Chief Hughes: Rationale For Stage 3 Fire Restrictions

LAFD Fire Chief

To the Los Alamos County community – I fully understand the disappointment the community is experiencing by not being able to enjoy our wonderful outdoor surroundings due to the Stage 3 closures. While sympathizing with the feelings of loss, as someone who primarily gets all his exercise on the local trails, as the Fire Chief, I need to make sound decisions with public safety coming first. 

The Los Alamos County closure of our trail system only impacts the trails within the Los Alamos and White Rock townsites, including the interior canyons, like Pueblo and Bayo Read More

Little: Ode To Pueblo Canyon

View during a hike along the south rim of Pueblo Canyon. Photo by KayLinda Crawford/ladailypost.com

Los Alamos

As dread looms once again over us, La Mesa, Cerro Grande, Las Conchas, Cerro Pelado, I head out for my morning walk. More than 30y years I have done this, before there were bridges, when the trails were almost invisible.

Every day I go out into the rocks and trees, sometimes in snow or ice, sometimes in glaring sun, sometimes in rain.

I see the mountain lion tracks in the snow, and the bluebirds flitting about. Occasionally a bear lumbers in the path below me, or a fox is sunning Read More

Warren: Some County Staff Need Attitude Adjustment

Los Alamos

It has come to limited public notice that the County has been working on proposals for a group of five trail projects, most of them geared to the mountain biking community. If you are unaware of these proposals, links to maps of the projects are at the end of this letter.
There are many valid concerns about these proposals, including damage to the environment, harm to wildlife habitat, inappropriate use and modification of a trail listed on both federal and state registers of historic trails and roads, detrimental effects for other trail users, and violations of the County’s
Read More

Holsapple: Observations On A County Project

Los Alamos

I attended a focus group in January and listened in on an Internal Department Review Committee in April concerning potential Acid, Pueblo, and Walnut Canyon developments that were said to be related to a desire to provide a “bike skills park”, a bike racing competition venue, and another high bridge over Pueblo Canyon to make it faster to travel from the roundabout to town via trails.

First, because I suspect the inputs and concerns I expressed in the focus group were grouped into a category referred to in one of the meetings as input from “old-timers who don’t want change”, Read More

Family Of James Archuleta Grateful To First Responders

By the family of James Archuleta:

To the Los Alamos Police Department and the Los Alamos Fire Department first responders. We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who helped find James Archuleta.

Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for all the law enforcement, EMS, fire and rescue, and all of the individuals who searched for James through the night and early morning.

Please know that you are appreciated more than words will ever express. We are very thankful that James is at home safe.

We feel very blessed to live in an area with such wonderful community support. Read More

Kunkel: Upcoming Special Session Presents Opportunity To Right Transparency Wrong

NM FOG executive director

The New Mexico State Legislature has undoubtedly made advancements to better transparency in recent years – from opening conference committees to the public, to archiving webcasts.

One momentous victory was making public the legislative sponsors of individual capital outlay appropriations.

For decades, each legislator handpicked which public works projects to sponsor with their discretionary allotment of funds, but because the appropriations were combined into one massive package, the public never knew which lawmaker was behind which Read More

Shankland And Calef: Civility Matters On All Sides

Los Alamos League of Women Voters

Civility Matters On All Sides

The League of Women Voters of Los Alamos would like to clarify that our message in the letter calling for civil discourse published in the Los Alamos Daily Post on March 3, 2022 (https://ladailypost.com/shankland-and-calef-civility-why-it-matters/) applies to everyone who participates in our local politics, elected officials and members of the public alike.

It is essential for a healthy democracy that all sides in a discussion practice civil discourse, including words, Read More

Tales Of Our Times: The Question Of Judgment Is – How Judgmental Should We Be?

Tales of our Times

New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water

Judgment is truly an individual matter. This nation was founded on the notion that individuals’ judgments justify a nation’s government more than anything else. Now watch each political party promote its own ubiquity and power. Each party seeks more yet, to handle its sneaky rival. And the vision of personal judgments fades in strange new ways.

Interactions between the two big parties have made the political process less and less useful for making judgments. Neighborly sorts deplore society’s loss

Read More

Gessing: Time For New Mexico’s Democrats To Get Serious About Energy & Climate

Rio Grande Foundation

There are many things that make New Mexico unique, but one of the most noteworthy political nuances is the State’s deep and unusual relationship with energy.

New Mexico’s Democratic politicians love the money and jobs generated by the traditional energy industry, but also wish to be seen as pushing back against it to placate their environmentalist base. 

Nonetheless, New Mexico, a state blessed with all sorts of energy resources (both traditional as well as wind and solar) has continued to embrace Democrat politicians despite the Party’s Read More