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AAUW Supports Independent Redistricting Commission

AAUW New Mexico
Santa Fe

On behalf of over 800 members and supporters of the American Association of University Women, New Mexico, (AAUW) we urge the state Legislature to support the Redistricting Act, House Bill 211/Senate Bill 199.

Since AAUW’s founding in 1881, our advocates have taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic and political — that impact women and girls. The betterment of New Mexico’s women and girls cannot be appropriately addressed until all eligible voters of our state know that their voices are heard


Bernstein: My Position

Vice President
Los Alamos School Board

As we near the next school board meeting, I find myself  reflecting on the current news from our Governor about starting back to school.

The last time this was on the table there were a lot of discussions and assumptions made as to how I might vote, about my recusal, about where I stand. I was accused of making a decision to benefit myself, I was asked to resign and to quit my business. No one asked me what I thought, what I believed or what I would actually do. No one tried to talk to me, only tell me what to do. Actually, I am wrong,  one person actually


Holland: Fusion – Expanding Democracy By Providing More Choice For Voters … Support SB-100


As a northern New Mexico resident and strong believer in the integrity of our democracy, I believe now is the perfect time to elevate the voices of all eligible voters in our state.

I vote in every local, state and federal election and have for the past 44 years. I am also a Voter Registration Agent (VRA) and have typically focused my efforts in our local high schools, hoping to register more Black, Indigenous and Latinx 17 and 18 year olds and their families.

When registering voters, I frequently encounter people who feel disenfranchised by our elections and are cynical


Editorial: Applicant­ Shielding Bill For Leadership Positions Doesn’t Deserve Day Of Consideration

State Sen. Bill Tallman (D-Bernalillo)


Based on little more than a hunch, an Albuquerque state lawmaker has unfortunately once again filed a bill to keep secret the names of those who apply for leadership positions in New Mexico like police chief or school superintendent.

Under the bill filed by state Sen. Bill Tallman, all “appoint­ive executive positions” would be subject to exemption from the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act. In addition to police chiefs, fire chiefs, school superintendents, city man­agers and other top taxpayer ­funded positions, Tallman’s bill


Rich: New Mexico From Bottom 10 To Top 10 In 10 Years


Consistently ranking in the bottom 10 of states is not the fault of New Mexico’s culture. But we have become accustomed to it – so much so that our elected officials have convinced us that the table scraps we fight over are precious. 

I believe that New Mexico deserves to rank among the top 10 of states. Our elected officials should focus on taking us there.   

Why is New Mexico’s rank among states important? Because our elected officials can’t skew our national performance by manipulating statistics the way they do here. Albuquerque’s government has altered its crime categories


Biden Shouldn’t Diminish New Mexico’s Energy Future

Former Political Director
Republican Party New Mexico

Energy policy emerged as one of the top issues of this election cycle, offering a stark contrast between the two presidential contender’s views on how we power our future.

These policy positions likely played an important role in the electoral outcomes of several key states across the country. Of the many diverging energy policy objectives of the two camps, Joe Biden’s support for a ban on energy leasing on federal lands concerned New Mexicans of all political stripes who recognize the important role access to natural resources


Los Alamos County Council Candidates Speak To Voters


The Los Alamos Daily Post invited Los Alamos County Council candidates to each write a column speaking directly to the voters.

Here are their columns:

Derkacs: Help Los Alamos Plan For Growth And Embrace The Future

Democratic Council Candidate

I’m running for County Council because I want to help Los Alamos County plan for growth and embrace the future while preserving the past and the amenities that make the County a great place to live.

Issues: I recognize three overarching issues facing the County: (1) housing development, especially for low- and middle-income


Nathan: Please Vote ‘No’ On Amendment 1

Founder and Executive Director
Think New Mexico

Toward the bottom of your ballot you will find Constitutional Amendment 1.

There are at least three good reasons to vote no:

-The problem it seeks to fix has already been addressed;

-The amendment is being presented in a misleading manner; and

-A mysterious political action committee (PAC) is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the amendment without disclosing the source of that dark money.

Let’s start with that final point. In recent weeks, a PAC called the “Committee to Protect New Mexico Consumers” has sent


APCG: We Count, Now And Beyond The Next Decade

By All Pueblo Council of Governors

The impacts of past census counts are evident in almost every Tribal community across the nation. Bustling clinics, lively Head Start schools, and much needed housing developments show that the Census does have a real impact on Native American tribes.

Federal decision-makers use the data collected by the Census to disperse millions of dollars to the state and to our Tribal communities.

A Census count occurs every decade and it is not an exaggeration to say the 2020 Census may be the most important yet, not only for us but for future generations as we work to address