Posts From The Road: Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon: Wind River Canyon offers visitors a chance to experience beauty as they travel through Wyoming. Canyon walls as high as 2,500 feet show off some of the oldest rock formations in the world. Photo by Gary Warren/ 

Wind River: The Wind River flows through the canyon and offers a variety of outdoor opportunities. The Wind River Indian Reservation lies to the west of the canyon. The river changes names at the north end of the canyon at ‘The Wedding of the Waters’ when the river exits the reservation. From that point on the river is named the Bighorn River. Photo by Gary


Fr. Glenn: Be Content!

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Harry Potter fans will likely remember—not too fondly—Dudley, Harry’s spoiled cousin whose taunting Harry was forced to endure. And yet …  Dudley’s obnoxious entitled attitude is not so uncommon these days.

For instance, it’s not infrequent that people come to priests and ministers with the same plaint directed at Jesus: “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me.” (Luke 12:13) Sorry, dude (my phrase; not Jesus’); if that other person isn’t doing right, his conscience is not going to be suddenly shocked into doing so. Anyway … how do I know that you’re


Jimenez And Hedges: Orphaned Oil And Gas Wells

James Jimenez


The physical and economic health of our states depends on fair and responsible management of publicly owned resources — everything from our school buildings to our state and national parks.

But because of the broken federal oil and gas leasing system, our schools have received less-than-promised funding and discarded oil wells are polluting our cherished public lands. Thankfully, several of our leaders in Washington are working to put our communities and public lands first and manage our transition away from fossil fuels.    

In January,


Chandler: To Utilities Board Regarding UAMPS CFPP Exit … Take Unexpected Off-ramp Opportunity At July 21 Meeting

Los Alamos

To: Members of the Los Alamos County Utilities Board

Re: UAMPS CFPP exit at 7/21/21 meeting

I hope you will choose to take this unexpected off-ramp rather than continue to delay the inevitable. The UAMPS CFPP project looks to be slowly dying, because not enough communities believe it to be a viable project.

I recognize there’s not a lot of money at stake, but neither is there a lot of hope, and it’s a distraction we don’t need while trying to plan for the carbon-free future. If we have to have nuclear, maybe we should look into the Gates/Buffet project in Wyoming.

The design


David Davis: Remembering Paula Roybal Sanchez

The Memory Care Alliance

I first met Paula and her husband, Gary, when they were participants in the very first caregiving class I taught while employed at the Alzheimer’s Association.

Paula’s mother, Ruby, lived with Alzheimer’s and had passed away from the disease several years before.

Both she and Gary provided for her care until her death. After taking that caregiving course, they actively taught the same program to other caregivers in Los Alamos, Española and in their home town of Nambé.

After getting to know them both, I realized I was not alone. There were other past


Weekly Fishing Report: July 19, 2021

Sports & Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post

New Mexico continues to benefit from seasonal monsoon moisture. Although there have been some flooding problems in some parts of the state, for the most part the moisture has benefitted both fish and anglers. Stream flows are higher than they were last year and water temperatures are cooler.

Reservations for camping sites at New Mexico State Parks may be made by calling 877.667.7787 for reservations. Some campsites may be open on a first come, first served basis. It is beneficial to check the state parks website for conditions at individual


Fr. Glenn: Just Justice

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Do we not just luuuvvvv David vs. Goliath stories—cheering for the outmatched underdog. This occurs a lot in sports, of course … getting a thrill when the “little guys” prevail over a widely-favored powerhouse, like the American “miracle” hockey team over the Soviets in the 1980 winter Olympics. That shared joy wasn’t just patriotism, but with “our team” victorious it was a feeling of sharing in that great win … even if we were thousands of miles away. After all, we don’t say, “Our team won,” … rather, “WE won!” Everyone loves a mouse that roars. Are not movies of the apparently


Posts From The Road: The Center Of The Nation

Granite Compass: A 21-foot diameter granite compass marks the center of the nation in Belle Fourche, S.D. A map of the U.S. is seen in the center with a geographic marker over Belle Fourche. Photo by Gary Warren/

Center Marking: A close view of the 12-in diameter marker on the granite map designating the area of South Dakota where the center of the nation is located. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

The geographic center of the country is in Lebanon, Kan. and the center of the nation is in Belle Fourche, S.D. That is a confusing


Snyder: Boris, A Dog Of Pajarito Canyon

Peggy and Dotty Pond with the family dogs, Boris and Boy, at the Pajarito Club, c. 1915. Courtesy/LAHS Archive

Los Alamos Historical Society

When I was researching the life of Peggy Pond Church to write her biography, I came across a puzzling photograph. Peggy and her sister, Dotty, were playing in Pajarito Canyon with their dogs, and clearly one of the dogs was a Russian Wolfhound. The photograph was taken between 1914 and 1916 when the Pond family lived in the canyon at the Pajarito Club. I wondered how Boris, a rare breed for that timeframe, happened to be living as a family pet in


Emotional Healing: Disruption During Loss

By Dr. Ted Wiard
Golden Willow Retreat

Most people have certain routines in how they conduct their day and lives from an independent point of view, as well as how they interact with the world around them.

Routines such as waking up, taking a shower, eating and getting the day going become rituals where there is less chaos and a similar cadence to the morning.

This also happens with people around them within the family, work and communities. There are collective social agreements that derive from cultural, familial, and community norms that help each person find a way to navigate the world around