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Amateur Naturalist: Eroded Rock, Grinding Stone, Or Sacred Stone?

Los Alamos

Rocks of all shapes and sizes can seen while exploring the slopes of the Jemez Mountains. But some create puzzles when looked at closely.

Consider a slope rising gently through a wooded landscape toward a mountain peak. The trees are spread apart and the grass is short as a result of the shade.

It is easy to see relatively small boulders that are two to three feet across, have relatively flat surfaces and are grey in color. A different appearing boulder then appears, (Picture A).

Picture A: How did this pattern of holes develop in the boulder? Photo by Robert Dryja

This particular

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Rotary Hosts Dr. Sandy Farmer Of Pfizer Pharmaceutical

Vice President
Rotary Club of Los Alamos

Dr. Sandy Farmer of Pfizer Pharmaceutical was the featured speaker via Zoom at the Jan. 5 meeting of the Rotary Club of Los Alamos. 

In his presentation, How the COVID-19 Vaccine Came to Be: A Confluence of Innovation Along Many Dimensions, Farmer outlined the evolution of vaccine development. He explained that although the world’s first vaccine was administered in 1798 to reduce the spread of smallpox, it wasn’t until the late 1960s and into the 1970s that purified forms were steadily developed to eliminate use of live viruses which can generate

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Tales Of Our Times: Footballers Shun ‘Correctness’ And Build Ideas To Fill The Gap

Exhibit A: football players kneeling during the singing of the national anthem. Courtesy/si.com

Tales Of Our Times

By John Bartlit
New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water

Footballers Shun ‘Correctness’ And Build Ideas To Fill The Gap

“Political correctness” (“P.C.”) is an infection that eats away the vitality of our democracy. The ills have spread far. Symptoms get worse while being ignored. A debate today about the national harms of political correctness is a debate between two afflicted organs—P.C. in the camp of the left and P.C. in the camp of the right.

The habits of P.C. weaken discourse,

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Liddie’s Traditional New Mexican Dishes: Chicos With Pork

Video demonstrating how to prepare chicos with pork. Video by Liddie Martinez

Española Valley

To me, making a pot of homegrown chicos is the ultimate way to honor the history of our northern New Mexican lives. Growing up in a small house in the Española Valley, we had a nice sized yard that was large enough for a small flower and vegetable garden and a flock of chickens, but no land for major planting. Growing corn was not an option when the family moved to Española from the family farm in El Rito in 1950.

My favorite stories that my grandmother told were of old times on the big ranch in

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Home Country: Windy Wilson

Home Country
By Slim Randles

“Well,” Steve said, polishing off the last of his coffee, “what should we discuss this fine morning?”

“I’m awful glad you asked, ol’ pard,” came the cheerful voice of Windy Wilson, emerging through the swinging doors that came from the kitchen of the Mule Barn truck stop.

“Yessir. Awful glad.” Steve and the other members of the world dilemma think tank looked in amazement as this old camp cook and cowboy came over with the coffee pot and topped off their coffee mugs. Windy had found a dish towel and wrapped it around his waist, too.

“Windy?” Doc. said “Mighty fine-looking

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Emotional Healing: A New Year – Assess And Flow

Golden Willow Retreat 

A new year, 2021, has arrived and with that benchmark, many different emotions arise.

For most people 2020 was an excruciating year with a COVID pandemic that ravaged our world, politics that divided people so deeply that humanity seemed to be forgotten and systemic problems rising like molten lava through covered fissures that are demanding attention and reparation.

Moving into a new year does not magically remove these life-threatening issues, but what a new year can give is an opportunity of pause and reflection. With a pause and reflection, there

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Chambers: Hope Prevails Despite Quarantine Fatigue


Aspen Ridge Lodge

 Dear Family and Friends:

I’m sorry I’m late. My heart has not been in this. It isn’t that I’m not thinking of you, because I am. So many of you have sent cards and pictures. There’s a stack of envelopes to the right of my keyboard and a basket full of your lovely cards next to that. From the first to the last, they have brightened my days, and I thank you.

It’s just that this past year has just been so grim and dismal. I watch the news and wonder what can happen next. I’ve just wanted it over with. Well, now at last it is. ​Happy New Year!

I started another letter. It was

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