Romero is Tops in Weekly Pace Race

Roy Cope braves Tuesday’s snow for the weekly pace race. Courtesy Photo
ACRR News:
There were 10 dedicated, hard core Atomic City Road Runners at the snowy, cold Sewer Plant Road run Tuesday afternoon. 
The best predictor of the night was Ted Romero with a delta of 42 seconds. Ted also was the fastest runner on the 3-mile course with a time of 20:58. 
The fastest runner and best predictor on the 1-mile course was Linda Vance with a time of 9 minutes and 53 seconds, and an adjusted delta of 60 seconds off her predicted time. 
The fastest male runner on the 1-mile course was Tom Sanford with a time of 11:05.
Pace Race next Tuesday, April 16 will be the Canada del Buey Trail run. The race begins just west of Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock, between the school and the Mountain Meadows play lot. 
For more information, visit the Atomic City Road Runners website at or call 672-1639.
Tom Sandford and Christie Kelly on the road to the Sewer Plant. Courtesy Photo
Linda Vance at Tuesday’s wintery run. Courtesy Photo
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