This Week At Farmers Market Oct. 15

LAFM News:
Look and see what’s at Farmers Market this week:
Only 3 more outdoor markets left for the year. Come enjoy locally grown foods and the fall harvest.
Green chile-roasted, peppers, egg plant, corn, squash, carrots, salad greens, asian greens, spinach, onions, garlic, radishes, beets, chard, kale, honey and honey sticks, sage decorations, tomatoes, potatoes of every color, pumpkins, cucumbers, apples of every color and taste, apples for pie, grapes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, weavings, blackberries, chokecherry and apricot jams, organic jams, kettle corn, sharpening service for all your indoor and outdoor tools and clippers, apple cider, tortillas, ungraded eggs, pork and beef, goat milk soaps, goat cheese spreads, cow cheeses, butter, pecans for all your holiday baking (ask for the bakers sale!), plants, personal size pizza, scones, cakes, cookies, herb breads, fruit breads, sauces, gluten free baker at market, tarts, brownies, market baskets, aprons and market bags (these make great Christmas gifts!). Maybe lavender man will be at the Market! 
We need your comments!:
This summer we received a grant to cover three extra tents and some of the foods for sampling. Now we need your feedback. These tents were used to create a place to relax at the market, fill-in tents for vendors, where a few demos took place this season. 
The markets new chess set was placed under the tents on hot days and music was preformed under the tents. We also used the tents during the kids art program, so if you used the tents or not but like the idea and will use them in the future markets or just want to comment on the addition, come by the information tent and write on our comment board.
We also cooked and handed out samples of foods this year and would like your feedback on that,
Also this Summer and Spring:
We asked some of the vendors and they did do demos on Transplanting with Joel Daeschel from Cedar Grove Nursery. How to raise chickens for income with Ken Baltz from K&J farms. How to raise pigs for income and fun with Frances Deters. Frances brought in one of her piglets to show and play with!
If you like these demos and want more scheduled for next season, let me know at the information booth.
Los Alamos Farmers Market runs 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Thursday through the end of October, at the Mesa Public Library parking lot. Take home the harvest!