Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor: Disappointed In Local Health Department

Los Alamos

The Los Alamos Daily Post has done an excellent job of informing the public by posting the state level information on COVID-19 and vaccinations.

I however, am most disappointed in our local public health department and in the lack of local updates/news on COVID-19 and vaccine here in Los Alamos.

My husband and I take care of my 99-year-old mother. We have filled out the state form for vaccinations and sent it off to la-la land. I have called our local public health office four times, left messages and although the recording states I would get a call back in 24 hours, I have heard


Letter To The Editor: To Local Republican Party Chairman

Los Alamos

To the chairman of the Republican Party of Los Alamos:

I am very glad to hear that you condemn the violence that occurred at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6. If this viewpoint is consistent throughout the Republican Party, then our country will be OK. We will get through this, as long as cooler heads prevail.

However, I would like to respond to your arguments in the context of the current state of affairs in the United States of America.

People on all sides are very concerned. People are scared that their democracy is on the verge of failing, either by disenfranchising


Letter To The Editor: Disappointed By McKerley Response

Los Alamos

I was disappointed, though not surprised, when I read Bill McKerley’s response (link) to the insurrection by the faction of Trump Republican Party supporters who are extremist seditionists.  

While it is admirable that he does not condone nor “…justify violence or mob action”, he proceeds to reiterate some of the same falsehoods regarding the 2020 election that fomented riots. Why? Why perpetuate the Big Lie?

I am not sure which cases he was referencing in his comments; I have researched the post-election lawsuits and I think I have discerned to what he was referring.


Letter To The Editor: Housing And Eviction Assistance

Los Alamos

As a member of the New Mexico Access to Justice Commission, I am aware of many of the self-help and legal assistance programs in New Mexico. I would like to bring to the attention of your readers a free webinar for renters facing eviction or persons facing foreclosures, especially those related to the COVID-19 financial crisis. 

The webinar will be held at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19. The Zoom information is ZOOM.US/J/829042862.

It is sponsored by a non-profit called Impact and Coffee, in cooperation with the City of Albuquerque Family and Community Services, Homewise,


Letter To The Editor: A New Year’s Wish

White Rock

This year has been one of the most difficult in World history. It has forced all of us to cease ordinary activities and review and reset our priorities, our values in many areas of our lives.

What have you discovered: that what seemed important before has shifted dramatically, or not at all? What have you learned about yourself?

As we approach a new year, hopefully into some version of a fresh start, I’m asking you to consider taking one step to be kinder to each other no matter what your religious beliefs (or not) or political philosophy; to set aside your own pain, anger, or frustration


Letter To The Editor: Why Is County Buying Buildings?

White Rock

In the Dec. 17 issue of the Los Alamos Daily Post on the front page, “Council considers buying CB Fox & Reel Deal Buildings” (link). In the article it speaks of the County wanting to purchase the Reel Deal Movie Building and the CB Fox building for $4 million. Am I the only one who thinks this is a monumentally bad idea?

Why does the County want to go into the real estate business? If the current owner is having problems attracting buyers or renters of the buildings or spaces, how does the County hope to do any better?

The only plan seems to be “Let’s buy it before anyone else


Letter To The Editor: Thank You For Your Service Denise Derkacs

Community Development Advisory Board

Under normal circumstances I would be giving a speech at the beginning of our Community Development Advisory Board meeting recognizing any outgoing board members and wishing them well.

This year, our meeting fell a little too close to Christmas and the decision was made to cancel the meeting to allow board members some extra time to enjoy the holidays without obligation.

In lieu of that speech, I am writing this to ensure that Denise (Derkacs) gets the send-off she deserves.

Denise has been on CDAB since its inception in 2018, and has


Letter To The Editor: New Mexico Can’t Afford To Bank On Wall Street

Los Alamos

Public Banking Legislation is to be introduced during the January legislative session.

We need your support! If you are not familiar with this issue, please read on…

New Mexico Can’t Afford to Bank on Wall Street! We don’t have much water. We don’t have much grass, our timber is limited, and our mineral resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. These limited resources are being exploited for the benefit of very few people – many of whom have no interest in what makes New Mexicans proud of the state we call home.

The same is true of our money. Right


Letter To The Editor: Rebuttal To Derogatory Remark About Boy Scouts

White Rock

A couple of months ago, the Los Alamos Daily Post carried a story about art in Fuller Lodge (link). Included in the article was a Los Alamos County Councilor’s criticism of a picture of Ranch School Boy Scouts that, given the immorality of the Boy Scouts, was inappropriate to display. This open letter to the community is a rebuttal to this idea.

Pedophilia is a difficult issue, and until ~20 years ago, it was not taken seriously enough. Presently, I am over 70 years old. I was a youth participant in Boy Scouts from ages 9 to 18. From ages 46 to 70, I served (>23 years) as Scout Master