‘Run the Caldera’ Celebrates ‘The Year of the Coyote’



Coyotes are a species unique to the North American continent and range from New England to Alaska and as far south as the Panama Canal.

One found its way into New York City’s Central Park. Another once sauntered into a Chicago fast food eatery during the lunch hour. The Aztecs dubbed the prairie predator “coyoti,” which science later Latinized with the more formal classification of Canis latrans.

Whatever the name, the coyote is the theme of the Eighth Annual “Run the Caldera,” the weekend of June 8 to 9 at the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Once again the 10K and half marathon events will be held Saturday, June 8, followed by the marathon Sunday, June 9.

While runners enjoy the view and the challenging courses they will also be able boost their coyote I.Q. by reading factoids posted at mile markers along the routes. For example; did you know desert coyotes are smaller than their mountain cousins who can grow twice as large and weigh up to 50 lbs? 

Did you know Trust scientists monitor the preserve population from data collected from GPS radio collars placed on more than 20 coyotes? So far the data collected includes the journeys of one adventurous pup who regularly hikes from the caldera to the Los Alamos dump.

Call 1-866-382-5537 to register for the marathon, half marathon or 10-K runs, or go online to http://www.vallescaldera.gov/comevisit/run/. Registration concludes May 10.

There will not be any race day registration.The Trust also needs volunteers to help make both days a success. To explore volunteer opportunities call Emily Blumenthal at 505-428-7722 or email eblumenthal@vallescaldera.gov.

And what is the translation of that scientific, Latin moniker bestowed on the coyote? In English, Canis latrans means, ‘barking dog.’


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