Officer’s Use Of Narcan Rescues Unresponsive Victim

NMSP News:
TAOS  At around 11 p.m., March 23, a New Mexico State Police officer in Taos responded to a call of an unresponsive female at a residence on Archuleta Road in Taos County. In assessing the unresponsive female at the scene, the officer noticed what appeared to be signs of recent drug usage.
The officer was trained in the administration of Narcan, an opioid antagonist that completely or partially reverses an opioid overdose, and administered a dosage on the female. Moments following, the female regained consciousness. She was subsequently transported for medical treatment.
Last June, the New Mexico State Police initiated training developed with the Department of Health for officers on the administration of Narcan for the purpose of treating subjects suspected of suffering from heroin or other opiate overdoses. After the training, officers received a Narcan kit.
This March 23 incident is the first in which a State Police Officer utilized this training to potentially save the life of a victim in a critical moment.