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Qb uJ A&E – Page 2


Dogs Lifting Spirits All Over Los Alamos: Meet Fluffy

Fluffy, a local 3-year-old miniature poodle is looking fabulous today while sitting on a bench in front of Starbucks on Central Avenue. Fluffy’s mom takes him to get his colorful look at Paw-Fect Cuts on DP Road, after which he can’t help but lift spirits all over Los Alamos with his handsome self. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ Read More

International Folk Art Market Announces New Board Of Director Members

IFAM Board Chair Jenny Kimball

IFAM News:

The International Folk Art Market (IFAM), the world’s largest folk art market, is expanding its Board of Directors.

The 18th International Folk Art Market is scheduled for July 6-10 at Santa Fe’s Museum Hill and will feature more than 150 artists from 48 countries. Additionally, the organization will host a variety of other events throughout the year. More information is at IFAM.

The new board members include:

  • Bonnie Bennett
  • Elaine Cole
  • Margaret (Maggie) Hanson-Muse
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Eric Mindling
  • Makenzie Mueller
  • Judith (Judy) Pelham 

“These new Board Read More

Millicent Rogers Museum: A-i-R Online Conversation ‘Strike A Pose: Fashion As An Artistic Framework’

Wayne Nez Gaussoin, Shicheii Charpentier Azul, 2021, mixed media. Courtesy/MRM

MRM News:

‘Strike a Pose: Fashion as an Artistic Framework’ is the theme of the ultimate in the curated conversation series that is part of the Millicent Rogers Museum (MRM) exhibition ‘New Mexico A-i-R: IAIA Artist Residents in Visual Dialogue’.

The exhibition is on view at the Museum through Jan. 29.

Featured on the panel are artists:

  • Orlando Dugi (Diné)
  • Wayne Nez Gaussoin (Picuris Pueblo, Diné)
  • Cara Romero (Chemehuevi).

The panel will take fashion as its focus and will consider its role as a framework for artistic Read More

Mesa Library Author Talk Features Former State Sen. Dede Feldman ‘Ten More Doors: Politics And The Path To Change’

Former New Mexico State Sen. Dede Feldman will discuss her new memoir ‘Ten More Doors: Politics and the Path to Change’  7-8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27 via Zoom. Courtesy image


Mesa Public Library presents an author talk with former New Mexico State Sen. Dede Feldman based on her new memoir “Ten More Doors: Politics and the Path to Change”.

This timely event, that coincides with the 2022 New Mexico Legislative Session, will be livestreamed via Zoom 7-8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 27.

Feldman’s book charts an inspirational path for anyone who wants to make a difference, start a campaign, advance Read More

SFCC Visual Arts Gallery Exhibition ‘Paintings And Poetry: The Center Cannot Hold’ Opens Feb. 3

Jane Shoenfeld’s ‘The Center Cannot Hold’ (in response to phrase from ‘The Second Coming’, WB Yeats,) Pastel on Tinted, Sanded Paper, 28 1/8” X 20 1/8”. Courtesy/SFCC

  Bill Sortino’s ‘Possibilities’, Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 48”. Courtesy/SFCC 

SFCC News:

SANTA FE — Santa Fe Community College’s (SFCC) Visual Arts Gallery presents the exhibition, ‘Paintings and Poetry: The Center Cannot Hold,’ 5-7 p.m. Thursday,  Feb. 3 in the gallery at 6401 Richards. Ave.  

The exhibition features the work of artists Jane Shoenfeld and Bill Sortino. Proof of vaccination will be required for attendance at Read More

Daily Postcard: Abert’s Squirrel Snacking At Bandelier

Daily Postcard: An Abert’s Squirrel is spotted sitting on a log while enjoying a delicious snack at Bandelier National Monument. The main food source for these little squirrels is parts of the Ponderosa pine including cones and growing tips. They also eat a variety of mushrooms. Photo by Sally King Read More

SF Pro Musica: Castalian String Quartet; Cuarteto Casals

Cuarteto Casals performs Feb. 19 at  St. Francis Auditorium. Courtesy/Santa Fe Pro Musica

The Castalian String Quartet performs Feb. 13 at  St. Francis Auditorium. Courtesy/Santa Fe Pro Musica

Santa Fe Pro Musica News:

SANTA FE – Two weekends, two concerts, two world-class ensembles! Santa Fe Pro Musica continues its String Works Series in February with back-to-back concert weekends.

The Castalian String Quartet and Cuarteto Casals will perform classics of the string quartet repertoire in St. Francis Auditorium.

The Castalian String Quartet will perform works of Mozart, Janáček, and Read More

Melodrama Returns To LALT Just In Time To Raise Spirits

Gaby (Joy Reynolds) is behind the bar. Regulars, from left, Slade (Craig Taylor), TJ (Patrick MacDonald), Dixie (Bresha Ibraimi) and Miguel (Bear Schacht) hang out at Boots. Courtesy/LALT

Los Alamos Daily Post

Melodrama returns to Los Alamos Little Theatre (LALT) with a bang and a Texas twang this weekend.

LALT opens 2022 with the New Mexico premier of “Boots” by El Pasoans Stephanie Karr and Mark Watts. “Boots” takes place in a modern-day small town Texas bar called, you guessed it, Boots.

The bar is run by Gaby (Joy Reynolds), our damsel in distress. Read More

New Mexico FY23 Executive Budget Recommendation Prioritizes Education, Engagement, Infrastructure For Cultural Affairs

Bataan Memorial Building in Santa Fe. Courtesy/NMDCA


SANTA FE — Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s executive budget recommendation ensures the state’s capacity to preserve, protect, and present its rich cultural resources, while growing access and educational opportunities for New Mexico’s students.

The total executive recommendation for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (NMDCA) is $46.4 million, a $3.8 million increase (9 percent) over the previous fiscal year.

“Sufficient funding is crucial for the agency to serve its mission, and the FY23 executive budget recommendation Read More

Daily Postcard: Beautiful Day At Bandelier

Daily Postcard: View from a tour of Ponderosa to Upper Crossing and down Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument. Due to increased COVID-19 transmission rates, the visitor center at Bandelier has reduced indoor services. The visitor center and museum are open to limited numbers wearing masks, the theater remains closed. All trails are open. The park café in Frijoles Canyon is closed until March 1, 2022. Photo by Sally King Read More

Hamlet Kicks Off 2022 SF Summer Shakespeare Festival

Scene from Hamlet, which kicks off the 2022 Santa Fe Summer Shakespeare Festival. Courtesy/UCS

UCSF News:

Upstart Crows of Santa Fe (UCSF) and The Shakespeare Gym have announced their collaboration on a production of Hamlet, which will kick off the 2022 Santa Fe Summer Shakespeare Festival.

Hamlet, outdoors, under the stars, in the ruin of a castle right here in Santa Fe. The play will perform at Seton Castle, May 27, 28, 29 and June 3, 4, 5 with a cast of actors who are approximately the same ages as their characters.

Thus, Hamlet, Laertes, Ophelia, Horatio, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern are played Read More

Prescribed Burn Spotted From Anniversary Trail

Smoke is spotted on the horizan created from the in Pacheco Canyon prescribed burn as seen Tuesday from N.M. 502 at Anniversary Trail in Los Alamos. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ Read More

Step Up Gallery Takes It Outside! Show Features Landscape Oils By Artist Paul Hotvedt

Two large-scale oil paintings by Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt with the same titles as his exhibit, Time, right, and Tenacity, left. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Work is underway at the Step Up Gallery to set up the newest exhibit of paintings by Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Artist Paul Hotvedt

Los Alamos Daily Post

In 2020, the pandemic pushed a lot of people indoors but not Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt. Rather than retreating inside, he ventured into the great outdoors.

His newest show, Read More

Daily Postcard: San Ildefonso Pottery Replica On NM 4

A San Ildefonso ancestral cooking pot replica south of the White Rock Visitor Center viewed Monday afternoon from the walking path along N.M. 4. Pots such as this were widely used in the southwest for cooking and storage, the vessels were sturdy enough to withstand the heat from direct contact with a wood fire and had no painted designs that would be obscured by smoke smudges. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

Sign near the San Ildefonso pottery replica Monday on N.M. 4. Photo by Jenn Bartram/ Read More