Op-Ed: Climate Change … A Different Perspective 

Los Alamos

On Oct. 31, 2021, the PBS weekend news ran a story on climate change from Portland, Maine. The story was about the increasing water levels in the Gulf of Maine which are now occasionally covering historic piers in Portland. The cause of this phenomenon is believed to be increasing temperatures in the Gulf of Maine due to climate change. The irony of this is that in the past 30 years the lobster population in the Gulf of Maine has quadrupled, also a result of the increasing water temperatures. In short, Portland lobstermen are directly benefiting from climate change. That was Read More

Op-Ed: EPLUS Benefits New Mexico And Our Wildlife

CEO, Western Landowners Alliance
Santa Fe

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are leading a campaign to eliminate the state’s Elk Private Land Use System (EPLUS). They are doing this in the hopes of boosting by a tiny percentage the number of bull elk licenses available in the public draw. It’s not about hunting for meat. It’s about hunting for horns.

Here is why this is a bad idea for wildlife and for New Mexico:

  1. Private lands provide 50 percent of the wildlife habitat in the state, often at significant personal cost to landowners. Hunters consistently
Read More

Pearce: Celebrating School Attendance Awareness Month

Teach Plus

When Michael was in my media literacy class, he was quick to contribute his perspectives to our discussions, lended a hand when his peers had glitchy computers, and always had a joke at the ready. 

But Michael wasn’t in school as often as I would have liked. He was absent an average of twice a week. Sometimes he would be gone days at a time. 

I often told him that he was my 7th-grade teaching assistant, and I needed him there for our class to function at its best. He did not like to talk about his mounting absences and correspondence home to share how much I enjoyed having him in class Read More

Bernstein: Response To Mr. Skolnik

Los Alamos School Board Member

Editor’s note: Christine Bernstein is running for re-election in District 3.

“…Lauren’s main opponent in this race, Christine Bernstein, has not served the community well as a member of the School Board. The main role of the School Board is to hire a superintendent. Yet, the School Board of which Ms. Bernstein is a part failed at this task, in a manner that cost us educationally and financially. In addition, it appears that Ms. Bernstein participated in the near silence of the School Board on matters related to COVID and chronic absenteeism, Read More

Op-Ed: The Power Of You – Transforming Lives, Building Community

Executive Director
United Way of Northern New Mexico

In a world that often leaves us questioning our worth, it is essential to remember one simple truth: You are valuable. You are loved. You are enough. These words may seem fleeting in our daily lives, but they carry a profound significance, especially in the context of our community.

United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) stands as a beacon of hope and support, driven by the belief in the transformative power of individuals like you. Through your unwavering support, we have been able to provide support to over 30 local nonprofit Read More

Legislator OpEd: New Fines And Fees Law

By Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth
Sen. Crystal Diamond Brantley, and
Rep. Christine Chandler

At a time when politics are more divisive than ever, New Mexicans have meaningful bipartisan change to celebrate. A new state law went into effect June 16 mandating the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) no longer suspend driver’s licenses for simply missing an appearance or payment in minor traffic cases. While this highly technical change may sound tedious, it has an enormous impact. 

License suspensions are a severe punishment in a state like ours that relies so heavily on driving. When people lose Read More

Devolder: A Winning Strategy For Both Political Parties

Los Alamos

Whether you believe in global warming or not, it has been a hot, dry summer.  I can remember a time when:

1) it snowed in the Jemez Mountains in September,

2) about 2 feet of snow fell in the Jemez Mountains around Thanksgiving,

3) whatever snow was on the ground in the Jemez Mountains around Dec. 10 stayed around for most of the winter, and

4) the monsoon season began around the third week in June.

With the progression of time, the weather has changed. A regulator for the State of New Mexico told me recently that New Mexico is currently involved in a thousand-year drought. Long Read More

Op-Ed: Zero Childcare Copays … A Lifeline For NM Parents


I became a mom when I was 15 years old, which is the same age when I first began to struggle to access childcare. I was born in Chihuahua, México and later immigrated to the United States.

Being a young mother is a huge challenge, and being undocumented and having language barriers made it even more difficult for me, especially when it came to accessing childcare. I didn’t understand what was available to me and my children because I didn’t understand what my rights were. I raised five kids on my single income, and there were times where finding childcare for my children felt Read More

Op-Ed: The Future Of Hydrogen In New Mexico

New Mexico Tech
Vice President of Special Research Programs
Professor of Physics 

The time is now for New Mexico to move toward a new energy future. The Department of Energy is investing $7 billion in regional clean energy Hydrogen Hubs. These Hubs will produce, store, and burn hydrogen – a fuel that will help us meet the critical energy needs of our communities without emitting carbon, depending on how it is produced and managed.

A focus on hydrogen will benefit New Mexico energy landscape. First, hydrogen presents New Mexico with the opportunity to diversify our energy economy Read More

Secretary Propst: As New Mexico State Parks Celebrate 90th Anniversary, It’s Time To Boost Our Investment In These Hidden Gems

Scene from the 2nd annual Turquoise Trail Pack Burro Race May 6 in Cerrillos Hills State Park. Courtesy/EMNRD

EMNRD Secretary

On May 6, under a blue New Mexico sky, I stood next to a trail in Cerrillos Hills State Park as pack burros and their human partners raced by. The 2nd annual Turquoise Trail Pack Burro Race illustrated what New Mexico’s state parks do best: Bring people outside, provide education, and encourage economic activity in our parks’ gateway communities, from restaurants to guides and other outdoor recreation businesses. 

State Parks—a New Mexico Energy, Read More