LAPD: January Is National Stalking Awareness Month

From The Victim Assistant
Los Alamos Police Department

Every year, millions of Americans are victims of stalking; usually occurring by someone the victim knows such as an ex-spouse, ex-lover or former boss.

Like domestic violence, stalking is a crime of power and control that includes persistent patterns of behavior, causing victims to live in fear, unable to live a productive lifestyle due to daily safety concerns.

Stalking also is defined as someone engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety


Weekly Fishing Report: Jan. 26, 2021

Sports & Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

The weather forecast is a bit more promising this coming week. Several storms are in the forecast bringing much-needed rain and snow to New Mexico.

The situation has improved in Colorado. Wolf Creek Pass Ski Area reports that the have now received over 200 inches of snow so far this season. Wolf Creek Pass straddles the Continental Divide, so the snowpack there feeds river basins that flow east and flow west.

It is the headwaters of the Rio Grande, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the headwaters of the San Juan River, which


Posts From The Road: Downtown Jerome, Arizona

Jerome and Cleopatra Hill: Jerome, Ariz., sits on the side of Cleopatra Hill in central Arizona overlooking the Verde Valley. Photo by Gary Warren/

Switch-Backs: Much of Jerome, Ariz., consists of a series of switch-back turns as the main street through town winds its way up and down the steep hillside. Photo by Gary Warren/ 

Formerly of Los Alamos

Jerome is a town in central Arizona that has a storied past, which has led to its eclectic and artistic population today.

Jerome sits on the steep slope of Cleopatra Hill at an elevation of


Fr. Glenn: ‘He Is Out Of His Mind!’

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

It’s hard to deny that we’re entering a new era—the change of presidency, coming out of pandemic, plus a number of other issues you could no doubt add on your own. Assuming good intention, each of us thinks that his own idea about solving problems is the best; that’s the very reason we maintain a position. And so, when someone opposes our own eminent idea, our knee-jerk reaction is often that “He is out of his mind!”, or, more succinctly, “What an idiot!”

That must have been the feeling of some of Jesus’ hearers when they said that of Him: “He is out of His mind!” (Mark 3:20-21)—our Catholic


Lahiri-Gupta: A Public Plea Against HB-70

By Soumyo Lahiri-Gupta
Los Alamos
(Studying at American University Washington College of Law)

Remember back in July when Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales drew heavy criticism for cooperating with federal agents and allowing them to patrol the streets of Albuquerque in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests? HB-70 would formalize that cooperation statewide. 

House Bill 70, titled “Domestic Terrorism Definitions”, appears to be a reactionary Bill written in the aftermath of the Capitol Riots in the beginning of January.

The Bill amends three existing statutes:

  • Homeland


Weekly Fishing Report: Jan. 22

Sports And Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

New Mexico State Parks remain open for day use only with no overnight camping. They are reserved for New Mexico residents only.

Heron Lake State Park is open. Recent photos show that Heron Lake is frozen over. It opened for ice fishing Jan. 11 at the Dam Site Recreation Area. The kokanee salmon snagging season is over. The best fishing will be for rainbow trout with the possibility of catching a lake trout. Call (575).588.7470 for conditions.

El Vado Lake State Park is closed for the season. The only area open at El Vado is the Dam Day Use Area.


Snyder: Bathtub Row In Three Eras Of History

The sign that made Bathtub Row an official street name. Photo by Sharon Snyder

Los Alamos Historical Society

The road that is Bathtub Row today passed by masters’ quarters and classrooms during the Los Alamos Ranch School years. During the Manhattan Project, it was the road to the houses assigned to key staff members at Project Y, and now it leads to lovely homes, the History Museum, the offices of the Los Alamos Historical Society, and Fuller Lodge. The lane that became Bathtub Row has been significant in three eras of our history.

In the beginning the road was dirt and not much wider


Gessing: Some Basic Facts As Session Gets Rolling


Rio Grande Foundation

To say that this is an unprecedented legislative session in New Mexico is an understatement. After some public debate over how and when the Legislature was going to meet, the Democrats who overwhelmingly control both houses have decided to plow forward with an entirely “virtual” session.

The Roundhouse is closed to the public and if you want to engage with legislators or committees you need to get online and watch, testify, or send emails or calls to their offices. By itself this COVID-related change is both dramatic and problematic.

Then, in


McQuiston: Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?

The Jemez Agency

You open your auto insurance bill, and you wonder, “Why did my car insurance go up?”

If something about your situation has changed—you bought a new car or recently had an accident, for example—you’re probably expecting the increase.

But what if nothing appears to have changed? What would explain the sudden increase in your car insurance rate?

Key Insurance Rate Factors

When calculating your car insurance quote, most auto insurers look at factors that, through statistical modeling, help them determine how likely you are to have an accident or another type


Lynam: Why New Mexico Needs A Public Bank

Santa Fe

New Mexico is No. 1.

In payday lenders per capita, that is.

According to a study by California State University, Northridge, we have almost 10 times more payday lenders than we do McDonald’s restaurants.

Payday lenders are one of the worst forms of predatory capitalism, charging exorbitant interest rates on loans to desperate people.

Meanwhile, we are near the very bottom in U.S. News & World Report state rankings for education, economy, opportunity, fiscal stability and crime. And we are dead last in overall childhood well-being, according to the Annie E. Casey