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Jx Pd Lifestyles – Page 3


Home Country: Picking A Favorite Year

Home Country

“And that’s another thing,” Herb said, with finality, “Changing that dang year on everything we write, every January. Goes against human nature.”

“Well I might just have an answer to your problem, Herb,” said Doc, sipping and dunking and stirring. “Why don’t we, here at the philosophy counter, pick out a year we like and stick with it? Date everything we do with that year. It might start a movement, you never know.”

Steve looked up from his coffee and twitched his voluminous mustache then twitched it again to make sure he got it right the first time.

“So Doc,” he said, “you’re Read More

United Church Thrift Shop Closing For Two Weeks

United Church Thrift Shop will not be open for the next two Wednesdays, Jan. 12 and Jan. 19. Courtesy/UCLA

United Church of Los Alamos

Due to the sharp rise in reported COVID-19 cases in Los Alamos County, and the extremely high transmissibility of Omicron, the Thrift Shop of the United Church of Los Alamos will not be open for sales the next two Wednesdays, Jan. 12 and Jan. 19.

The situation will be reassessed continually, and we apologize for this hopefully brief closure.

For more information about The United Church of Los Alamos and the Thrift Shop, visit Read More

Leonard: Metta Meditation For Stress Reduction, Health

Doctor of Chiropractic

Metta in the Buddhist tradition means loving-kindness and Metta meditation involves sending thoughts of loving kindness to yourself and others.

For those of us who are new to meditation, Metta meditation is a great way to get started because it is an active practice and we are not required to clear our mind to gain benefits.

When we are working toward loving ourselves and others unconditionally, our daily life gets less stressful.

From a neuroscience perspective, our brain cannot focus on positive and negative thoughts at the same time. Research published Read More

Posts From The Road: Reata Restaurant In Alpine, Texas

Reata Restaurant: The Reata Restaurant in Alpine, Texas is housed in an 1890 adobe house. The Reata logo is displayed on the wooden gable and repeated in the walkway to the front. Photo by Gary Warren/

Cowboy Country: Most of the art and decor within the restaurant leave no doubt you are dining in cowboy country. The beautiful wood plank flooring and bead wood ceiling runs throughout the dining areas. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. That is how we travel. Usually, we are on Read More

Fr. Glenn: Cause To Endure

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

Well, here we are in the new year and we’re still stuck with the same problem—that ol’ COVID just keeps on lingering. Many are exasperated and cry out: “I’m tired of this!” Well, yes … but like gravity, it doesn’t care whether you’re tired or not; it just keeps acting according to its nature. And, as with adverse weather, we have to deal with it, like it or not.

As with many natural tragedies—or even with notable events like unusual eclipses and celestial events—the doomsayers come out of the woodwork, and we certainly have no shortage of them in our present challenges. As tragic and Read More

County Board Of Appeals To Deliberate And Take Possible Final Action On Sirphey Case Wednesday Jan. 26


The Los Alamos County Board of Appeals meets 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 26 in Council Chambers at 1000 Central Ave.

There will be a closed session pursuant to NMSA § 10-51-1 (H)(3) for deliberations in connection with Action No. 2020-01 Sirphey, LLC, a New Mexico limited liability company, Appellant v. Michael Arellano, in his official capacity as the Building Official for Los Alamos County, Appellee.

This is followed by possible final action on the proceeding.

This meeting is in person and open to the public. However, for convenience, the following Zoom meeting link and/or telephone Read More

On The Job In Los Alamos: First Baptist Church Blood Drive

On the job in Los Alamos is Donor Care Specialist II Zoe Meyers at the Vitalant Blood Drive Thursday at First Baptist Church, 2200 Diamond Dr. There is a critical need for blood donation and walk-ins are welcome. The blood drive continues until 4 p.m. today. #worklosalamos, #wherediscoveriesaremade. Photo by Jenn Bartram/

On the job in Los Alamos is Donor Care Specialist Aspyn Vigil at the Vitalant Blood Drive Thursday at First Baptist Church, 2200 Diamond Dr. There is a critical need for blood donation and walk-ins are welcome. The blood drive continues until 4 p.m. today. #worklosalamos, Read More

Memorial Service For Allen Medendorp Saturday Jan. 15

Allen Medendorp April 16, 1943 – Nov. 21, 2021
Memorial Service:
A Memorial Service for Allen Medendorp will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at White Rock Presbyterian Church, 310 Rover Blvd. in White Rock.
Allen lost his fight with pancreatic cancer in the early morning of Nov. 21, 2021 in Los Alamos.
Read Allen Medendorp’s obituary here.
Read More

Motorists Urged To Use Caution On SFNF Roads

SFNF Roads:

SANTA FE – The forest roads listed below and in a Jan. 3 press release are not closed under an official closure order. However, the Cuba and Jemez Ranger Districts of the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) urge motorists to use extreme caution on all forest roads that may be impacted by recent weather and snowfall.

District staff report that several vehicles have gotten stuck and required assistance while on the SFNF.

Motorists may want to avoid these roads for now:

  • Cuba District: Forest Roads 70, 69, 531, 534 and 93; and
  • Jemez District: Forest Roads 144, 376, 10, 378, 280, 268 and 289.
Read More

Liddie’s Traditional New Mexican Dishes: Spicy Hot Chocolate

How to prepare Spicy Hot Chocolate. Video by Liddie Martinez

Spicy Hot Chocolate. Photo by Liddie Martinez

Española Valley

Archeological evidence of chocolate cultivation dates back more than 4000 years in Meso America to the Olmecs who used it for medicine. The Mayan civilization expanded it use as a beverage, popular among the ruling class. Made from a mixture of chocolate, chile and corn meal, it was considered food of the gods.

I first experienced a drink like this called tascalate, while traveling with friends across the jungles in Chiapas, Mexico. The drink was quite Read More

County Plans Brief Lane Closures Around Townsite Jan. 8


Los Alamos County announces that temporary lane closures of approximately 20 minutes are scheduled at six locations Saturday, Jan. 8 in the Los Alamos townsite. 

Staff with Los Alamos County Information Management Division will be rotating from Camino Entrada, Trinity Drive, 15th Street and Diamond Drive to perform routine inspections of fiber optics infrastructure in vaults within the roadway.     

Closures expected 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday as follows:

  • One location at Camino Entrada just north of Entrada Drive (roadway to the Holiday Inn Express, New Mexico Consortium
Read More

Town Of The Day: Santa Fe

The City of Santa Fe. Courtesy/

Town of the Day

Featured as the Town of the Day, New Mexico’s city of Santa Fe clearly lives up to its title, “The City Different At Every Corner”.

You’re bound to learn something new about yourself when you visit, thanks to the city’s storied history and culture, its diverse art scene, its world-class lodgings, its award-winning food, and the endless opportunities for discovery that await you.

The Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 ranked Santa Fe as the world’s sixth best city (Condé Nast Traveler). Dresden, Merida and Tokyo were all in Read More

SFNF Road Closures On Cuba And Jemez Ranger Districts

SFNF News:

SANTA FE — Inclement weather has prompted additional road closures on the Cuba and Jemez Ranger Districts of the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF).

District personnel will close several forest roads beginning today, Jan. 4, to protect public health and safety, infrastructure, natural resources and wintering wildlife.

Forest Roads (FRs) 144 and 376 on the Jemez District were closed last week after ice and snow stranded six vehicles that required assistance.

Roads to be closed:

  • Cuba District: FRs 70, 69, 531, 534 and 93; and
  • Jemez District: FRs 10, 378, 280, 268 and 289.

The spur roads Read More

LDS Family History Center Reopening On Limited Basis

LDS News:

The Family History Center at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in White Rock is going to reopen on a limited basis.

Family History Center Hours:

…10 a.m. to noon Tuesdays;

…7-9 p.m. Wednesdays; and

…10 a.m. to noon and 7-9 p.m. Thursdays.

Equipment will be sanitized, and masks will be required until further notice.

The Family History Center also will open at other times upon request – call Orval Hart at 505.699.2673 to make arrangements. Read More

Pig+Fig Moves To Take Out Only For Customer, Staff Safety

PIG + FIG News:

For the safety of its customers and staff, Pig + Fig at 11 Sherwood Blvd., in White Rock is switching to take out only.

“Due to the widespread number of positive COVID-19 cases in our community, we will no longer be offering indoor dining for the foreseeable future and will be switching to only takeout,” owner Laura Crucet announced today. “This is a difficult decision but we feel like it is the responsible one and we ask for your patience and flexibility as we move forward through this difficult time.

“More than anything, we pray for the health and safety of all our neighbors and their Read More

Posts From The Road: 2021 Year In Review Part 2

Campground Views: A sunrise view of the spectacular scenery in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area as seen from our campsite in the Horseshoe Bend Campground near Lovell, Wyo. The unlimited natural beauty of the national recreation area offers beautiful scenery, wild horses, a large population of wildlife, as well as boating, fishing, camping, and hiking and other outdoor activities. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

Last week’s “Posts From the Road” featured several highlights from an extended trip to the midwest and eastern Read More

Fr. Glenn: ‘But As For You…’

By Fr. Glenn Jones:

So, we come to yet another new year—a “turning of the page” (we often hope) to a new chapter for ourselves, our families, our nation and the world; may they all be blessed, safe and peaceful. To further these goals, we traditionally gin up some new year’s resolutions: how can I become a better version of myself that I just KNOW is in there. Somewhere!

But few good things come to us without effort, and the benefits we receive are proportional to the efforts we put in. It’s not unlike the second law of thermodynamics: that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate Read More