Letter To The Editor: CB Fox Exemplifies What Makes A Community Vibrant And Desirable

Los Alamos


I am saddened that CB Fox is closing after 40 years.

The owners, David, Anne and Andy have served the needs of our community in a way large businesses can’t.

They are a part of Los Alamos and care not just for the profit they can extract from sales, but how they can improve our lives. They have contributed thousands of dollars to good causes, not just for publicity, but because they are good citizens.

I have dealt with many retailers and the Foxes are among the best at evolving their business to reflect the changing and fickle desires of their customers.

Their business exemplifies


Letter To The Editor: Wake Up Before It’s too late!

Los Alamos

New Mexico seems about to legalize marijuana, but first we should take some advice from other states where it is already legal.

John Hickenlooper, who was governor of Colorado when it was legalized there in 2012, says it was a “bad idea”.
It is still illegal federally (in fact Congress banned it in D.C. even though voters there were in favor of it).
There are no federal regulations or restrictions regarding the potency of various marijuana “products”. The concentration of THC in marijuana has increased exponentially since the 60s, it has led to an increase in crime as well


Tales Of Our Times: Combating Pollutant Plumes In Groundwater Is Slow-Going

Tales of Our Times
New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water

Combating Pollutant Plumes In Groundwater Is Slow-Going

The U.S. EPA delivered unwelcome news five months ago about Española’s stubborn problems at the “North Railroad Avenue Plume Superfund Site”.

A letter from the EPA told the New Mexico Environment Department that the problems of it now belong to the NMED. The details of the case keep shifting, which makes the primary lesson clearer: Cleaning up pollution messes is immensely harder than avoiding them from the start.

The story goes back more than 50 years and has


World Futures: Education Revisited Part Four

Los Alamos World Futures Institute

In this series of columns we have looked at the education system populated by a vast array of people performing many functions. Two groups, however, have not been examined: parents and students. Both have responsibilities in the system.

Starting with students, one can argue that they are responsible to be the best they can be, to gain knowledge and acquire the skills to contribute to society and take care of themselves. But how many five year olds do you know who can embrace this philosophical concept much less even know what philosophical means?


Letter To The Editor: Bringing Back The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

Los Alamos

An “Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act” bill is being introduced to the State Legislature by our Governor and her fellow Democrats this month.

Putting Lipstick on a Pig doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a Pig. No matter how you name it, it is still a “Red Flag Law” and it’s pure garbage legislation at its worst!

“No law shall be passed that does NOT allow ‘Due Process’ or gives the accused the right to know who their accuser is.” It should provide court-appointed counsel to respondents who can’t afford lawyers or choose not to hire them. Legal representation is


Letter To The Editor: Well Played Democrats

Los Alamos

Since impeachment began, Trump is +6 in general approval, +7 in economic approval, +600,000 in individual donors, and now he’s ahead of all Democratic contenders in head-to head competition. Well played Democrats.

In the mean time, Trump is winning the trade war, rolling back decades-old unfair tariffs on US goods, bringing back middle class jobs, appointing 180+ conservative federal judges and 2 SCOTUS justices, upholding traditional values, refuting inaccurate racist labels with record low minority unemployment and historic support


Letter To The Editor: Luján Out Of Touch

Republican Candidate
U.S. Senate

By endorsing abortion during Advent, New Mexico Rep. Ben Ray Luján has demonstrated just how far apart he is from Christians and Catholics.

As Christians around the world celebrate the beginning of Jesus’ life on Earth, Ben Ray Luján celebrates something very different. Mr. Lujan favors ending the miracle of life before it has a chance – or a choice. This is so blatantly offensive; it makes you wonder if he is writing off New Mexico’s Christians and Catholics.

NARAL has awarded Luján a 100 percent pro-abortion score for his votes in Congress.


Letter To The Editor: ‘For The Animals’ Says Thanks!

For the Animals

My sincere thanks on behalf of “For the Animals” to everyone who helped us participate in the L.A. Small Business activities this past two weeks.

For the Animals is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization formed to receive donations to be used for the benefit of the Los Alamos County Shelter animals.

Kris Frain, Aimee Nu, Peggy Sullivan, Lucy Torres, Amy Elder, Hannah Hollowell and Michael Frain volunteered to load and unload vehicles and set up and watch the donation tables and they are greatly appreciated.

We profusely thank all the many, many people who


Letter To The Editor: Hats Off To All Of You!

Kiwanis Breakfast with Santa
The Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos wishes to thank all those who helped to make our recent Breakfast with Santa successful.
Good weather and spirits brought out an enthusiastic crowd.
Special thanks go to Del Norte Credit Union for their continued generous support of this event. To the hundreds of attendees who came to see Santa and to donate food to LA Cares and money for the Foster Children program, thank you for reminding us that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Los Alamos.
The Los Alamos Flute Choir provided


Letter To The Editor: Time For Action Plan On Housing

Los Alamos

The recent article covering the report on housing needs in Los Alamo County raises two significant questions in my mind.

First, my wife and I have been acutely aware of the housing crisis in this county, caused by the lack of available land, since we first arrived over three decades ago. The question is: Why are we still paying for studies and surveys to tell us what we already know?

Second, since the DOE and LA County are the primary holders of land for development, and since they are two of the entities most vocal about the need for new housing, etc., why have they not