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Scott: Update On COVID-19; Vaccine Distribution News

By Chair Sara Scott
Los Alamos County Council

I hope this beautiful Fall finds you and your family well as we move toward the Thanksgiving holiday.

We’ll be approaching this season differently this year, in the context of the significant increase in COVID-19 infections and the current Public Health Order aimed at reducing the impacts of this surge on our well-being and the ability of our health care systems to care for our families, friends, and communities.

The current Public Health Order will expire Nov. 30 and the reopening of businesses and County facilities will be determined on a county

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Fr. Glenn: Giving Account

By Fr. Glenn Jones

I’ll always be grateful to a favorite aunt who, when I was about twelve, gifted to me my first James Herriot book—stories of, and by, a country veterinarian in England in the 1930s. While several of his stories are memorable, one especially so was of two distinctly different families: first that of a simple poor farmer who had a devoted and doting wife and daughter, and the second a wealthy, very successful and noted executive with shrewish wife and scornful daughter. Herriot, musing about which life he would prefer, had no doubt that he’d choose the humble circumstances and loving

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McQuiston: Not All Homeowner Insurance Policies Are Equal

The Jemez Agency

As I’ve mentioned before in previous articles, I find it sad that personal insurance has gotten commoditized to the point where many consumers buy based upon funny commercials and/or cheapest price.

However, it’s a battle that agents like me face every day and all we can ask for is the opportunity to educate our clients on why the programs we propose are in the best interest of our clients. Case in point: I recently had a client who was building a very nice home and reached out to me for a homeowners insurance quote.

Our agency provided him with an option that was on-par

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Life After 50: Happy Everything!

The seniors centers are hosting an online Festival of Trees. Visit www.losalamosseniorcenter.com, the Senior Center Facebook pages, or see mini displays in their front windows. Call 505.662.8920, for more information. Courtesy photo
A quilt donated for the annual Festival of Trees event. Courtesy photo
Executive Director


The clock is running on the first annual Virtual Festival of Trees.

You see, one day we may feel like this year maybe it won’t happen, but then the next day, some 40 items arrive and the magic is officially underway.

The good news is that

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Fuselier: Faith And Politics

Los Alamos

I know many struggle to bring their faith into politics without becoming partisan. I am one of those people. I believe in the Gospel message spelled out so clearly in the Beatitudes but at the same time know that governments are incapable of fully living up to those values.

It saddens me to see those in politics – and those who support them – lower themselves by taking on tactics of division and scapegoating in order to promote their ideology as the only one that can possibly matter.

We are different, thank God, for different times and different events require different

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Malenfant: Lest We Forget…

TA-18, Pajarito Site, a collection of general purpose laboratories capable of subcritical, delayed and super-prompt critical operations at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Courtesy/LANL

Courtesy/Bradbury Science Museum

Highlands Ranch, Colo.
Formerly of Los Alamos

On November 10, 2015, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz signed an MOA for creating and managing the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. 

Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015, which included provisions authorizing

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