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New Mexico COVID-19 Cases Now At 22,115 With 6 New Death And 9,262 Patients Recovered


SANTA FE – New Mexico state health officials have announced this afternoon 155 additional positive tests for COVID-19.

Los Alamos County has another new case bringing today’s total to 21 cases that have tested positive for COVID-19.

Today’s update announces 6 additional death reported in New Mexico related to COVID-19.

The New Mexico Department of Health reported today the most recent cases:

  • 34 new cases in Bernalillo County
  • 16 new cases in Chaves County
  • 1 new case in Colfax County
  • 8 new cases in Curry County
  • 21 new cases in Doña Ana County
  • 9 new cases in Eddy County
  • 1 new case in Hidalgo

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Chart 147: COVID-19 In New Mexico Aug. 8

Overall COVID-19 risk by state. The nonprofit organization Covid Act Now monitors daily diagnoses, infection rates, testing positivity, ICU headroom, and contacts traced in each state. The overall COVID-19 risk is based on these five metrics. For New Mexico, the declining daily diagnoses and infection rates resulted in the downgrade from high risk to moderate risk. Map/ Source: Created by Eli Ben-Naim. 

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New Mexico Game & Fish: Learning OHV Safety With Robots

NMG&F utilize Safety Sam and Safety Sara for large group public outreach. Courtesy/NMG&F

NMG&F News:

For the first decade of the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish Off-highway Vehicle (OHV) Program’s operations, the main method of public outreach has been its All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) simulator.

The simulator works for small groups as a one-on-one introduction to ATV safety. However, trying to reach larger audiences with the simulator requires a lot of labor and time.

The OHV Program has two new tools for large group public outreach: the ATV-riding robots Safety Sam and

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U.S. House Assistant Speaker Luján Leads Bipartisan Effort To Tear Down Health Data Barrier For Native Americans


NAMBE — U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), the U.S. House Assistant Speaker, joined bipartisan members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in introducing the Tribal Health Data Improvement Act, legislation that would reaffirm that Tribal public health authorities are entitled access to public health data.

This bill comes after Politico reported earlier this summer that the federal government was withholding life-saving information from Tribal health authorities.

Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) sponsored the legislation, and Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA),

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What’s A Prescribed Burn … How Does It Help Wildlife?

Professional wildlife fire specialists at work. Photo by Cody Johnston/NMG&F

NMG&F News:

Fire as a management tool, when planned and controlled by professional wildland fire specialists, can be an extremely efficient and practical way for habitat biologists and land managers to promote positive change in a habitat and yield numerous benefits on the landscape.

Before human intervention fires helped shape landscapes and habitats and it has only been through modern land use practices that we have deprived landscapes of fire.

However, with the use of prescribed fire as a management

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