Scenes Hiking Behind North Mesa Stables In Los Alamos

A painted rock resting in a dead tree is spotted during a hike Monday along a horse and hiking path behind the North Mesa Stables. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

Wider view of the scene Monday behind North Mesa Stable. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

View during a hike Monday behind North Mesa Stable. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

View during a hike Monday behind North Mesa Stable. Photo by Jenn Bartram/


Daily Postcard: Acorn Woodpecker Tackles Jumbo Peanuts

Daily Postcard: She’s got this! An Acorn Woodpecker is not daunted in the least as she settles down on a railing to tackle a pair of jumbo peanuts recently near Mountain Elementary School. Acorn Woodpeckers are unusual in that they live in large groups, hoard acorns and breed cooperatively. Group members gather acorns by the hundreds and wedge them into holes they’ve made in tree trunks or telephone poles. Acorn Woodpeckers also spend considerable time catching insects on the wing. Source: Photo by Greg Noeninckx


Scenes From In-Person Early Voting In White Rock

Voters and volunteers adhere to COVID-safe practice during early voting today at the White Rock Municipal Complex, 139 Longview Dr. Early voting runs through Oct. 31. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

In-person early voting underway today at the White Rock Municipal Complex on Longview Drive. Photo by Jenn Bartram/


LAPS: October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

LAPS News:

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Los Alamos Public Schools is finding ways to increase awareness of bullying and prevent bullying in our schools while promoting kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

“This year coming together in Unity is more important than ever,” LAPS Prevention Support Specialist Brandi Seekins said. “Bullying prevention starts with each one of us — our everyday words and actions can create environments where everyone is celebrated and welcomed.”

At Los Alamos Public Schools, teachers and school counselors lead classroom lessons


Los Alamos Victim Assistant: ‘Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?’

The violence at home signal for help without leaving a digital trace. Courtesy image

Los Alamos Victim Assistant:

It may be difficult for someone to comprehend a violent lifestyle if they’ve never experienced domestic violence.

Friends and family members listen to horror stories involving black eyes, broken noses, emergency room visits, terrifying ordeals at night, and constant belittling.

The common question is, “If things are so bad, why don’t you just leave?”

It isn’t simple to leave a violent relationship, rather a life-changing process that can take months, and even years to break


Travel Virtually With LANL Physicist Martin Cooper Friday

A jaguar about to swim the Three Brothers River. A free Zoom presentation by Martin Cooper will take place this Friday. If you have already requested an invitation, you are asked to request again due to a technical glitch, by emailing Photo by Martin Cooper

Executive Director

Many may know Martin Cooper as a LANL physicist, but this week you can see him through the eye of the camera lens, a virtual tour, from before the world changed the very meaning of travel.

Friday, seniors enduring the pandemic who find the need to “get out”


Life After 50: Annual Festival Of Trees Going Virtual

The 17th Annual Festival of Trees is going virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtesy/LARSO

Executive Director
Los Alamos Retired & Senior Organization

Tuesday marked seven months that we’ve been mired in pandemic ponderings and if nothing else, we’re always up for something new.

 I will start as I do believe I did last time with an apology. No, not necessarily a planned pattern but I am about to use the “F” word in the middle of October. That “F” word my friends, is the Festival of Trees.

The thought of speaking those words before the start of November, makes my skin


PAC 8 ‘Meet The Farmers’ Videos: Montoya Family Orchard

PAC 8 received a MainStreet grant to create three videos about local farmers who sell their produce at Los Alamos Farmers Market. ‘I feel it is important for the public to see how the farmers grow their produce and where it comes from. It’s also nice to meet and get to know the farmers you buy food from,’ PAC 8 Executive Director Jean Gindreau said. Gindreau added that she hopes these videos will encourage more people to go to the market. The video series is called ‘Meet the Farmers’ and will air on PAC 8 and YouTube. The second video –  features Montoya