Pittman is Top Predictor in Weekly Pace Race

ACR News:

Emily Pittman was the most accurate predictor in the April 23 pace race held out on North Mesa by the rodeo grounds with a 1 second error off her predicated time. 

Other top predictors were Bob Weeks with a 3 second differential as well as being the fastest male on the 1 mile course at 13:29. Christie Kelly was the top female 1 mile finisher with a time of 10:27 and was only 9 seconds off her predicted time. Carissa Pittman finished 11 seconds off her prediction.
Ted Romero was the fastest 3 mile finisher at 20:28 and Nikol Strother was tops in the female category recording a 21:28.

Next week’s race starts at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 at the County Skating Rink on West Road in Los Alamos Canyon. For more information call 672-1639 or visit the Club’ website at:  www.atomicrunners.com


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