McQuiston: Coronavirus & Car Insurance

The Jemez Agency

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are reaching nearly every corner of our lives.

When it comes to your car, it will change the way you buy, finance, and insure it. In the short term, you may be worried about even being able to pay your car insurance premium. You may be considering what changes you should make to your policy to save money and ensure continuing coverage.

Fortunately, most insurers are offering payment relief, halting insurance cancellations, and providing online claims processing. Many are providing partial premium refunds because many


Fr. Glenn: Parting Ways

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Now we come to another Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of all those who have died in our service, not only to our nation, but to our states and all local communities … those who volunteered to go in harm’s way. Though they may cite different reasons for entering their various occupations, the soldier, the firefighter, the policeman, the emergency responder of every stripe knows in the back of his mind that he may be called to that ultimate sacrifice for his fellow Man. 

And so this weekend we honor all who have done just that, for as Jesus so beautifully says: “Greater love has no


Posts From The Road: Carhenge

Carhenge: Carhenge sits on 10 acres just north of Alliance, Nebr. The display is surrounded by Nebraska farmland. Photo by Gary Warren/

Stacked Like Stones: Jim Reinder built Carhenge by lifting the automobiles into place with a crane and welding the cars together. Reinder used cars as close to the actual size of the stones used in Stonehenge and duplicated the size of Stonehenge in building Carhenge. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

Located in the Nebraska panhandle miles from any major Interstate, 10 acres were carved


Weekly Fishing Report: May 24

Sports And Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

The coronavirus pandemic has New Mexico anglers posting questions all over the Internet and on Facebook looking for a place to wet a line and catch some fish.

This Memorial Day weekend some of the most popular waters remain closed, while others have just been recently opened after being closed for over a month.

The Weekly Fish and Stocking Report published by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish no longer reports fishing conditions at specific waters throughout the state.

The last stocking report was on March 13 and none have been published


Walker: Why I’m Running As An Independent For Council

Independent Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

Hello Los Alamos,

First of all, a huge thank you to all of those that have reached out to me over the past two days. You have all kept me very busy gathering signatures and answering questions. I appreciate the outpouring of support from the community during this unique time dealing with COVID-19 and trying to secure a

A big question I have been asked is “Why are you running?” The answer to that question is not an easy one to answer, as there are many diverse reasons why I am running. I have always felt the urge to serve, even after my time in


Hargraves: Stand Against Campaign Attack Ads

Los Alamos

Over the past 35 years I have lived in Santa Fe, Alcalde, Los Alamos and Velarde. The 3rd Congressional District is my home. I’ve raised my family here, had the good fortune to work at LANL and been elected to the Los Alamos School Board.

As a parent, an engineer, now a small farmer growing grapes, and a parciante on Acequia del Ancon, I have a deep interest for strong representation in Congress. My concerns focus on acequias, local community support, education, healthy environment and healthcare.

Northern New Mexico is a beautiful tri cultural mix of Pueblo, Spanish


Aaron Walker Intends To Run For Los Alamos County Council As Independent; Seeks Signatures On Nominating Petition

Independent Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

Hello Los Alamos,

My name is Aaron Walker and I intend to run for county council as an independent.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, this requires me to obtain a specific number of signatures (roughly 205) on a nominating petition form in order to qualify for the ballot in November.

This is not an easy task in normal times, and in the age of COVID-19 it has become much harder.

I asked the state government if there were any plans to adjust this number due to COVID-19 and the governors “stay at home” order. The short version


Golden Willow Retreat: Difference Between Trauma And Grief

By Dr. Ted Wiard
Golden Willow Retreat

Editors Note: This column is part of a series written by grief specialist Dr. Ted Wiard, dedicated to helping educate the community about emotional healing.

This column’s intent is to give emotional support for individuals, families and communities during this time of radical change. The last couple of months have been challenging as each person, family, organization and community have had to find ways to navigate the radical changes in which COVID-19 has blindsided the daily routines and ways of life that was once the norm.

As people have been ordered


Los Alamos County Council Chair Sara Scott Issues Update On COVID-19; Housing And Commercial Projects

By Chair Sara Scott
Los Alamos County Council

With this note I’m providing an update of development efforts across our community – even during these challenging times – there is a lot going on.

These projects will have an important impact on our business environment, our ability to provide needed housing options, and our quality of life.

Remember that each one of us also can have an impact both on the health and well-being of our community and the safe and expanded operations of our businesses: please continue to avoid unnecessary travel, wash hands frequently, avoid gatherings and wear a multilayer


Gessing: New Mexico’s Senseless Shutdown Status

Rio Grande Foundation

New Mexico is among the most tightly shut down states in the entire country. This is according to the website Wallethub, which has been ranking the various US states on how “open” or “closed” they are.

New Mexico was tied with Washington State as the 44th most open or, with the inclusion of Washington, DC, 7th least open.

There is a clear partisan divide among the “openers” and “closers”. Until you hit Ohio, the 14th most “closed” state all of the “closers” are led by Democrats. And, while Wisconsin (with a Democrat governor) jumped to the top of the list of “open”