Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor: Jim Rickman For County Council

Los Alamos

A few days ago I voted for Jim Rickman for Los Alamos County Council. Here’s why: 

I first met Jim many years ago through interactions I had with him when we both worked at the Lab. He impressed me with his leadership and expertise in public affairs, his broad awareness of the Lab’s operations, and his ability to understand multiple facets of complex situations and work toward mutually agreeable solutions.

In particular, I was impressed with his insights into the importance of the symbiotic relationship between the Lab and the community wherein the Lab underpins the economic


Letter To The Editor: I Support David Reagor For County Council

Los Alamos

I am voting for David Reagor for County Council because I believe that he is the best candidate for that position. David has a vested interest in Los Alamos and White Rock.

David has lived in White Rock for 34 years and is determined to keep our town thriving and moving forward.

David and his wife have two children who attended Chamisa Elementary, Los Alamos Middle School, and graduated from Los Alamos High School. They are now in medical school and law school.

David has innovative ideas for redevelopment projects for the White Rock business district and the Hill. He will


Letter To The Editor: Why I’m Voting For Aaron Walker

Democratic Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

Aaron Walker has taken the unusual step of endorsing a candidate for county council, but maybe that’s appropriate for an independent.

Why am I, as a major party candidate, endorsing someone outside my party? Because to me, being a democrat isn’t about the color of your jersey: it’s about the ideals you hold.

Aaron talks about honesty and transparency, and I agree that these are vital to sound governance. To me, the most important trait of an elected official is a willingness to stick up for the powerless—after all, the powerful don’t


Letter To The Editor: I’m Supporting Denise Derkacs Because Of Her Exemplary Work Ethic, Attention To Detail, Tenacity To Objectively Research All Aspects Of Issues

Los Alamos

I am writing in support of Denise Derkacs, candidate for Los Alamos County Council.

Because of Denise’s exemplary work ethic, attention to detail, and tenacity to objectively research all aspects of an issue, several people have already written in support. Her 38 year involvement in our community through work, schools, and citizen’s boards has earned her the respect of many. I would like to add my voice, but from a different perspective, as her next-door neighbor of 15 years.

What makes a wonderful neighbor? I’m sure everyone will have a different idea, but for me a few


Letter To The Editor: In Support Of James Rickman For Council

Los Alamos

Jim Rickman is competing for a seat on the County Council. If, during my decades in Los Alamos, you ever asked me who would serve well on the County Council, Jim Rickman is surely one of the first names that I would have offered.

I first met Jim at New Mexico State University in 1986. Jim was a philosophy major, and I recall him saying that his career goal was to “stand up to corporations and fight for the common man”.

Jim has been a real asset to this county for decades; as a first-rate communications specialist at the Lab, as a part-time bike mechanic, and even as a County Council


Letter To The Editor: Support James Rickman For County Council

Los Alamos

Please join my husband and me in voting for James Rickman for County Council.  As a former County Councilor (1996-2000) and as a LANL retiree in Public Affairs, James is an experienced leader with a clear vision for Los Alamos County that focuses on maintaining, and improving upon, those characteristics that have drawn—and that keep—so many of us here. 

James will work diligently to maintain the qualities of life that are so important to our community, both Los Alamos and White Rock. These include considerate support of small business endeavors, protection of our treasured


Letter To The Editor: Why I Voted For Rickman For Council

Los Alamos

I’m sending this to you in the hope you can publish this as a letter of support.

 Why I voted for and support James Rickman for County Council.

I’ve worked with and have known James Rickman for a long time. I worked with him in the County Clerk’s Office. Later, when he was elected to County Council, I continued to work with him through my role in the Clerk’s Office.

I know him to be fair minded and nonjudgmental. He has the capacity to really look at issues, listen to public input and use common sense. During his term, he and his Council colleagues were faced with tough circumstances,


Letter To The Editor: Extremism Unsuited For County Council

Los Alamos

David Reagor, who is running for country council previously published his startling view point that progressive Democrats as a whole are morally unfit for any public office. https://ladailypost.com/reagor-progressive-democrats-abandon-the-moral-code-of-abraham-lincoln/

He has been equally emphatic, and wrong, on his reasoning skills in the COVID crisis. 

In the Oct. 12 Los Alamos Daily Post, he states that In the USA the disease has cost 200,000 lives and a total of 2 million life-years lost. The lockdown has put almost 20 million people out


Letter To The Editor: I Support Rickman For Council

Los Alamos

I am writing to express my support for James Rickman, County Council candidate.

I have known James for most of my 30 years in Los Alamos and had the pleasure of supporting his previous successful run for County Council. We were co-workers in the Public Affairs Office at LANL during tumultuous times that included the Cerro Grande Fire, an espionage case that drew intense national attention, and a major discrimination lawsuit against the Lab. James was throughout a steady partner, able to sift through tons of information and make it accessible for the news media and


Letter To The Editor: Thoughts To Consider

Los Alamos

What would you say is the most basic and important thing we all possess? Of course, it’s life; without life, nothing else matters.

Life must be protected in all situations. If not, the respect for the life of the challenged, the disabled, the weak, and the old will be slowly taken away, just as it is now being taken away from some of the unborn.

Every created person has a right to life from conception to natural death. And, we should not concede that right to anybody else.  

Our parents were obviously pro life; that’s why we are here. Should we do any less for others?