Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor: Tension Mounts Waiting In Paint Line

Los Alamos

Having spent the Pandemic so far catching up on years’ worth of landscaping, I went to Metzger’s this morning to buy a few gallons of paint. The house is looking a bit scruffy and the weather is perfect.

As my paint was being mixed and shaken, I could not help but overhear the two masked, socially-distanced (in more ways than one) middle-aged customers behind me complaining about having to wait in line. It just kept getting louder and ruder to the point where I couldn’t help thinking of that old TV show, What Would You Do.

I really don’t consider myself to be the Queen of Patience


Letter To The Editor: I’m Voting For Denise Derkacs

Former County Councilor

I’m voting for Denise Derkacs and I urge your readers to do likewise! I’ve known Denise for over 30 years and I was pleased to see that she volunteered to run for the County Council.

I am impressed by the way Denise listens to input from the public. She learns about issues facing our county; she has been attending County Council meetings for two years and is a member of the Community Development Advisory Board. Denise’s hard-working spirit has prepared her for the position!

Denise is understanding and cares about the citizens of Los Alamos. She is excellent


Letter To The Editor: Stolen Signs

Los Alamos

I noticed a letter to the editor, which was presented as a news article in tonight’s Post. The letter’s image was of interest as it contributed to a particular political candidate’s narrative. Nothing in the letter verified that  the stolen sign story was true.

It was a bias piece for sure, as the truth of the matter is that  many, if  not more, non-political signs have been stolen in Western Area and other parts of our community.

Our sign and many of the others did not advocate for a particular candidate, rather they were statements of personal values, such as “Love Wins”,


Letter To The Editor: Groups Gathering Without Masks

A Concerned Citizen
As we travel around Los Alamos and White Rock we continually see many pre teens and teenagers and older individuals in groups with no face coverings.
I believe they assume that COVID-19 is not serious or will not affect them. 
In an attempt to try and get them and their parents to understand that all ages are at risk, I would ask why can’t their ages be printed when new cases are reported.
We are now at 31 cases, and I would bet most involve teens and individuals in the twenty age bracket. I would hope that if ages were published it would help in educating all that masks are


Letter To The Editor: I can’t breathe…

Santa Fe

Formerly of Los Alamos

I can’t breathe. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing combines shock, sadness and terror in my being.

She was an extraordinary gift to this world and gave her life to fight for and hold on to what’s right and fair.

The creature McConnell has massaged a compliant Republican Party into an authoritarian cult vs a political party working for the betterment of all people in a Democracy.

In 2016, McConnell said, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” well before the election, and 342 days before the 2017 inauguration.


Letter To The Editor: County Crew Made My Day!

Los Alamos

Recently, a construction project was started on Alabama Avenue. Los Alamos County crews have done their level best to notify the neighborhood of the project.

Trenching began with a large excavator, a broken sewer pipe discovered from the first fire in 2001 and the County came to repair.

The Vac Truck was deployed, and everyone was satisfied. Alas my sewer was plugged from the effort of clearing the broken and defunct sewer line.

I nearly had an overflow of sewage in my downstairs bedroom. Holy moly that could have been bad.  Thankfully, I was home and noticed the impending


Letter To The Editor: Someone Not Lifting Spirits Around Los Alamos

Los Alamos

Hi Neighbor! Why, it’s a male cyclist!

I am proud to live in Los Alamos where my patients and neighbors are so kind and open minded. Well, at least all but one of them.

Yes, I do know who he is and where he lives and see him frequently riding his bike on our street.

This morning he greeted my wife by extending his long finger as he rode by our house. But this was only after he spit on my wife’s yard sign advocating a vote for Mark Ronchetti for the United States Senate.

I am deeply disappointed in his behavior. I hope that someday he will learn to treat others with more kindness


Letter To The Editor: In Praise Of Representative Christine Chandler’s Stance On Trapping

Los Alamos

I can’t help but think that as the weather cools, trapping season is just around the corner starting on Nov.1 and lasting all the way through Mar. 15.

It is still legal in New Mexico for trappers to hide these cruel devices on public lands where everyone recreates in order to profit from the sale of fur from the public’s wildlife.

Animals like foxes, bobcats, and coyotes will all be suffering in the months to come as they languish with a limb crushed in a leg-hold trap and await their death when the trapper returns. 

I am so grateful to Representative Christine Chandler for sponsoring


Letter To The Editor: Report Dead Birds To Inaturalist

Los Alamos

I have spent a lot of time the last few months out in the garden and have noticed birds acting odd. Some just land on me.

My daughters mentioned the other day seeing large numbers of dead birds on their walks.

Over the last couple of days, articles have appeared about a mass die-off of birds in the American Southwest in the New Mexican and Guardian.

Please report unusual bird behavior in your backyard or neighborhood on inaturalist. State officials are hoping to figure out what’s going on and they need your help.


Letter To The Editor: Support Rodney Roberson For Council

Los Alamos County Councilor

I support Rodney Roberson of White Rock for Los Alamos County Councilor.

Rodney brings unique experience. He is a veteran of 20 years in the US Marine Corps, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer. As a fellow veteran, I know military service teaches how to build effective problem-solving teams with people of all backgrounds and opinions. Service members often live in towns where a federal installation, like our national lab, is a major part of the local economy. This background will be valuable for Rodney to help the Council resolve our Lab-community