Students Enrolled In Medical School This Fall Can Apply For Scholarship Funds

LAMS News:
Students who will be enrolled in medical school in fall 2016 are invited to apply for scholarship funds. Scholarship funds are available through the generosity of the John and Willie Mae Helm Scholarship Fund and the Los Alamos Medical Society.
Students are eligible to apply if they are residents of Los Alamos County or have spent the majority of their lives as residents of Los Alamos County. Applicants are required to write a letter about their medical school background, to fill out a scholarship application form, and to send an official copy of their medical school transcript. If the student has not yet completed their first semester of medical school, an undergraduate transcript will be acceptable.
Completed applications must be received by Dr. Whitley’s office by August 10, 2016. A case-sensitive web link is available. Application forms may be downloaded here.
Mail completed applications to:
Dr. Lori Whitley, Attn: Scholarship
Los Alamos Medical Care Clinic
3917 West Road Ste 150, Los Alamos, NM 87544
Call 505.662.4351 for information