New Christian Science Reading Room Under Renovation



The new home of the Christian Science Reading Room under renovation Sunday at 800 Trinity Dr., Suite G. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Christian Science Society News:

Activities will resume at the new church home of the Christian Science Society and Christian Scientist Reading Room at 800 Trinity Dr., Suite G in Mari Mac shopping center once renovations are complete and state and local social distancing guidelines allow.

In response to social distancing requirements, and until the facility is renovated, in-person services and meetings are suspended. Anyone who


Fr. Glenn: Growing Thicker Skins

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

I’ve recently been watching a historical fiction series set in the 1200s about conflicts—internecine and otherwise—of a tribal group in the western Asian region—constant wars and conquests, treachery and intrigue.  Being a regionally-produced series, it’s very interesting to observe the emphasis on various ways local cultural emphases and perceptions differ from our own.  But one thing that strikes starkly is the constant theme of revenge—every insult, backstab or perceived slight eliciting a nefarious plot to “get even”… often involving the “if he brings a knife,


Fr. Glenn: Surrendering

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Likely you’ve noticed that there sure is a lot of surrendering these days … and so unnecessarily (not to mention insincerely), too. Even the comics often ridicule the tendency. One makes an innocent comment on social media or in a speech or even simply in daily conversation, and can be immediately excoriated across the chasm of electronic insulation. Before you know it, the initial commentator is backpedaling as fast as their little fingers can type, almost to apologize for existing.

Our human social makeup tends to make most people want to “get along” for the good of the community;


Scenes From Community Pumpkin Patch At IHM Oct. 16-31

The Community Pumpkin Patch opened for business Friday afternoon on the front lawn of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church (IHM) at 3700 Trinity Dr. The event runs through Oct. 31 and features pumpkins and gourds for sale, a maze and selfies. Funds raised support youth activities at the parish. The Community Pumpkin Patch is open 1-7 p.m. daily and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends. Everyone must follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask at all times. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

Zach, left, and brother Wyatt like this pumpkin for Halloween carving. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com


IHM Pumpkin Patch Is Open To Community Through Oct. 31

The pumpkin patch at IHM is now open to the community through Oct. 31. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

The maze at IHM is now open to the community through Oct. 31. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com


Are you looking to add a few pumpkins to your house this year? Well you’re in luck!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish is hosting a community pumpkin patch fundraiser today through Oct. 31 on the church grounds at 3700 Canyon Road. The money raised helps fund youth activities at the parish.

The pumpkin patch runs 1-7 p.m. daily and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends.

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‘Jewish Life In New Mexico And Beyond: A Mosaic Of Stories’ Virtual Fall Conference Oct. 24-25


SANTA FE — Jewish Life in New Mexico and Beyond: A Mosaic of Stories is the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society’s theme for its virtual 2020 fall conference Oct. 24-25.

Both Saturday and Sunday 2-4:30 p.m. Zoom.com programs will feature two sessions each day, led by noted New Mexicans.

Zoom pre-registration will be required. Contact: admin@nmjhs.org or call 505.348.4471.

The Oct. 24 program includes in Session 1: “The Spanish Flu Epidemic in N.M. and the role of Rabbi Bergman”, led by Naomi Sandweiss and Richard Melzer, followed by Session 2, “The Jewish Catskills: A Summer Place”,


Fr. Glenn: The Goldilocks Syndrome

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Often noted nowadays is the lack of class or even courtesy in civil(?) discourse—never more evident than during election seasons. Wild accusations abound, and commentators seem to vie in outdoing one another in vulgarity, as if that leads a greater credence to their argument rather than the reverse. But perhaps most evident is the propensity to disregard anyone’s position or argument other than one’s own, refusing to even listen to counterargument. We like to proclaim ourselves as open-minded, but are we really?

Unlike Goldilocks in the children’s bedtime story, many


Where Are They Now: Former TOTH Rector Fr. Colin Kelly

It has been seven years since Fr. Colin Kelly retired as rector of Trinity on The Hill Episcopal Church in Los Alamos. He was spotted Friday morning walking with his favorite partner, Kiki on Potrillo Drive in Pajarito Acres in White Rock. Fr. Kelly is now serving at St. Jerome’s Episcopal Church in Chama and would like to say, ‘hi to everyone’ around the community. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com