Priyanka Velappan Recognized As Outstanding Student By Champions Of Youth Ambitions

LAHS Principal Brad Parker congratulates Priyanka Velappan for being recognized as an outstanding student. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen
C’YA News:
Priyanka Velappan was recognized as an outstanding student by Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) for the month of April. 

The LAHS student was highlighted for her exemplary behavior, for being respectful of her peers and adults and for her intelligence. 

Velappan has been successful for many years at the school science fair with stunning, well thought out presentations, for outstanding honesty, musical ability, leadership skills, assisting in hosting a leadership assembly, playing on the JV tennis team and participating in the Super-computing Challenge. 

The nomination read, “I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Priyanka will go far in this world and may ultimately even make some life changing medical discovery. I am excited to see what the future holds for her.” 

She was presented with a gift bag and certificate from LAHS Principal Brad Parker. Nominations for deserving youth or donations to support the monthly acknowledgement can be directed to Champions of Youth Ambitions via email at