‘What Makes Us Human?’ Wednesdays In June And July

Courtesy photo
On Wednesday, June 1, the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum kicked off their Summer Series on “What Makes Us Human?” The first presentation entitled “The Science of Our Animal Nature” addressed the question of human and animal similarities.
Bob Fuselier, DVM, led off with genetic findings that have shown us how closely we are related to other species. He also presented studies in neuroscience that point to the many similarities humans and animals share with regard to emotions and behaviors.
Pastor David Elton followed noting that theological confirmation of our biological status as part of the animal kingdom is found in Genesis: Humans and animals have common origins, ways of coming into being, and animation (breath of life).
The summer series continues every Wednesday through the end of July at Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill. Dinner will be provided at 6 p.m., with a presentation at 6:30 p.m., and discussion at 7 p.m., ending around 8 p.m.
On Wednesday, June 8, the presentation “Human Exceptionalism: To be human is to be more than an animal” will provide an introduction to the features and characteristics that make humans different and unique among other species.
First, Anca Lymperopoulou, from Romania with a Master’s Degree from Sweden in Cognitive Neuroscience: Mind, Brain & Wellbeing, will briefly look at some of the differences that account for our uniqueness compared to primates, and what are the things that really account for the fact that we are much more than animals.
Then, Tim Stidham with a Masters in Divinity from Abilene Christian University, will explore the Biblical concept of the “image of God” as a theological basis for human uniqueness.
Justin Barrett, founding editor of the Journal of Cognition & Culture and author of numerous articles and chapters concerning the cognitive science of religion will visit in mid-July and give presentations at 7 p.m. July 13-14 at Church of Christ.
All are welcome.
The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum hopes that these lectures and discussions will be interesting and accessible to all members of the community interested in faith and science, no matter what religion or scientific background. Talks will be aimed at a general audience. All are welcome. Follow their blog here.
Senior Pastor David Elton from the United Church presents the theological confirmation of our biological status as part of the animal kingdom as found in Genesis to Wednesday’s Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum. Courtesy photo