Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor: Thoughts To Consider

Los Alamos

What would you say is the most basic and important thing we all possess? Of course, it’s life; without life, nothing else matters.

Life must be protected in all situations. If not, the respect for the life of the challenged, the disabled, the weak, and the old will be slowly taken away, just as it is now being taken away from some of the unborn.

Every created person has a right to life from conception to natural death. And, we should not concede that right to anybody else.  

Our parents were obviously pro life; that’s why we are here. Should we do any less for others? 


Letter To The Editor: Police Reinforce Wise Decision To Move To Los Alamos

Los Alamos

I want to thank the Los Alamos Police for the assistance in the “Ridin with Biden” (campaign event) … as well as for many local and state candidates (Christine Chandler, Leo Jaramillo, Denise Derkus, Ben Ray Luján, Joseph Maestas and more) last Saturday.

It was amazingly well orchestrated and planned. Although I am unsure how many officers were involved, I can make two observations:

  • First, they were polite, efficient, and made sure everyone in the 40 car/truck caravan was safe and accounted for. They stopped traffic for all of us who had our lights and emergency


Letter To The Editor: Fact Vs. ‘Fact’ Downtown Master Plan

Tourism Implementation Task Force

The following are facts and my own personal opinion. None have been discussed with or approved by the Tourism Implementation Task Force (TITF).

It would be nice if a candidate for Council knew what’s already been done and is being done getting public opinion. See: https://www.losalamosnm.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=6435810&pageId=6435826 and: https://www.losalamosnm.us/government/county_council

This County, State and the U.S. are Republics. In a Democracy every citizen can vote on every decision by government. In a Republic,


Letter To The Editor: Why I Support Aaron Walker For County Council

Los Alamos

I find it refreshing to have a non-partisan candidate, with the best interest of all residents in mind, running for a seat on our County Council. It’s time we say no thanks to more of the same and get “new blood” into our County Government.

Why do I support Aaron Walker? I’ve worked with Aaron on the Community Development Advisory Board since it’s inception and have been able to get to know him and his family. I have been impressed by his reasonable demeanor, his openness to learning about the diverse neighborhoods and challenges, and his willingness to ask solid and hard


Letter To The Editor: James Rickman For County Council

Los Alamos

Los Alamos County residents are fortunate that James Rickman is running for County Council.

I have known Jim for many years and fully support his candidacy for this position.

James is dedicated to Los Alamos and its residents. He will approach issues by gaining full knowledge of the topic and solicit the opinions of others. He is well balanced, caring, and very dedicated to making sure the citizens voices are heard. He is transparent in his approach and honest in his actions.

I will be voting for James Rickman and encourage fellow citizens to do the same. He will be an excellent


Letter To The Editor: Why I’m Voting For Sean Williams

Independent Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

I know some people are going to ask the question “Why is a candidate supporting his opponent?” so I will answer that right off the bat.

The answer is quite simple, I believe in Sean Williams. I do not see him as my “opponent”, I see him as someone working toward very similar goals.

This election is not a resume bullet point or a goal, it is a pathway to a better community. Sean sees that, and that is why I am happy to endorse him.

Sean is a small business owner in Los Alamos, so he knows first-hand the struggles that come with that. He has been quite


Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler: A Rep For All Of Us

Los Alamos

I’m sure you know her: Christine Chandler is our current State House Representative (District 43). I encourage you to get to know her if you don’t already, and I know you’ll want to support her in her upcoming re-election.

Let me count the ways she cares for Los Alamos

Maybe you witnessed her filling trash bags in the latest trash clean up efforts—protecting our invaluable New Mexico environment is an issue she is willing to get her hands dirty for.

You’ve seen her at the pet store in town stocking up on kibbles for her dogs. She’s not surprisingly endorsed by the Animal Protection


Letter To The Editor: One Vote For David Reagor Is One Vote For Our Small Businesses, Transparency And Accountability

By Donna MacDonald
Los Alamos

This past summer, former County Councilor Morrie Pongratz suggested that our County Council should not be blamed for our town’s many woes.

CB Fox, Beals, Reel Deal, the Monitor and KRSN have closed their doors for good. With the demise of Mari Mac shopping center, we are about to lose even more restaurants, LA Fitness Center and Auto Zone.

That’s not even taking into account our Governor’s onerous, “one size fits all” COVID-19 lock downs.

It is painfully clear that our County Council does not prioritize the success of our locals: just look at UnQuarked, Family Strengths


Letter To The Editor: Why I support Sean Williams For Los Alamos County Council

Los Alamos

I support Sean Williams for County Council. I have known Sean for over 10 years and believe he will be an important addition to the County Council. He has experience in many facets of town that gives him a unique perspective that is needed to represent us well. He worked at the lab as a PhD Computer Scientist, is a local home owner, is a successful local business co-owner of Automotive Professionals, and is a current Planning and Zoning Commissioner.

He understands the needs of our town and citizens and has our best interest at heart. This was certainly apparent during the last


Letter To The Editor: Re-elect Christine Chandler

Los Alamos

I am writing  to urge my friends and fellow Los Alamos citizens to re-elect Representative Christine Chandler for a second term!

I have been impressed with what she has accomplished in her first two years as our State House Representative.

Christine advocated for keeping the Environment Department office in Los Alamos, which helped keep those jobs in our community. While serving on the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee, she has been a strong voice in urging that DOE is held accountable for legacy waste cleanup milestones.

I have witnessed her in action