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McQuiston: Happy Data Privacy Day! Are You Protected?

The Jemez Agency

There’s no doubt people spend A LOT of time on the Internet. Hence the need for an annual Data Privacy Day.

The Digital 2019 Report reveals that the average Internet user spends more than a quarter of their life on the World Wide Web. Also, consumers are online an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes each day, whereas mobile devices continue to be a popular mode for connecting to the digital world .

Society relies on these gadgets for so many different things and since we’re constantly connected, there’s a continuous and growing concern for cybercrime and maintaining

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Fr. Glenn: Undo Influence

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Oh, I can hear some now: “What a doof! It’s “unDUE” influence!!” Well … just keep readin’.

Who can deny that there is loads of unDUE influence in our world today—probably always has been. Some celebrity says something, and devotees swallow it hook, line and sinker … and much of the media capitalize on opportunity. Popularity sells, after all. The latest fad—whether it be apparel, trend or politics—tends to take a life of its own and explode throughout society—especially in these days of instant communication and social media. 

Yet, as is often bemoaned by the grounded, WHY should

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Tales Of Our Times: Combating Pollutant Plumes In Groundwater Is Slow-Going

Tales of Our Times
New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water

Combating Pollutant Plumes In Groundwater Is Slow-Going

The U.S. EPA delivered unwelcome news five months ago about Española’s stubborn problems at the “North Railroad Avenue Plume Superfund Site”.

A letter from the EPA told the New Mexico Environment Department that the problems of it now belong to the NMED. The details of the case keep shifting, which makes the primary lesson clearer: Cleaning up pollution messes is immensely harder than avoiding them from the start.

The story goes back more than 50 years and has

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Skolnik: Coronavirus, The US, And Global Health Security

White Rock

The health of anyone, anywhere, is the health of everyone, everywhere. Infectious diseases and resistance to antibiotics don’t respect boundaries. The whole world is in this together.

No country is adequately prepared to deal with disease threats, resistance to antibiotics or bio-terrorism. Two recent studies revealed how far we are from being ready to cope adequately with such threats.

Major threats to global health exist and may get worse. We have already faced SARS, MERS, Ebola, and resistance to many antibiotics. We had an anthrax scare. Coronavirus is

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Fr. Glenn: ‘You Have Chosen … Wisely’

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

An Indiana Jones fan will likely remember our column’s title today as the humorous and superlative understatement from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, in which the ancient knight compliments Indy on his wisdom in discerning the true Holy Grail … which the villain’s erroneous choice had, just a moment before, resulted in his having … shall we say … “unfortunate” consequences. Ah, young people … the great movies you may have missed!

That cinematic episode came to mind while reviewing the Gospel reading for the Catholic Mass this Sunday (Matthew 4:12-23) in which Jesus

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Gessing: Stars Have Aligned For Needed Pension Reform



Over the last few weeks leading up to the 2020 legislative session, an all too rare alignment has occurred in New Mexico—the Governor, legislators from both parties, labor and taxpayer representatives, plan managers and other stakeholders in Santa Fe all agree that it is time to reform the state’s largest public pension system.

New Mexico’s Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) has amassed over $6 billion in unfunded pension liabilities and has become vulnerable to volatile investment markets. The Governor’s PERA Solvency Task Force recognized

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Catch Of The Week: Don’t Get ‘Smished’ By FedEx Scam

Example of what this ‘smishing’ scam looks like. Courtesy/Rachel Arnold of SecureNation, LLC

Los Alamos

A warning this week from law enforcement officials and FedEx – watch out for a new, incredibly convincing text message (smishing – phishing scams via text message) scam spoofing the shipping service.

People across the country are getting personalized texts about an incoming package. There is no estimated delivery time, and the victim is told that FedEx is “waiting for them to set delivery preferences” by tapping and following a link.

The link goes to a page spoofing an

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