Letter To The Editor: Dear Grumpy Hiker…

Los Alamos

Dear Grumpy Hiker (i.e. Bruce Warren),

I appreciate and concur with most of your observations and your citations for trail etiquette.

Simply stated, all trail users should follow “Share the Trail” guidelines and RESPECT other users. I too have observed a significant uptick in trail usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am thrilled to see more folks using our trail resources to maintain happiness and sanity. However, respect other users is the core tenant.

I am not going to generalize like Bruce, but I have witnessed many “slower” trail users treating the trails as private


Letter To The Editor: Why So Many Lawbreakers In Los Alamos?

White Rock

In the last week or so I have been visiting the pond area in Los Alamos to enjoy the area while eating a takeout from our wonderful restaurants.

During that time, I have noticed that more than 70 percent of the people are not wearing masks, not counting those who are eating or drinking food. 

Too many people, with too many running and screaming kids, occupy that space and do not even socially distance by the too short six feet! 

In a town with so many educated people why are so many breaking or ignoring the law with little consequence to them? We, educated people, do believe in


Letter To The Editor: Just How Far Is 6 Feet, Anyway?

Bruce Warren
Los Alamos

The recent article in the Post regarding trail etiquette, (link), was timely, but could use some reinforcement.

I use the local trails most every day, and have seen a sizable increase in trail usage since the lock-down. Most of the hikers I meet on the trail try to observe social distancing. Many bicyclists and runners, not so much.

Just because you are moving faster than others does not mean you own the trail. Quite the contrary. To reiterate the trail right-of-way rules: bikers yield to everyone, hikers yield to equestrians.

Most bikers and some runners I’ve met on the trail


Letter To The Editor: Comments On Richard Skolnik’s Op-Ed Concerning COVID-19 Pandemic

Los Alamos

I agree completely with the title (Skolnik: Please Tell It Like It Is – Before It Is Much Too Late, June 30, 2020 Los Alamos Daily Post) (link), that we have not been routinely told, and updated on, the facts, as published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – and they will change as the weeks and months go by.

I also agree with Richard’s statement later in his article: “The words and actions of leaders matter.” What I find lacking in his article are important facts – that do exist. While not a health expert, I have had time to follow the facts as they have been reported


Letter To The Editor: Reject Partisan Council Candidate

Los Alamos

Before I read David Reagor’s opinion piece in the July 2 Los Alamos Daily Post (link), I would have supposed it unlikely that candidates in Los Alamos would be morally unfit to hold office. But Reagor’s “inciteful” appeal to national politics in order to prove Democrats, as a whole, are debased, officious Liberals, convinced me otherwise.

Indeed! I was immediately persuaded that, there is an irredeemably unqualified person running for the Los Alamos County Council this year: David Reagor.

But please don’t take my own judgement as your guide. I simply urge you to


Letter To The Editor: Pleasure To Acknowledge Arrival Of Richard Skolnik As Columnist In Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the arrival of Richard Skolnik as a welcome partner to John Bartlit in the Los Alamos Daily Post: I now recognize at least two presenters of lucid, thoughtful, knowledgeable and complete analyses. I would like to add a few cents worth relevant to Bartlit’s column.

Adam Smith explained the biblical invocation against theft as follows: “Wealth is created by moving assets from lower valued to higher valued uses.” How is that an explanation? Theft moves assets from higher valued to lower valued uses: Stolen merchandise is almost always sold


Letter To The Editor: Issues Under Discussion

Independent Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

I must start this off by giving a very sincere thank you to all the residents that supported me in various ways to ensure I made it on the ballot. Without the help of people sharing my posts, gathering signatures, emailing me to sign my petition, and voicing their encouragement I wouldn’t have qualified for the ballot. Every single one of your signatures, comments, and emails made a difference. Now the real hard work begins.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss two issues with members of the community not as a candidate, but as a


Letter To The Editor: Suggestion For The Post

11 Years Old
Los Alamos

My name is Nate Pratt. I am a Boy Scout. I am working on the Communications Merit Badge.

One of the requirements is to send a letter to the editor of a newspaper.

My suggestion is to put a set of crossword puzzles in the newspaper, so that there is something to make the quarantine more exciting.

Thank you.


Letter To The Editor: Election 2020

Los Alamos

Happy Independence Day! Treasure it! Know that the only difference between independence and tyranny in America is: vigilant citizens. 

This country was founded by the states, giving the federal government limited powers. These powers were intended to protect us from enemies so that we could be free to make something of ourselves with the Lord God’s help.

Now some people want to take away citizens’ God-given liberties. Those of us who want to continue to trust in God, to honor human life as sacred, to respect marriage as God instituted it, and to have guns to defend our


Letter To The Editor: Response To T. Douglas Reilly

Los Alamos

In his recent Letter to the Editor (link), Mr. Reilly states that the Coronavirus is being managed “according to science”.

That’s not true. “One size fits all” is not good science, and that’s exactly what the governor is doing. 

You might argue that it is the “fair” way to do things, or perhaps you can argue that it is the only “politically tractable” way to do things. However, you can’t argue that it is good science.