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Life After 50: Grateful For Our Student Volunteers

Executive Director
We have some young people to thank, for helping our local senior centers stay on an even keel. Los Alamos High School students have been helpful in so many ways throughout the holiday season. It is time we stop and say thank you to them all.
NJROTC cadets helped the senior center once again, when they returned for the annual fall spruce up. While the pay was in doughnuts, the cadets and their adults worked hard for hours, to make the facility shine.
The work means a lot to many folks who 20 years ago did all of the work and still continue

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Wiemann: Are Your Financial And Tax Advisors Talking?

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Now that we’ve closed the book on 2019, it’s officially Tax Season.
As you prepare your tax returns for the April 15 deadline, you might already start looking for opportunities to improve your tax-related financial outcomes in the future. And one important step you can take is to connect your tax professional with your financial advisor.
Together, these professionals can help you take advantage of some valuable strategies:
  • Roth vs. traditional IRA – If you’re eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA,

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Amateur Naturalist: Why Hair And Bristles On Bugs?

Picture 1: A Clouded Sulphur butterfly sips nectar while a nearby honeybee collects pollen. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

Many species of plants produce flowers in spring and the resulting seeds then develop over the summer.

In contrast, the Chamisa bush, also called rabbit bush, becomes covered with bright yellow flowers in the autumn.

It therefore becomes a source of nectar for insects. A single bush may have a variety of insect species busily going from flower to flower at the same time. The insects may be so focused on finding nectar that they stay on the flowers rather than

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Fr. Glenn: Wholly Family, Too

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Ahh … another Christmas filled with joy. Lights and shopping. Carols, cards and creches. Squeals of happy children ripping wrappers. Bellies burgeoning with biscochitos and—for many of us here in New Mexico—with those steaming Christmas tamales. Mmmmmm.

Now … hustle and bustle over, a new year approacheth. Is it a new decade, though? If we began a new year-measuring standard, we wouldn’t cite the date as January 1, 0. Hmmmm. Well … if that’s the biggest conundrum we have this year, we’ll be doing well!

Alas … I fear it will be a year fraught with conundrums—especially the quadrennially-occurring

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Martin: What Happens When Freedom Of The Press Is Silenced Or Imprisoned?

What happens when freedom of the press is silenced or imprisoned? Jailed journalists around the globe. How can it be? First Amendment aggressions in the United States. How can it be?
Devious despots misusing power and preying upon humanity—withholding information because knowledge is power. Silencing the other side of the story. Fear of losing control feeds their depravity. Dictators hiding behind castle walls and armies of destruction for those who dare criticize.
Freedom of the press is held hostage as journalists observe through prison bars. The

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Tales Of Our Times: Labels Relegate Ideas To The Trash Heap

Tales of Our Times
New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water

Labels Relegate Ideas To The Trash Heap

If our democracy is a person, it has fallen into a bad habit. I speak of the standard by which ideas are judged. An old standard was to judge what is right and what is wrong. Or what will work and what won’t.

Times change. Arguers today zero in on who is right and who is wrong. We hear details of who, rarely what or how. “Who” means a person or group, with colored tags attached. The labels say who is honest, smart, or neither. We hear yeas and nays about team hats. An idea itself is given little

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Weekly Fishing Report: Dec. 27, 2019

Sports & Outdoors
Los Alamos Daily Post
Merry Christmas to all anglers.
The weather has been cold, but not cold enough to allow ice fishing yet on the lakes here in Northern New Mexico.
Eagle Nest Lake remains closed to fishing and boating due to unsafe ice conditions. They are hoping to open the lake to ice fishing by January. An ice-fishing tournament is held in January. Call Friends of the Lake at (575).377.6188 for dates and details. Call (575).377.1594 for current ice conditions.
Lake Maloya and Lake Alice at Sugarite Canyon State Park near Raton

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