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Snyder: Oldest Continuously Used Building In Los Alamos

The Guest Cottage as it appeared in 1942. Courtesy/Los Alamos Historical Society Archive

The Guest Cottage, 2018. Photo by Todd Nickols

Los Alamos Historical Society

For more than a century, the oldest continuously used building in Los Alamos has served at different times as an infirmary, a guest cottage, living quarters, a shelter for skunks, and a museum and gift shop. As we might expect, a building that has existed on the plateau for that long has stories to tell!
Referred to as the Guest Cottage for most of its existence, the building can be documented as far back as 1918 in records

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Fr. Glenn: Give Peace A Chance.

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

You know … if snarling at other people was a virtue, these days our cup would runneth over with saints. In the press, on the street, in emails, and certainly in social media, is constant harangue: “The sky is blue!” “You moron; it’s turquoise!” “Fool! It’s azure!!” Or: “Nazi! How dare you disagree with me by making a wholly reasonable and logical argument!!” Sigh. Agreement seems as rare as a snowball in…August. And we wonder why we can’t achieve world peace. Duh.

Ah … peace; how desirable, yet how very elusive. We long for peace in our homes, at our work, in our nation, on earth. In

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McQuiston: What Car Drivers Need To Know About Motorcycles

Jemez Agency

Spring is here, which means you’ll likely see more motorcycles on the road.

And the key word here is “see”. People driving cars and trucks often fail to notice the motorcyclists around them, partly because they’re not accustomed to looking for them.

It’s obvious yet bears repeating: Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than car and truck drivers and passengers. Not only are there many more cars and trucks on the road, but there’s no such thing as a “fender bender” for a motorcyclist. Even a low-speed collision can seriously injure a rider, not to mention

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Williams: Focusing Downtown On Retail

Los Alamos County Councilor

Since taking office—and as I promised on the campaign trail—I’ve been working on policy to bring us the kind of downtowns we all want. This has culminated in a draft ordinance for a new Pedestrian Retail zone that limits downtown ground-floor spaces to customer-oriented businesses.

Specifically, it would limit the downtown areas to “pedestrian-oriented ground floor mixed use retail sales, entertainment, restaurants, including food and beverage, and personal and medical services with upper floor residential and professional offices.”


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Catch Of The Week: Facebook Data Breach

Los Alamos

In the news lately, Facebook is dealing with yet another data breach. Oof, so who hasn’t been breached recently? It’s easy to brush this off as just another data breach (so many lately, it’s hard to keep track of), but it’s not that simple, according to cybersecurity experts.

First off, this breach is massive at about half a billion Facebook users, from 106 different countries. What sort of data was breached? Full names, birthdays, phone numbers, location, and your Facebook Passwords were not affected by this breach, which is always a plus, but it’s still pretty bad.

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Father Theophan: The Golden Rule

This mouse is part of artwork created by Fr. Theophan’s children and others. Photo by Fr. Theophan 

By Father Theophan
Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church
Los Alamos

Thankfully it’s not that cold.

This morning, in robe and slippers, right out of bed, I snuck down to the garage. The kiln had reached cone 6 yesterday evening and had been cooling throughout the night. It’s a surprise each time, it’s a gift each time. There’s nothing better than opening a successful firing. (To be fair, there is hardly anything worse than opening a bad one.) But today, everything survived.

Four mugs out of this firing

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