Our Town At A Crossroads: The Critical Role Of The New County Manager

Los Alamos Network (LAnet) and SALA Event Center
18 Year Resident

Dear County Councilors of Los Alamos,

I am writing to you today not just as a longtime resident and local business owner in Los Alamos but as a member of a community standing at the crossroads of change and potential.

Our town, known for its rich history and vibrant community, is on the brink of a transformational period, and the decision to appoint a new county manager is pivotal in steering the direction of this change.

Los Alamos is evolving, and with this comes the pressing need to adapt. Our town’s fabric is changing, Read More

Fuselier: 30 Years Later, What Can We Learn From Waco?

Los Alamos

Every now and then, Hollywood produces a movie or series that not only addresses a societal problem but also provides the answer as well. Such is the case with the series Waco: the Aftermath. I have to confess that I would’ve never watched the series had I not been a background actor in it. It’s nice to see what results from a project in which one has a role, no matter how small that role may be. Of course, there’s also those self-centered motivations as well: Did I mess up? Did I look ok?

Waco the Aftermath deals with both the siege by the ATF and FBI of the compound in Waco, Texas known Read More

Letter To The Editor: Grateful For Return Of Route 2M Bus!

Los Alamos

After a long time of waiting, the 2M bus is finally back in service!

This is very exciting news for people making the commute to and from White Rock regularly. Beforehand, one would have to wait for hours to get to their destination but now one can even get there possibly 40 minutes faster than on 2T!

This is especially important now that the weather is getting cooler, so people won’t have to wait out in the cold at the stops and at the transit center.

Thanks to ACT for bringing back the alternate route! Read More

Coupland: Next Steps For The School Calendar

Los Alamos School Board

On the agenda for Thursday’s School Board meeting, item 8.3 is entitled “Procedures for Reviewing School Calendar”. In the spring, the calendar items generated large public engagement, and calendar preparations for the 24-25 school year have been highly anticipated.

As a member of the calendar committee and a school board candidate, I’d like to provide some extra context to the school calendar discussions. The LAPS calendar committee met weekly in February and March 2023 to discuss the impacts of the developing legislation, and how Read More

Shlachter: Response To ‘Peaceful Protest’

By Rabbi Jack Shlachter
Los Alamos Jewish Center

If those protesting along Trinity Drive (link) really do want a ceasefire in Gaza, they should advocate on behalf of the people living in Gaza to get rid of the Hamas terrorists who rule over them, and they should advocate for the return of all the hostages.

Hamas terrorists massacred over 1,400 people – including babies in their cribs, young people at a dance party, and Holocaust survivors – and kidnapped over 200 others.

Israel has every right to defend itself and ensure that such barbaric acts do not happen again. Were it not for the Hamas atrocities Read More

Ozment: More Support For The School Bond

Los Alamos

In a town where things can get politically contentious, I’ve been delighted to see letters to the editor showing a broad consensus that we as a community support the school bond up for consideration in the ongoing election. People whose values often diverge on other issues agree that a vote for this bond is a vote for our kids, a vote for educators, and a vote for our community. I’m proud to add my voice to the chorus: vote YES for the school bond.

In short: this bond will not change our current tax rate, and it will provide matching funds for urgently needed capital improvements. Read More

Bjarke-McKenzie: Please Vote Yes For The School Bond!

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation

Having grown up in Los Alamos, so much has changed. Things in the community have changed so much and my memories keep the old Los Alamos tucked away for me to enjoy. One thing that did not change with the times was our schools. We have started to do some of that with the schools on the hill and now it is time for our White Rock schools.

All of our schools have aged and are aging so much, to the point of not being the place that we want for our children to learn and grow. After we get this done it will be up to us to maintain them and make sure they Read More

Gessing: New Mexicans Should Choose The Vehicles That Work For Them

Rio Grande Foundation

An unelected board called the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) is currently accepting public comments to determine whether New Mexicans have the freedom to move around this big, beautiful state (or not). We have created a website to help average New Mexicans defend that right. Go to: KeepYourCarsNM.com.

The Governor is pushing regulations which would force New Mexicans to buy vastly more electric vehicles than they currently do. If adopted 82% of the vehicles sold in our State will have to be electric within a few short years. There is nothing Read More

Bernstein: Transparency Attempt

Candidate for re-election
Los Alamos School Board

Disclaimer: The following is an expression of my own personal opinions, thoughts, ideas and feelings.  This is not a representation of the board, members of the board, or district.

I have sat down and written about 4 different pieces on transparency. And each time my writing evolves into a different topic. I start out talking about transparency and the next thing I know I have written about racism, board member duties and responsibilities, anecdotal experiences, and feelings.

I suppose these are all related in some way Read More