Scenes From UNM-LA Welcome Back Day

Students gather on the steps of the kiva during the “Welcome Back Day” barbeque at UNM-LA. Photo by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA
UNM-LA News:
UNM-Los Alamos Student Government hosted a “Welcome Back Day” Tuesday. Students gathered near the kiva to celebrate the second week of classes with hotdogs, games and socializing.
UNM-LA students had a chance to relax with hotdogs, drinks and chips provided by the Student Government.  Photo by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA
A student asks UNM-LA Student Government Advisor Kateri Morris a question while collecting a hotdog. Photo by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA
A UNM-LA student prepares to toss her bean bag at a Lobo target.  Photo by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA
Students take advantage of the nice weather to spend time visiting with each other on the UNM-LA campus. Photo by Nancy Coombs, UNM-LA
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