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Life After 50: The Gift Of 2020

From left, Bailey Martinez, Bernadette Lauritzen and Marie Vigil, from the Youth Activity Center delivering chocolates to senior center staff in December. Photo by Gabe Vigil

Executive Director

Los Alamos Retired & Senior Organization

I’m sure the first thought is that 2020 was no gift at all, but I beg to differ.

You see, as the director of the local senior centers, we were often in a pickle, throughout the last 10 months, this Wednesday, the 13th. The gifts that kept giving, can never be repaid by myself or my staff.

It started with asking for toilet paper, when the

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Fr. Glenn: Killing With Kindness

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Almost daily—or even more often—we can get stuck in perplexing situations.  What to do…what to do?  Which is the better path?  Even when we are consciously trying to discern what is right and good, there can be so many different factors to be weighed, throwing us into mental debate and moral quandary.  Even when the rules are rigidly fixed, the ol’ black and white can get gray in a hurry.

Obviously, what a person may ask us to do—or even beg us to do—is not necessarily the best thing … for anyone. For instance, you parents of young kids at home (and sometimes older kids NOT at home!) may

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Posts From The Road: Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Lagoon and Pier: Fishermen fish from a pier at one of the three lagoons at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Cottonwood, Ariz. The large cottonwood trees surround the picnic area in the distance. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.com

Campground: Our campsite in the campground at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. There are tent sites as well as cabins to rent while staying at the park. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.com


Formerly of Los Alamos

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is just outside of Cottonwood, Ariz. on the Verde River.

One may wonder the origin of the name Dead Horse

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Chair Ryti: Council Update As 2021 Gets Underway

By Chair Randall Ryti
Los Alamos County Council

As we start 2021, we have completed 10 months under a public health emergency due to the global pandemic. The County continues to support measures to ease and eventually end restrictions related to this emergency.

Unfortunately, we are continuing to detect new cases of COVID-19 at or near to our highest per capita levels. It is with sadness that the NM Department of Health reported the first death in the County related to COVID-19 this last weekend.

There are things we can do as individuals to help. First, we can get tested. Testing is being offered

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Walker: …You Have Just Created A New Democrat

White Rock

Several days ago, I asked the Republican Party of Los Alamos about their position on the insurrection attempt at the capitol. The fact that it took so long for them and that it took me asking their position for them to put anything out in the papers is deeply saddening.

At the time, I thanked Mr. McKerley for his response, and said it was good to hear that the party doesn’t condone the attack. However, after reading his letter it seems plainly obvious to me that this isn’t the case.

The letter begins with an offering of condolences for the lives lost, then follows it up with the

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Grant: Let’s Get Aligned For The New Year!

Los Alamos

“A lot of the conflict you have in your life exist simply because you’re not living in alignment; you are not being true to yourself.” –Steve Maraboli

Let’s Get Aligned for the New Year!

Ask people about New Year’s resolutions and they roll their eyes. It’s understandable as it’s estimated that roughly 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and only 8 percent succeed.

Resolutions are largely ineffective because people pick them from a place of should and no one likes to be should upon. “Should” is associated with external places of validation and

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