Radio Ads Promote NEA-NM’s Positive Role As Voice Of Educators Throughout New Mexico

SANTA FE  The National Education Association – New Mexico (NEA-NM) has announced the statewide launch of new radio spots – a joint venture program with the New Mexico Broadcasters Association (NMBA) – to raise awareness of the organization and good things that are happening for New Mexico’s students. 
The spots were funded through a grant from the national NEA organization and began airing in early March on many of NMBA’s 230 radio station members. 
“NEA-NM is a highly-respected and critically-needed voice of educators in our state’s ongoing efforts for positive change in New Mexico’s public education system.” Charles Bowyer, NEA-NM Executive Director, said. “Students are at the center of everything our members do in New Mexico schools, and of all we advocate for with school boards and the legislature.”
There are two 30-second radio spots that will play over the next several months. They were produced by the NMBA and voiced by Doug and Donna Geist at Santa Fe Center Studios.
Since 1886, NEA-NM has worked to provide better learning conditions for children and better working conditions for teachers and other public school employees. These radio spots highlight the important efforts our members make every day, year in and year out, to improve student success in communities from Eunice to Shiprock, Lordsburg to Clayton.
The Federal Communication Commission authorizes state associations like the NMBA and its members, to develop and air radio and television spots for use by state agencies and nonprofit organizations.