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Rickman: A Reality Check On County Manager Hiring

Los Alamos

I wish to echo recent sentiments regarding the importance of hiring the “right” County Manager. As such, it’s crucial that people understand the role of a County Manager in a Council-Manager form of government—the system used here in Los Alamos.

Under this system, it is the responsibility of the County Council to establish policy and the overall vision for the community. Creation of ordinances and budget priorities all play a critical role in the Council’s policymaking and vision implementation. On the other side of the equation, it is the County Manager’s job to Read More

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Posts From The Road: Filling Up On Route 66

Dwight Texaco: Ambler’s Texaco in Dwight, Ill. was built in 1933 and was operated for over 30 years by Basil Ambler. It continued to operate as a gas station until 1999 when it was sold to Phillip Becker who used the facility for an auto repair shop. In 2002, Becker donated the property to the town of Dwight. The station was restored and is now a visitor center for the community. The design of the structure was intended to be inviting to travelers and included residential windows and flower boxes. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.com

Soulsby Shell: The Soulsby Shell station was built in Mount Olive, Read More

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Fr. Glenn: Rock Bottom

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Bummer. Winter cometh. Wind and cold. Snow. Long nights, short days. Little sun, bleak landscape. Bleah.

Even we who live in apartments and houses can feel this way; think of those without adequate housing or sleeping on the streets as they go through the winter. Who knows the circumstances which brought them to such a point—mental illness, misfortune, bad choices in life. One cannot help but think they must feel like they’ve hit rock bottom—the lowest point of their lives. Sadly, many may end up even lower if they don’t either change their ways or find help from another quarter; Read More

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Call To Action: Please Support SALA Los Alamos Event Center

Los Alamos residents Kevin Holsapple and his wife Kris Raber issue a ‘Call To Action’ to the community to support SALA Los Alamos Event Center. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

SALA Los Alamos Event Center is finishing a terrific first year providing the Los Alamos community with a vibrant and welcoming space for events and entertainment. Moviegoing is an option once again after years of a dark theater in our downtown. A local business is showing leadership in proactively supporting non-profits and providing a place for community activities. Believe me though Read More

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Op-Ed: Why New Mexico Students Need More Time In School  

New Mexico Public Education Department

There is a lot I’ve been seeing in the news lately about a new rule that is being proposed by the New Mexico Public Education Department that would establish the standard minimum school year is 180 days for all schools. I want to be clear about something, this is an update of an existing rule that established the 180-day minimum standard for schools with 5 days per week calendars in 2011-2012.

This rule was not strictly enforced in recent years due to the pandemic, so some schools have dropped their instructional days below 180. In Read More

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Our Town At A Crossroads: The Critical Role Of The New County Manager

Los Alamos Network (LAnet) and SALA Event Center
18 Year Resident

Dear County Councilors of Los Alamos,

I am writing to you today not just as a longtime resident and local business owner in Los Alamos but as a member of a community standing at the crossroads of change and potential.

Our town, known for its rich history and vibrant community, is on the brink of a transformational period, and the decision to appoint a new county manager is pivotal in steering the direction of this change.

Los Alamos is evolving, and with this comes the pressing need to adapt. Our town’s fabric is changing, Read More

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