Fr. Glenn: In Good Times And In Bad…

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Ahhh … a belated Valentine’s Day to you all. Flowers, chocolates, hearts, cards, muchas smooches. Luuuuvvv. Hopefully good romances and kindnesses renewed. And, for you husbands who forgot about it … I hope that couch is comfy. 😉

One of the greatest joys of priests and ministers is the blessing of marriages … brides coming down the aisle embodying scripture, “She was radiant with perfect beauty…” (Esther 15:5), and the congregation musing approvingly of the insight of the groom: “Do not deprive yourself of a wise and good wife, for her charm is worth more than gold.” (Sirach 7:19)


La Vista Church: Nights Of Worship And Prayer

Courtesy/La Vista Church of the Nazarene


La Vista Church of the Nazarene invites the community to join them for songs and prayer, worshiping God and seeking His will for their church.

Attend any time between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 20 or Friday, Feb. 21, and stay as long as you like to pray and sing with others. Kids are welcome.

La Vista Church of the Nazarene is at 15 Grand Canyon Dr, in White Rock.


Fr. Glenn: Light From Light

By Fr. Glenn Jones

 A beautiful full moon rising above the mountains east of Albuquerque in a cloudless sky this evening … something I used to enjoy even more immensely looking east from the cliffs of Los Alamos as it bathed the Rio Grande valley in the softness of its light. Truly beautiful. Thank you, Lord.

Now, the more analytical among us could, of course, expound on the fact that the moon is really just a cold dark mass of rock and dust, devoid of both life and light, and that it simply reflects light from another source—that massive ball of hydrogen hidden from view which roils with constant


On The Job In Los Alamos: With Ministerial Alliance

On the job Tuesday morning at Pig n Fig in White Rock are Jennifer Jenson and Kristy Dean Nadler as they inform members of the Ministerial Alliance of the upcoming workshop: ‘Safeguarding Your Flock In A Contemporary World Concerning Sexual Violence Prevention For Church Leaders’. The workshop is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 21, at Pueblo Canyon Inn, 199 San Ildefonso Road. The registration fee includes a light breakfast and lunch. For information and registration, visit www.kdinterpose.com or call 858.245.3815. #worklosalamos  #wherediscoveriesaremade. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com


Fr. Glenn: Overturning Tables

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Several years ago there prevailed among Christian youth groups a very applicable adage by which to live one’s life: “WWJD”—“What Would Jesus Do?” Since Christians (ostensibly, at least) long to fashion their own lives in the love and charitable principles that Jesus taught and demonstrated, WWJD always before a Christian’s mind’s eye and, indeed, should be the governing principle of his life. But, as a Facebook post I saw once stated rather humorously, what lay in the realm of possibilities of “WWJD” is overturning tables.

I happened upon Jesus’ table tipping episode (Matthew


Fr. Glenn: ‘Take The Wheel!’

By Fr. Glenn Jones

What a world. Is this politician/celebrity/person being truthful or not? Or rather … is he simply seeking to further his own interests at the expense of others? It’s anyone’s guess. After all, we are deluged daily by the deceitful—scamming phone calls (“Let that warranty run out already!”), e-mails (“Boy, those foreign princes sure are generous!”), faked pictures and documents on unsocial media, etc. Sigh.

Now, we Catholics remember John the Baptist especially this weekend as we close the Christmas season on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The Gospels tells us that John


Theophany Blessing Of Ashley Pond 2020 Jan. 19

Scene from Blessing of the Water at Ashley Pond Theophany 2015. Courtesy photo

Theophany. Courtesy photo 

Saint Job of Pochaiv News:

This year Theophany lands on Sunday, the 19th of January. Theophany, the feast and commemoration of the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, used to coincide with the celebration of the Nativity (Christmas).

But over the centuries separate celebrations developed.

When Jesus went to the Jordan, where John was preaching and baptizing, the people were gathering for repentance and the forgiveness of sins.

Jesus, being perfect and sinless, had