Solar Glitter at New Mexico PBS Science Cafe

PBS News:

Come to the New Mexico PBS October Science Café from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium (Room 1041), on the UNM Main Campus, in Albuquerque for Solar Glitter.

The speaker is Jose L. Cruz-Campa from Sandia National Laboratories.

In the current Information Age, the triumphs of tiny are seen all around us: smaller transistors and microchips used in ever-shrinking laptops and cell phones.

Materials science has changed history and is shaping the future every day and is ushering in a new generation of materials.

Learn how Sandia National Laboratories is leading the way in microsolar innovations that could revolutionize solar energy.

Watch a segment of a PBS program and then join in a discussion with speaker Jose L. Cruz-Campa, from Sandia National Laboratories.

The discussion will focus on their development of tiny, glitter-sized photovoltaic cells that could revolutionize solar energy.

Admission to the SCIENCE CAFÉ is free, but a reservation is required.

RSVP to Rose Poston, Community Outreach Coordinator, New Mexico PBS Education & Outreach Department, at (505) 277-2396 or

Seats are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

These Science Cafés are presented with support from UNM Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Intel and Sandia National Labs/Lockheed

For updates on the New Mexico PBS Science Cafés, and local and national science, nature and technology programs, visit the online community web portal SCIENCE CENTRAL, at

New Mexico PBS hosts a SCIENCE CAFÉ 12 or more times a year, at various locations. The concept is to show clips from an episode of NOVA, NOVA scienceNOW, the Online NewsHour Science Reports, NATURE, FRONTLINE, or a comparable program, with an expert on that topic on hand to answer questions, and have an open discussion with the audience.

Take part – or listen to the discussion swirling around you. It’s fun, it’s casual, it’s laid back. The estimated number of attendees range from 50-80 people per Café.

Be more curious … be more amazed … have fun … come to a New Mexico PBS Science Café.  For more information, call  Rose Poston at (505) 277-2396.

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