Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor: Thank You New Mexico Legislature And Governor For Outlawing Traps And Snares On Public Lands

Los Alamos

I would like to echo the sentiments of another letter and publicly thank the New Mexico Legislature and our governor for outlawing the use of traps, snares and similar devices on public lands in our state.

Senate Bill 32, The Wildlife Conservation and Public Safety Act, had four committed sponsors, including Sen. Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales and Rep. Christine Chandler, both of whom represent Los Alamos; as well as Sens. Brenda McKenna and Matthew McQueen.

Forty-five years ago my family came upon a trapped animal during a Christmas tree outing in the Jemez mountains.


Letter To The Editor: Trapping On Public Lands Is Prohibited

Los Alamos

On April 5, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law, Senate Bill 32, Roxy’s Law. This Wildlife Conservation and Public Safety Act, prohibits commercial and recreational trapping on public lands in New Mexico. 

It took nearly a decade for this to be achieved thanks to some wonderful politicians and citizens of this state. Special thanks to our own Rep. Christine Chandler who was one of the sponsors of the bill. We are fortunate to have such forward thinking and progressive law makers making these decisions. 

New Mexico now joins Colorado and Arizona in boasting trap


Letter To The Editor: Growing Up As Asian American In Los Alamos –The Model Minority Myth

Los Alamos

Growing up in Los Alamos is often seen as a blessing and as a curse. Having grown up and having attended the Los Alamos Public Schools since I was in kindergarten, I would wholly agree with this statement.

There’s a certain charm and comfort in the familiarity of your classmates as you grow up with each other from elementary school to middle school to high school. But then again, the awkwardness I feel seeing my teachers shopping at Smith’s hasn’t ever really gone away, even though I’m a high school junior. You’d think I would’ve gotten used to it by now.

However, there’s another


Letter To The Editor: Fix The Internet In Los Alamos … Broadband On Council Agenda Tuesday … Let’s Speak Up

Los Alamos

Broadband will be on the agenda for the County Council meeting April 6, 2021.

Living with the ongoing pandemic we find both that our broad band connections are inadequate and that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in the County offer various combinations of high prices, hostile customer service and low data rates. 

I believe the best way to address the problem is to have a County owned communication utility that operates fiber optic infrastructure throughout the County.

I encourage all residents who want the County to help address the inadequate broadband


Letter To The Editor: Regarding Statements From Vatican

By The Rev. Christopher Adams
Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church

Painful words from the Vatican were recently offered to all the world: priests cannot bless same-sex marriage because ‘God can’t bless sin’.

Which is, on the surface, a hilariously flawed argument, given that the history of Christianity and large elements of the Hebrew Scriptures evince belief in a God who seemed to bless a great many things we would rightly call sin today: genocide, slavery, and incest just to name a few. I had thought here to provide Scriptural references to the above-mentioned ills, but really, that’s not the


Letter To The Editor: New Mexico Vaccination Program Lacking

Los Alamos

On the 8th of March, thousands of us received a message from NMDOH, which began: “New Mexico is the most efficient state in the country for vaccine distribution …”

What self-congratulatory twaddle, I thought at the time; and nothing since has changed my mind. I certainly did not accept the assertion as truth.

The chorus of public letters from angry, frustrated New Mexicans spoke truth. So did the voices of frustrated local friends, still waiting to be vaccinated, who told me of their friends who drove to Texas or Colorado for vaccine. So, too, did weekly media reports of


Letter To The Editor: Regarding Tonight’s Council Work Session

Los Alamos

Richard Skolnik, in his logical March 7 letter to the Los Alamos Daily Post (link), asked on what basis I expressed approval of the County Council’s proposal to purchase the CB Fox and Reel Deal buildings with the stated purpose of being able to provide, by legal means, for redevelopment by a developer willing and able to (1) contract with the County to alter the structure or the site, in order to make the most of the opportunity to fill unmet community needs.

Mr. Skolnik wondered, in effect, whether I had data “the rest of us haven’t seen”; and why I was “so approving” of the County


Letter To The Editor: Council Should Consider Extending Due Diligence Period On CB Fox And Reel Deal Buildings

Los Alamos

To County Council:

I suggest extending the due diligence period.

CB Fox

I was surprised and disappointed by a recent study estimating the cost of replacing the CB Fox building.   Building costs seem high, but I have no experience with a multistory commercial building. However, resulting costs for someone to own a part of it seem REALLY high. 

Maybe think about a different approach? Perhaps LAC could remodel the building into business condos: primarily shopfronts and offices. Since the building is more than 10 years old, it may not run afoul of current difficulties with


Letter To The Editor: Glowy Bunny – Urban Renewal In The American Southwest

Los Alamos

I got him out of the garage this past weekend because the weather screamed springtime – a giant plastic plug-in rabbit with a vicious little smile. I carried him home to Gold Street years ago from the TG&Y going out of business sale. Sometimes the garage feels like a museum of a lost Los Alamos.

We have ancient canteens from the Sports Bag. Shelves of books from R-Books and Otowi Station. Everything reminds me of something. The Hunger Games series brings back a particular summer day when Ms. Durbin convinced us we really needed a book about a bunch of teenagers killing


Letter To The Editor: In Response To Scott & Izraelevitz

White Rock

It is ludicrous and shortsighted to consider encumbering the Los Alamos County taxpayers with the ownership of the Reel Deal Theater, and the former CB Fox Building. 

There are only two beneficiaries of this arrangement … the present owners.

The cost of gentrifying these two properties will be exorbitant compared to the return on investment.  What becomes of an aging theater? A fine arts center for a population of some 18,000? We already have auditoriums. CB Fox might be transformed into 8-10 apartments and a few shops. How many decades will that experiment take to