, New Mexico population, and Los Alamos County population. As of March 29, the expected value for Los Alamos County


New Mexico COVID-19 Cases Now At 237


SANTA FE – New Mexico state health officials announced today 29 additional positive tests for COVID-19.

The New Mexico Department of Health stated that the most recent cases are located in the following counties:

  • 9 new cases in Bernalillo County
  • 1 new case in Chaves County
  • 2 new cases in Curry County
  • 1 new case in Eddy County
  • 4 new cases in McKinley County
  • 4 new cases in San Juan County
  • 3 new cases in Sandoval County
  • 4 new cases in Santa Fe County
  • 1 new case in Valencia County

The number of deaths in the state related to COVID-19 remains at two. 

Including the above newly reported cases, New Mexico