Tour Of Duane W. Smith Auditorium

Los Alamos Concert Association Artistic Director Ann McLaughlin, left, and Technical Director Ross Mason, center, led a recent tour of Duane W. Smith Auditorium to discuss needed renovations. The aging facility hosts world class concerts in which the walls are so flimsy, patrons are asked to refrain from flushing toilets until they hear audience applause to muffle the sound. County Council voted Tuesday to help fund the renovation through its school parnership budget. Photo by Chris Clark/
Ross Mason presents the basics on the renovations he would like to see for the auditorium such as expanding the lobby and adding additional restrooms. Photo by Chris Clark/
The control room inside Smith Auditorium. Photo by Chris Clark/
Sound equipment at Smith Auditorium. Photo by Chris Clark/
View of the stage. Photo by Chris Clark/
The attic at Smith Auditorium. Photo by Chris Clark/
The attic. Photo by Chris Clark/
The tour visited backstage where Ross and McLaughlin discuss major props in need of repair or replacement. Photo by Chris Clark/
County Councilor Kristin Henderson, second from left, participated in the tour which is gathered backstage. Photo by Chris Clark/
The green room at Smith Auditorium. Photo by Chris Clark/
The group tour concluded with a visit to the basement at Smith Auditorium in which a ton of props and equipment are stored. Photo by Chris Clark/