Letter To The Editor: Please Think Of Others!

Los Alamos

People, please! … Have some consideration!

I keep going (not as often as before, as I’m trying to STAY AT HOME as we all should) to the Smith’s in Los Alamos looking for: the Bounty paper towels and the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Mega Roll toilet paper I’ve always bought, and of late: for any paper towel and any toilet paper.

BUT NOW THAT’S NOT ALL: Now even the: dishwasher soap is out (Cascade or any soap for washing dishes just in the sink), nor laundry detergents.

WHAT’S GOING ON? I’m in the last four rolls of toilet paper, two rolls of the paper


Letter To The Editor: Break-Ins … Hardship Isn’t An Excuse

Santa Fe

It’s disturbing to see local friends and family who are business owners prayed upon during this time of national crisis.

Hardship isn’t an excuse for folks, no matter how disadvantaged by their loss of income, lack of access to quality healthcare, child care, and general welfare, to keep the wolf at bay through theft.

The generosity of those offering award money to help catch those so driven, for whatever reason, gives us pause to ask if we might not do more to help those hardest hit and perhaps desperate with the prospect of the novel coronavirus’ disruptive


Letter To The Editor: Blaming Wrong Person

Candidate for County Council

A recent letter blamed the governor for a lack of helping small businesses to survive forced closing.

The writer tries to simplify what is actually a complex and fast developing situation. And if anyone is to blame for any small businesses failing it’s the president!

China first reported the virus to the world Dec. 31. By Jan. 6, U.S. federal health agencies, including HHS, CDC, FDA and even Trump’s close advisors were warning him of the potential for an epidemic or worse and urging him to take action.

Trump chose to ignore and make up his own


Letter to the Editor: Governor Is Punishing Small Businesses

White Rock

Small businesses throughout this state have had to adapt and improvise to deal with the threat that COVID-19 brings.

At each new set of requirements issued by the governor, they have changed their models and have overcome hurdles to try to remain in business and contribute to the community.

The more restrictive announcement today is likely the correct thing to do. Doing it without protections in place for our small businesses is the WRONG thing to do.

Some businesses don’t know if they will make it through this time of “social distancing”. Why is the state government putting


Letter To The Editor: Unexpected Common Ground

Los Alamos

As a child I remember moving from town to town, my parents always looking for the best neighborhood they could afford. Lowest crime, least traffic, least crowded with the best schools possible within the restraint of their budget was the goal.

These goals were achieved time and again at the edge of town, often times in a new suburb. The suburbs were zoned single-use single family housing, low-density by design. I always considered my parents to be good people acting in the best interest of our family, specifically my siblings and I. At some point, however, the purposeful


Letter To The Editor: Concern For Families Of Lab Workers

Los Alamos

I’m concerned about the families of those employees being forced to work at the Lab.

Many come from Bernalillo and Sandoval County where the coronavirus is spreading and increasing daily.

All craft workers are being forced to work and that includes electricians, iron workers, teamsters and operators, pipe fitters and plumbers. They have children at home – it’s not fair.

Many employees are afraid to say anything because they worry that they might be fired. If anyone does get sick the Lab will lose more money in lawsuits than letting us stay home.

The Lab needs to follow


Letter To The Editor: Stop The Madness – Send Employees Home

White Rock

The time has come for LANL to pause operations and send the employees home. 

It’s beginning to look like management is more interested in performance bonuses than in the wellbeing of the workforce – community – state – country. 

The rest of New Mexico is enduring the economic hardship that results from efforts to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. LANL can afford a break in operations better than any of the private businesses in the State. LANL will receive their funds if they work or not. 

With the Federal government looking at a trillion dollar economic boost there


Letter To The Editor: LA Taxi Provides Needed Service

White Rock

I no longer drive so I take LA Taxi to the airport or to doctor’s appointments in Albuquerque. 

I take the Rail Runner to Albuquerque when I visit friends. The taxi takes me to the train station in the morning and back home from the train station when I return in the evening.

The bus doesn’t run on weekends so I take the taxi when I go someplace that is not within walking distance of my house. Cindy (LA Taxi owner Cindy Capelli) and I have become good friends. She provides a service that is needed in Los Alamos.

Take the taxi and leave the driving to Cindy or one of


World Futures: Privacy Or Is It Secrecy? Part 1

Los Alamos World Futures Institute

Privacy, what is it? The word quickly becomes complicated in its meaning depending on how it is used.

In examining the word, I find the bubble model is useful in building a mental model. Imagine the world is a really big bubble filled with smaller bubbles, each of which may be filled with yet smaller bubbles until you reach the smallest bubble, the human being.

Inside the world bubble and all the smaller bubbles is a fluid called information. It is extremely complicated because a single human bubble may join lots of larger bubbles and larger bubbles


Letter To The Editor: The Cutting Of A Favorite Tree

Los Alamos

After the Cerro Grande Fire we went behind our burned house to water several trees also partially burned.

The tallest one was hard to water but we kept at it and saved it. Tall, majestic and home to many birds. We have enjoyed it ever since.

But now the county wants to cut it down because if it was blown over it might bring down a power line.

I tried to get them to reconsider. It’s been there for decades and no one worried about it. Why now?

I asked if I could pay for a restraining cable to be put in. They said no.

So a beautiful tree is to go. At least people should mourn it.