TPTI Of Los Alamos On Recent PV Solar Installation

Roof mounted solar panels recently installed at the TPTI building on DP Road. Courtesy/TPTI 

Tibbar Plasma Technologies

We have just completed a PV solar installation at the Tibbar Plasma Technologies (TPTI) building.  We have also installed a heat pump (see, for instance, the League of Women Voters article in the Los Alamos Daily Post: click here), and plan to install some charging units for electric automobiles. 

Our company now produces more energy (through solar PV) than it uses and does not directly use fossil fuels. Consequently, we technically have a negative


Amateur Naturalist: Finding History In A Forest, Part 3: Sheep Herding And Crypto Judaism

Los Alamos

The sheepherders in the Valles Caldera carved a variety images on aspen trees in addition to carving letters.

One type of image involved stars. The five-pointed star can be found as shown in Picture 1. The carving of stars can become more complex. Picture 2 shows a star with eight points and curves. It is a more artistic compared to the five straight lines of the traditional star.

Picture 3 gives a hint going back to Spanish colonialism and religious intolerance. The Spanish king in 1492 required all Spanish people to be Catholic or face the Inquisition. 

People of the Jewish