McQuistion: It’s Fall – Oh Deer

Jemez Agency
Serving Los Alamos since 1963

The temperatures have gotten cooler, and the trees are getting vibrant with color. It is a beautiful time of year.

Fall also means animal-related car accidents are likely to rise. Between October and December, the annual deer breeding season (known as the rut) occurs. Deer can be very active and unpredictable during this time, and many find their way to our roadways.

Five recommended safety tips:

1. Be alert

  • More deer are on the road around dusk and dawn.
  • Deer crossing signs are posted where deer are likely to cross.
  • Large deer populations
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Judge Elizabeth Allen: Why I’m Running For Re-Election

By Judge Elizabeth Allen
Los Alamos Municipal Court

Fourteen years ago, I passed the bar exam and embarked on a meaningful career as a lawyer. I have worked as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a sole practitioner. I represented children in child protection court, lifers in prison on their post-conviction appeals, and families seeking special education services. My favorite job, though, has been serving as the Municipal Judge in Los Alamos, and that is why I am running for re-election.

As a new judge in 2019, I was excited to learn the position and to improve the court process. Not only did my Read More

Rep. Chandler: How I Spent My Summer

By Rep. Christine Chandler
House District 43
Los Alamos, Sandoval & Santa Fe counties

With the end of Summer officially here, this seems like an opportune time to share a little bit about my legislative activities during these past spring and summer months. Although the actual enactment of legislation occurs during our official sessions (30 or 60 days depending on the year and occurring in the winter), our schedules post-session can also be very busy. Mine certainly has been.

First, many of us serve on interim committees. I serve as a voting member or an advisory member on several of these Read More

Stradling: County Council Governance 

Republican Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

Government is intended for the benefit of the people. It is best when it embodies the principles of our US Constitution:  liberty, governance as delegated by the people, equal standing of all, and representation in law making.

Los Alamos County Council represents us in making the rules under which our county operates. The Council conveys the will of the people to the county management. It is, and must be, the boss of the county staff.  As I have served in senior government organizations in Washington DC, I have seen that when leadership Read More

An Open Book: Day Of Remembrance

Los Alamos

The anniversary of my father’s passing, or Yahrzeit in Yiddish, is a date that I have to track carefully on the Jewish calendar. On this modified lunar calendar, the observance of June 6, 2009 changes a few days forward or backward each year, and I have to look it up regularly.

But for my mother’s Yahrzeit, there is no tracking required. She died on October 3, 2016, the first day of the Jewish year 5777. So, when we set the dinner table last Sunday night to observe and celebrate Rosh Hashanah, “the Head of the Year,” with the two lit tall candles, the ceremonial glass of wine, Read More

Gruninger: Yoga Therapy … Hot Flashes, Heartburn & Anger

Los Alamos

Hot flashes, heartburn and anger. What do these three have in common? From a yogic perspective they all include the element of heat. Hot flashes are self explanatory. Heartburn, often can feel like a burning or searing and when we are angry we get a rush of heat like energy in the body.

There are numerous yoga poses that can help navigate all of these everyday “heat” occurrences. Today though, I’d like to share with you a pranayama or breathwork practice that can also help “cool” us off.

This practice is often called the cooling breath or Shitali or Sitkari Pranayama. Read More

Madrid: Pepin Award ‘An Absolute Disgrace’


In response to the article (link) about Artie Pepin getting a national award for his work “improving” the pretrial system in New Mexico. Pepin along with the late Supreme Court Justice, Charles Daniels are the two directly responsible for bringing bail reform to this state. It has been an absolute failure and the thing most responsible for the “catch and release”, the “revolving door at the jails” and the spike in crime.

Albuquerque has already recorded over 100 homicides this year and on track to break last year’s all-time high of 117. Bail reform has completely Read More

Weekly Fishing Report: Sept. 27, 2022

Sports And Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

The monsoon rains have kept stream flows above normal in most streams and rivers this summer and heading into the fall. This should benefit the populations of wild brook and brown trout with good spawning conditions this fall.

Another popular fishing spot reopened recently. Monastery Lake near Pecos had been closed for several months due to impacts from the Calf Canyon/Hermit Peak Fire. The fishing should be good with the possibility of some nice-sized holdover trout from earlier stockings. At one time, the state-record rainbow trout Read More

Home Country: A Definite Pecking Order

Home Country

When the Rafter E branded recently, a bunch of us went out to help.

There’s a definite pecking order here, and it’s a badge of pride to have worked your way up the branding ladder.

As a kid, you flank the calves; you grab them, throw them and hold them down. This is conducive to abrasions, muscle strain, and involuntarily changing the color of your shirt.

As you get older, you get to handle the branding iron, then move up to giving shots. After that comes earmarking. When you reach the pinnacle of branding, that is, when you own the calves, then you get to rope the calves and drag Read More

Fraser: A Unique Opportunity For Better Broadband

Los Alamos

On Saturday, local online newspapers republished a Los Alamos County news release (link) announcing the mailing of a survey “to assess broadband availability, affordability, and accessibility throughout the county” to a randomly selected sample of households. 

While I have only seen the draft of the survey that was presented at the June 28 County Council meeting, I believe that the survey will be the key to assessing the community’s need and desire for better broadband service in Los Alamos County.

I hope those who receive the survey complete it as honestly and as thoroughly Read More