Open Mic Night At Bandelier Grill In White Rock

Music News:
The Bandelier Grill in White Rock, owned by Brian Appell, will sponsor a regular open mic nite, hosted by Richard Hannemann, owner of Hannemann Music, 8:30-12:30 p.m. Saturdays beginning March 21.
Acts should plan on a short set of three songs or 10 minutes, which ever comes first  if there is remaining time after everyone has done their short set, open mic nite will open up to something more informal.
Acts who have a CD album will be able to make their CD available for sale limit this to one title per act. Bandelier Grill will handle the actual sales on behalf of the musicians with payments to be disbursed at the end of the night. CD’s will be sold only on the night of the performance  acts will have to collect unsold CDs at the end of the evening.
Hannemann will open each evening with a short set and then introduce the acts in order of sign up and will run the sound board.
“We won’t be cranking up the volume,” said Hannemann, “since the point is to provide a stage for local musicians to entertain the clientele in a moderate sized room without blowing out the windows. 
I am particularly interested in getting people who do not play regularly elsewhere  folks who, regardless of their playing level, want to do some tunes for a friendly audience in a friendly, neighborhood atmosphere. Ideally, people wishing to perform will sign up during the week preceding the night they wish to play and can call me at 505.662.0380 to do so. Of course, people are welcome to sign up the evening they perform, walk-ins are welcome, but the performance order will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
“We may also do a general jam towards the end of the evening,” Hannemann added, “but I’m not certain about this yet … we’ll probably have to experiment with this as we go along. Of course, any act can invite other musicians there to ‘sit in’ if they wish.”
Los Alamos, tune up that guitar or banjo or dulcimer, limber up those lips on that horn, flex those fingers and plan on playing a few tunes for friends. Or just stop by for music and munchies.
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