Catch Of The Week: Instagram Scams

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Did you know that you can lose access to your social media account just by accepting a follower/friend request? It’s a little more complicated than that, but it’s worth knowing how the scam works so you can avoid it.

If you receive a request to follow you from someone you don’t know, check out their account and see if it looks spammy or not. If the account is brand new, and has a low number of followers, that can be a sign it’s a spam account. But even if the account is well established with a lot of followers, it could be a spam account, or possibly just compromised. Read More

Robinson: Who, Exactly, Is Served By Government Shutdowns?

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Ten years ago, during a 16-day shutdown, tourists stood outside locked gates at national parks and monuments. Kirtland and Holloman Air Force bases furloughed nearly 1,500 civilian employees. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia closed, which delayed training for 350 agents sorely needed by the Border Patrol. The Department of Energy’s 1,000 Waste Isolation Pilot Plant employees kept working and got late paychecks, but a subcontractor that processed and shipped transuranic waste had to lay off 154 workers. Read More

Parra: A More Effective Approach To Covering Teacher Absences Requires Creativity And Courage

Teach Plus New Mexico

My daughter Maddi is a joyful, bright, and kind 7-year old. She wakes up every morning ready for school to see her friends and to learn new things. Last year, there was not a single day that Maddi didn’t come home with stories to tell about all the things that she explored and practiced that day. Of her school subjects, math was her favorite.

At the beginning of the school year, a substitute teacher was assigned to Maddi’s class. Her stories and tone shifted. “We still have a sub, the work is too easy, my friends are wandering the halls, and I don’t know what we are learning Read More

Denish: Keep Focus On Guns, Gun Violence And Crimes Using Guns

Corner to Corner

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I started the week wishing lawmakers and elected leaders were as concerned about kids killing kids and families being fearful as they were about Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s proposed 30-day ban on guns in public places. 

There has been a flurry of press conferences, lawsuits, statements by various politicians in office and by aspiring politicians. 

There is a weak effort to impeach the governor, sponsored by two state representatives who proudly wear AR-15 lapel pins during legislative sessions. One of them, John Block, displays Read More

Weekly Fishing Report: Sept. 26, 2023

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Los Alamos Daily Post

Kokanee salmon snagging season begins Sunday (Oct. 1) at Navajo Lake, El Vado Lake, Eagle Nest Lake and in the Chama River between El Vado Lake and the Heron Lake outlet.

Kokanee salmon are a landlocked form of sockeye that spend their entire lives in freshwater rather than migrating to the sea.

Kokanee salmon live for four years, spawning in the fall during their fourth year. The salmon gather in large schools.

Male salmon undergo pronounced physical changes during spawning. They develop hooked jaws and humped backs.

Their color changes Read More

Life After 50: Retirement Goals … I Believe In Music!

The Lads of Enchantment, from left, Maurice Sheppard, Dick Heaton, Stan Bennett and Stan Brown with Bernadette Lauritzen, center. Photo by Chad Lauritzen

Los Alamos

I can die happy at any moment, but more on that at the end. I’d like to throw my support behind 100% fond of being able to retire. I had some goals, so I wasn’t led down a path of no return and by the end of November I will meet the goals.

First of all, I was determined NOT to sit on any Board of Directors during my first year. I kid you not, that my office chair wasn’t even warm to the touch when I was asked to do so for four different Read More

Jimenez & Wallin: State Must Continue Historic Investments In Families And Kids

NMVC Action Fund Executive Director &
NMVC Executive Director

With great opportunity comes great responsibility. As was the case earlier this year, the Governor and Legislature will again have significant revenue to allocate once they meet in January of 2024. At a recent legislative hearing, Secretary of Taxation and Revenue Stephanie Schardin Clarke spoke eloquently about both the opportunity and the responsibility. She said the state is “building a bridge from peak oil” to income that is more predictable and sustainable. Such a bridge is built on investments Read More

Fr. Glenn: Looking For Work

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

I was watching a police show the other day in which robbers were targeting persons over 60 years old. The police commander’s urgent order was: “We have to find these punks before they prey on more of the elderly!”

Dang—so I’ve hit the “elderly” category?! Sure doesn’t feel like it … other than creaky joints, and worsening eyesight and hearing, and memory, and …). Next thing you know I’ll be getting “senior discounts”! Oh, wait! … I already get those.

Yes, time inexorably sneaks up on us. No matter how many times our elders warned us of how time flies, we don’t believe it ‘til we “get Read More

Izraelevitz: Circles Within Circles

Los Alamos

In the Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah is not only the yearly observance of the beginning of our world, but also when God performs a conditional assessment of our behavior during the most recent year. However, the Heavenly verdict is not final until ten days hence, on Yom Kippur, and for year 5784, the final opportunity of Yom Kippur begins tonight. This holiest day of the Jewish calendar, a day of prayer and fasting, is also the date of final introspection, atonement and forgiveness, when, according to one tradition, God forgave the Israelites for the sin of the Read More

Tales Of Our Times: Popcorn Pops When People And Nature Get It Right

Tales of our Times
New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air & Water

Popcorn Pops When People And Nature Get It Right

Popcorn is a marvel of engineering, both nature’s kind and the human way. Corn (or “maize”) has four varied forms that are native to the Americas—flint, dent, popcorn, and sweet. Popcorn dates back some 5,000 years. The Mayans knew about popcorn, but the oldest remains of popcorn came to be found in the “Bat Cave” in west central New Mexico in the late 1940s.

The secrets behind popcorn’s glorious popping are stored in its little world of synergy. The forces and the stuff for Read More