Posts From The Road: The Other Side Of Hatch

Muffler Man & RV: The statue that started it all in Hatch still stands tall in front of the RV dealership owned by Teako and Josie Nunn. Photo by Gary Warren/

Dinosaur and Hot Dog: Next to the RV dealership, a dinosaur and giant hot dog easily catch your attention. Photo by Gary Warren/

Sparky’s: Sparky’s opened in 2008 and is now like a museum for giant statues. The interior of the building features more unique Americana art work and decor. Note: Sparky’s green chile cheese burgers are the best! Photo by Gary Warren/



Roadside Art: World’s Smallest Target Found In Texas

A tiny decaying cinder block building located between Marathon, Texas and Alpine, Texas is now Target Marathon. The building was probably used by the railroad in the past as tracks sit just a few feet behind the structure. It is not known who created the miniature Target, which comes with a red shopping cart out in front. It was first seen in 2016. The world’s smallest Target sits alongside U.S. Highway 90 between the roadway and the train tracks. A little bit of mystery but a project sure to bring a smile to visitors traveling this stretch of highway in west Texas. Photo by Gary Warren/


Posts From The Road: NM Museum Of Space History

Museum and Hall of Fame: The entire campus of the New Mexico Museum of Space History sits high on a hillside on the eastern side of Alamogordo overlooking the city below. Shown is the facility which houses the museum and International Space Hall of  Fame. Photo by Gary Warren/

Space History Exhibit: Shown is a display in the space history section of the museum. Hundreds of items used in the space program as well as hardware used are displayed throughout the museum. Photo by Gary Warren/
Space Station 2001: A mock up display of Space Station 2001 is included in the


Posts From The Road: Prada Marfa

The Prada Marfa is a permanent art installation about 26 miles north of Marfa, Texas. Photo by Gary Warren/

The Prada Marfa displays Prada handbags and shoes. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

Prada Marfa is a permanent art installation located about 26 miles north of Marfa, Texas. The structure is 25 feet wide and 15 feet deep. 

The freestanding building was built solely for this art project and was completed in 2005.

You could say that the project is located in the middle of nowhere as it sits alongside U.S. Highway 90 and

Lane Closure: NM502/Trinity Drive Tuesday Feb. 4


Geo-Test, Inc. will perform two asphalt cores 9-11 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4 in the slow lane on the eastbound lane of NM 502/Trinity Drive.

The slow lane will be closed during this time. The lane closure will include signs and barrels to allow for continuous travel through the area.

Motorists are urged to slow down in the construction zone and obey all traffic control devices.




Posts From The Road: El Camino Del Rio

Calm Waters: For a few miles out of Presidio the river is not visible but when it does come into view it is a calm flowing river, which is about 150 feet wide but not very deep. Photo by Gary Warren/
Mexican Crops: For a portion of the drive, crops and small villages are visible across the river in Mexico. The crops create a stark green contrast to the desert landscape. Photo by Gary Warren/


Formerly of Los Alamos

El Camino del Rio (The River Road) is a 66 mile stretch of Texas Highway 170 between Presidio, Texas and Big Bend National Park.

Traffic Alert: Update … One Eastbound and Westbound Lane Now Open On Truck Route

UPDATE … Police report that one eastbound and one westbound lane are now open on the Truck Route.

Earlier this morning a multiple vehicle accident occurred that temporarily closed the Truck Route.

First responders are on the scene. Motorists are encouraged to take alternate routes is possible and drive with caution as there are icy patches on the roads.

Posts From The Road: White Sands National Park

Footprints: At first glance the footprints appear to be in snow but that is not the case. The footprints were left by a park visitor climbing to the top of a sand dune. Photo by Gary Warren/

Admiring the View: A group of visitors admire the view from the ridge of a sand dune as they look across miles of dunes near the San Andres Mountains in southern New Mexico. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos


Our country’s newest National Park is right here in New Mexico! White Sands National Monument officially became White Sands National