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Bk eu People & Community – Page 2

People & Community

More Than 2,000 Teachers Earn National Board Certification; 130,000 Now Teach To Profession’s Highest Standards

NBCT president & CEO Peggy Brookins

NBCT News:

Despite the unprecedented impact of a pandemic, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced today that 2,073 teachers became National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) in the 2020-2021 school year.

Showing their deep commitment to student learning and the teaching profession, these teachers represent 49 states plus the District of Columbia. 

With the 5,304 teachers who renewed or maintained their certificate this year, there is now a total of 130,630 teachers from all 50 states who teach to the highest standards in Read More

Heinrich, Luján Welcome Almost $5 Million In American Rescue Plan Funding To Support Tribal Housing Projects


WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) are welcoming almost $5 million in Indian Community Development Block Grants (ICDBG) to support Tribal housing projects in New Mexico.

The funding, made possible by the American Rescue Plan, will be used to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Safe and affordable housing is absolutely essential to self-determination and Tribal sovereignty,” Heinrich said. “I’m proud that the American Rescue Plan continues to support Tribal housing projects in communities where families Read More

SFNF Thanks Collaborators For Pacheco Canyon Success

SFNF News:

SANTA FE — The recent prescribed pile burn in Pacheco Canyon on the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) 7 miles northeast of Santa Fe was a great example of shared stewardship across ownership boundaries to reduce wildfire risk and protect communities and other assets in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), SFNF Supervisor Debbie Cress said today.

Crews completed a total of 443 acres of piles of slash and woody debris on Forest Service lands and another 111 acres on the Pueblo of Tesuque’s Vigil Grant. The two prescribed pile burns were implemented by the SFNF, Pueblo of Tesuque, Pueblo Read More

Scenes Of Ribbon Cutting At DALA’s New Downtown Studio

The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce hosted the opening of the new downtown studio of Dance Arts Los Alamos (DALA) at 1650 Trinity Ave., Suite 115 Saturday with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Gathered for the event from left, DALA Assistant Director Karina Wilder, teacher Sam Italiano, Board President Venita Chávez, Director Jonathan Guise, teacher Miranda Hiller and Los Alamos MainStreet Creative District Curator Jeremy Smith. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

Inside view of DALA’s new dance studio at 1650 Trinity Dr., Suite 115 in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com Read More

State Bar Of New Mexico Offers Free Estate Planning, Probate And Institutional Medicaid Workshop

State Bar of New Mexico News:

ALBUQUERQUE — A free workshop presented by the Legal Resources for the Elderly Program, Estate Planning, Probate and Institutional Medicaid, will be held at 11 a.m. Jan. 31, via video and teleconference.

This presentation will cover information regarding debt problems, such as what happens if a person can’t pay their debts, what actions debt collectors can take, and what action a person may take if they are sued for a debt that they owe.

To register, call 505.797.6005 to receive the registration link, or register directly by clicking here

About The State Read More

EMNRD Announces Changes In Hours, Access, Activities At Eagle Nest Lake And Heron Lake State Parks

Conditions at Heron Lake State Park make ice fishing accessible. Courtesy/EMNRD


SANTA FE — The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department’s (EMNRD) State Parks Division announces that Eagle Nest Lake State Park has reopened to walk-in ice fishing and has resumed normal day-use hours, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

The campground at Eagle Nest Lake State Park remains closed as part of seasonal closures.

Beginning Jan. 21, Heron Lake State Park also opened to walk-in ice fishing.

State Parks manages access to areas of parks in the interest of public safety and resource Read More

United Church Thrift Shop To Remain Closed Next Two Wednesdays Jan. 26 & Feb. 2 Due To Local COVID Surge

The United Church

In order to protect workers and shoppers alike during the local spiking of COVID-19 cases, the Thrift Shop at The United Church, 2525 Canyon Road, will remain closed for shopping the next two Wednesdays, Jan. 26 and Feb. 2.

The Thrift Shop will reopen when Shop leadership determines we can all stay reasonably safe.  Your support is very much appreciated!

Please stay healthy and kind! Updates can be found on the church website: unitedchurchla.org. Read More

Daily Postcard: Homer And Edna Share Leafy Salad

Daily Postcard: Beloved community geese Homer, top, and his feathery companion Edna share a salad beneath the afternoon sunshine Saturday at Ashley Pond. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com Read More

Scenes From Santa Fe Veterans For Peace At Pond

About a dozen members of the Santa Fe Veterans for Peace and one or two from the Albuquerque chapter gathered this afternoon at Ashley Pond Park to celebrate the first anniversary of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Scene from today’s gathering of the Santa Fe Veterans for Peace at Ashley Pond Park to celebrate the first anniversary of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force Jan. 22, 2021. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com 

Scene from the gathering today of the Santa Fe Veterans for Peace at Ashley Pond Read More

Scenes From Los Alamos Fire Academy 29 Graduation

Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes addresses Academy 29 cadets during their graduation Friday morning at the LAFD training facility on DP Road. Family members did not attend the graduation ceremony due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so each graduate will receive a video of the ceremony to share with their loved ones. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com

Chaplain Joe Dudziak delivers the invocation to the Academy 29 graduates during the ceremony Friday morning at the LAFD training facility on DP Road. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ladailypost.com 

LAFD Academy 29 graduates front row from left, Read More

New Mexico Science/Tech Companies Receive SBIR Grants

Alexander Ukhanov PhD of Actoprobe LLC of Albuquerque. Courtesy/EDD

Emerging Technology Ventures, Inc. of Alamogordo. Courtesy/EDD

EDD News:

SANTA FE — New Mexico Economic Development Department Secretary Alicia J. Keyes announced that five New Mexico companies will receive New Mexico Small Business Innovation Research (NMSBIR) Matching Grants to help their businesses grow.

The NMSBIR Grant Program provides recipients additional resources to commercialize the technology developed using Federal SBIR funding. The NM SBIR Matching Grants are designed to support local science and Read More

SF Playhouse & SWAIA Present Ria Thundercloud Feb. 11

Ria Thundercloud (Ho-Chunk Nation, Sandia Pueblo). Courtey/Santa Fe Playhouse


WHAT: Santa Fe Playhouse and Southwestern Association of Indian Arts (SWAIA) present a dance performance by Ria Thundercloud (Ho-Chunk Nation, Sandia Pueblo), telling stories of indigenous womanhood and survival through contemporary and traditional dance and movement.

WHEN: 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., Friday, Feb. 11

WHERE: Santa Fe Playhouse, 142 E. De Vargas St. 

TICKETS: $20 general admission; $18 senior; $10 student santafeplayhouse.org, 505.988.4262

DETAILS: SWAIA Performances Read More

New Mexico House Bill 22 Would Require State Departments To Help Those Who Don’t Speak English

Sen. Antionette Sedillo Lopez

Santa Fe New Mexican

Advocates for New Mexicans who know little to no English say a bill passed by a committee Friday is needed help such residents access medical aid, child welfare services and other resources.

Lawmakers on the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs committee approved House Bill 22 on a 6-3 vote. It now heads to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.

The legislation provides a one-time appropriation of $50,000 to the state Department of Finance and Administration. The money is aimed at helping state agencies Read More

New Mexico Museum Of Natural History & Science Presents ‘Dogs! A Science Tail’ Feb. 5-May 1

NMNHS presents ‘Dogs! A Science Tail’ exhibition, Feb. 5-May 1. Courtesy/California Science Center


ALBUQUERQUE — The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMNHS) announces the opening of “Dogs! A Science Tail”.

This is an ambitious, multi-media, hands-on science exhibition that highlights the dynamic nature of the bond between humans and dogs, and invites guests to experience the extraordinary way that dogs see, hear and smell the world. 

The exhibition will demonstrate how the ability to understand and communicate with each other lies at the heart of the unique Read More

Los Alamos Teen Center Closed Through Thursday Jan. 27

The Los Alamos Teen Center at 475 20th St., will be closed due to HVAC system issues Jan 22 – 27. Courtesy photo 


The Los Alamos Teen Center, operated by The Family YMCA will be closed due to HVAC system issues, starting today through Thursday, Jan. 27.

“We are sad that we will not be able to see and provide an in-person hang out spot for teens during the next week,” Teen Center Manager George Marsden said. “However, we hope that we see them virtually on the Discord Server.” Read More

Historical Society Lecture: Los Alamos In Fiction, Feb. 8

The LAHS is hosting a lecture by British scholar Daniel Cordle Feb. 8 via Zoom. Courtesy/LAHS

LAHS News:

The Los Alamos Historical Society (LAHS) is hosting a lecture 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8 via Zoom.

British scholar Daniel Cordle will be presenting live to Los Alamos (from across the ocean) his research on “Literary Los Alamos: The Manhattan Project in Fiction, Drama, Poetry, and on Screen.”

As well as being the subject of numerous histories, the development of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos has also fascinated writers and filmmakers, featuring in thrillers, literary fiction, historical Read More

American Federation Of Teachers New Mexico Asks Members NOT To Travel To Santa Fe For Planned Rally

AFT NM New Mexico

We are sincerely disappointed to be writing this email.

Considering the extreme and on-going COVID-19 infections throughout our communities, we have made the difficult decision to ask AFT New Mexico members to NOT travel to Santa Fe this Sunday for our planned rally in support of our campaign for the 3Rs: Respect, Recruit, and Retain.

When this rally was envisioned by our sibling educators at NEA-NM, we were excited to accept their invitation to join with them in solidarity, however, the current wave of Omicron-variant cases was expected to peak Read More