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Los Alamos To Celebrate Milestone WWII Anniversaries

Title chart from a virtual presentation by LANL Senior Historian Alan Carr. Courtesy/LANL


Los Alamos is known as the place where discoveries are made, but during World War II, it had many names—project Y, the Atomic City, the Secret City, and the town without a name, among others.

Recognized for its integral role in developing the science that ended the war, Los Alamos will be offering a variety of virtual options in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.

“August and September 2020 are full of milestone dates of international importance, in which Los Alamos played

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Sophia Feldman Memorial Scholarship Awarded To LAHS 2020 Graduates Lexi Alcala And Lauren Marinuzzi-Poague

Sophia Feldman. Courtesy/LAPSF

Lexi Alcala. Courtesy/LAPSF

Lauren Marinuzzi-Poague, Courtesy/LAPSF


The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation announces Lexi Alcala and Lauren Marinuzzi-Poague as the graduating seniors selected for the Sophia Feldman Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Sophia Feldman, a Los Alamos High School sophomore who passed away in September 2019. 

Feldman had many interests, including dance, music, and speech/debate, but one of her greatest passions was helping and supporting people. 

In her honor, this scholarship

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Traffic Alert: Pavement Patching Begins On Central Thursday


Los Alamos County Traffic & Streets Division will begin a Pavement Preservation Project Thursday, July 30 along Central Avenue.

Crews will patch the pavement between 15th Street and Oppenheimer Drive.

In order to limit business and resident disruption, this work has been scheduled to occur at night.

Crews will use a one-lane closure with a flagging operation 6-8 p.m. and beginning at 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. Friday, Central Avenue will be closed from 15th Street to Oppenheimer Drive.

It is anticipated that this work will be completed in one night.

Los Alamos County said it is committed

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Los Alamos Arts Council Postpones Missoula Children’s Theatre Program Due To COVID-19 Public Health Restrictions

LAAC News:

Missoula Children’s Theatre is a 32-year tradition in Los Alamos. Los Alamos Arts Council (LAAC) is pleased to bring this unique opportunity to the youth of the community every year.

Sadly, due to COVID-19, and the current restrictions in New Mexico, LAAC is unable to present Missoula this year.

LAAC is working on plans for the summer of 2021, and hoping to make up for missing this year with two performances next year!

Stay up-to-date with Los Alamos Arts Council by visiting The organization regularly posts updates online, and community members can

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Albino Praying Mantis Sunbathing On Nambe Loop

An albino praying mantis is spotted sunbathing on a yarrow bloom Monday at home on Nambe Loop in Los Alamos. Young praying mantis molt about 10 times as they grow toward adulthood. After each molt, the mantis is a pure white color and looks like an albino. However, the white coloration only lasts a short period of time and soon the mantis darkens into a brown or green color. Most praying mantis are not native to the United States and are instead species imported from China and Europe. There is a species of mantis called the California mantis native to the Western United States. Praying mantis are carnivorous

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Los Alamos Parkinson’s And Movement Disorder Support Group Meets Virtually Wednesdays


The Los Alamos Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Support Group hosts virtual meetings at 2 p.m. every Wednesday.

Through the PMD Alliance (Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Alliance), the group uses Zoom and has made it a secure site by requiring a password and using the “waiting room” function to let members in.

The problem in doing it this way is that it has left out the newly diagnosed and their care partners. But anyone interested in joining, may call Allie Thompson at 505.672.9498 to be added to the membership.

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La Vista Church Worship Service Time Changes Aug. 2

LVCN News:

La  Vista Church is changing things up a little and starting Sunday, Aug. 2, will move its worship service to 9:30 a.m. in the yard behind the church.

There will not be Sunday School, instead the congregation will break into small discussion groups after the sermon.  

Children in preschool through 3rd grade will remain with their parents during the worship portion of the service, then will be dismissed to the back of the yard for Children’s Church after Children’s Time.

Children in 4th-6th grade will listen to the sermon, then form their own discussion group with an adult leader. Youth

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Tuesdays NOT At The Pond Features The Bus Tapes

Creative District News:

Join the Los Alamos Creative District at 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 28 for Tuesdays NOT at the Pond music performed by The Bus Tapes.

Watch these two time New Mexico Music Award winners, husband and wife duo Case and Heather Tanner, known to bring together a range of talented musicians for fun and interactive shows, taking audiences by the hand and leading them through a “what’s-cool” tour of music.

Their eclectic mix of originals and covers, everything from blues and folk to R&B ballads, has been rocking crowds since 2008.

Watch this video

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Los Alamos National Laboratory: New Mars Rover Tool Will Zap Rocks To Investigate Planet’s Past Habitability

The SuperCam instrument is attached to the Perseverance rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California in June 2019. Courtesy/NASA/JPL-Caltech

Roger Wiens leads the SuperCam team at Los Alamos National Laboratory. SuperCam is a tool that will go to Mars aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover to look for signs of past life on Mars. Courtesy/LANL 
LANL News:
  • Developed at LANL, SuperCam will examine the chemistry and mineralogy of rocks on Mars
When NASA’s Perseverance rover launches from Florida on its way to Mars, it will carry aboard what is likely the most versatile instrument ever made

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Local Democrats Mark 100 Days To General Election

Screenshot of U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján’s ‘Virtual Road Trip’ Friday. Courtesy/DPLAC

Screenshot of  ‘Virtual Meet and Greet’ Saturday for Democratic Council candidates Denise Derkacs, Rodney Roberson and Sean Williams. Courtesy/DPLAC


The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County marked 100 days until the general election with a weekend of virtual events.

Friday, U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján held a “Virtual Road Trip” attended by a variety of elected officials and members of the public.

Saturday afternoon, voters joined a “Virtual Meet and Greet” for Democratic candidates for Los Alamos

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Strauss: Can We Predict The Expected Deaths From Covid-19 Three Weeks Ahead Of Time?

Los Alamos

Editor’s note: This article was received Thursday, July 23.

Because deaths from Covid-19 do not begin to appear until about three weeks after the disease’s symptoms appear, the numbers of deaths lag behind the numbers of cases. For this reason, one can expect to see more deaths than have been reported so far.

Forecasting is a risky business, and a wrong forecast can cause problems either by being too scary or downplaying things too much. Not to mention the soothsayer risks embarrassing ridicule. Instead, this article is about how to think about constructing a forecast.

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Library Conversations: Flying On Two Wheels

‘Flying on Two Wheels: Travel in Coronavirus Lockdown’ at 7 p.m. Thursday on Zoom. Courtesy/LAC


How far can you go while staying home? Did the recent lock down stifle your travel plans? Have you been using the time to travel locally? Have you discovered a new trail or tried “Everesting” on the ski hill?

The Los Alamos County Library System is hosting an event at 7 p.m., July 30 on Zoom to discuss Todd Miller’s essay for the Tucson Sentinel: “Flying on Two Wheels: Travel in Coronavirus Lockdown”.

The community is invited to share experiences with travel close to home. 


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Los Alamos County Ice Rink Project Moving Along

Progress being made recently on the Los Alamos County Ice Rink locker rooms. The project includes a new and restroom improvements to the existing building. March 3, the County Council approved a construction contract for $1,430,642 to Contreras Construction and established a total project budget of $1,850,000 – which includes design, contingency, gross receipts tax, special testing, etc. as well as the construction costs. Update as of June 30, crews have placed new locker room footings and floor. Drywall has been installed in the restrooms and taping and bedding is ongoing. Photo by Ed Birnbaum

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