Photography And Image-Making Of The West In The 20 Century with Larry Gustafson April 2

Larry Gustafson
TCHS News:
The Taos County Historical Society presents a free public lecture “Photography and Image-Making of the West in the 20th Century” by Larry Gustafson at 2 p.m., Saturday, April 2, in the Boardroom of Kit Carson Electric Coop, 118 Cruz Alta Road in Taos.
The subject of Gustafson’s presentation is “visual language.” He will focus on the creative part of photography, not the technical part. He will discuss such matters as themes, symbolism, and story-telling through photographic imagery.
As examples he will present 20th century photographers including are Wynn Bullock, Edward Weston and Minor White.
“Bullock was unique among photographers in that he frequently wrote about what he was trying to accomplish through his imagery thus giving us greater insight into his creative process.” Gustafson said. “While most of these photographers did their photography in states other than New Mexico, much of what they photographed bears resemblance to the local imagery of New Mexico, such imagery consisting in large part of deserts, mountain ranges, river courses, derelict buildings and abstract.”
Larry Gustafson is a photographer, photography critic, writer and lecturer on creativity and the creative process, and an attorney. He writes and lectures about creativity, photographic theory and various legal issues involving photographers’ rights and liabilities. He was the keynote speaker at the Monterey Museum of Art for the centennial celebration and retrospective showing of Wynn Bullock’s photographic art.
Larry’s primary photographic subject is the western landscape, and all the myriad subcategories that such a subject permits, but he has photographed many varied subjects in many different places, having lived in England for three years and in Boston and Washington, D.C. for several years. Larry currently lives in Taos, New Mexico, that location being a place of significant historical contributions to art and creativity.
He is active with The Couse-Sharp Historical Site and the photographic documentation of its collections including the pottery used by the artists in the settings of their work.
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