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Bf dJ Obituaries – Page 3


Obituary: Robert Mayerhofer April 27, 1920 – Oct. 9, 2021

ROBERT MAYERHOFER April 27, 1920 – Oct. 9, 2021

Robert Mayerhofer, 101, long-time resident of Los Alamos passed away at Aspen Ridge Lodge Assisted Living Center on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021.

Robert was born and grew up in the Steiermark province of Austria on a farm near Irdning. After Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938, he was drafted into the German military. He served in several European theaters as a truck driver for the German Luftwaffe. In 1945, while retreating from the Russian front, he was taken prisoner by the British in Denmark and returned to the Steiermark.

While working in the little Read More

Obituary: Lt. Col. Norman G. Wilson Nov. 24, 2021

LT. COL. NORMAN G. WILSON Nov. 24, 2021

Los Alamos resident Lt. Col. Norman G. Wilson, age 89, passed away at his home Nov 24, 2021 with his wife Barbara Jean Wilson and family at his side.

Norm was born and was raised in Lawrence, KS where he graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Engineering Physics. He also worked with his parents Delbert and Fern Wilson on the family farm and at their Mobil bulk oil distribution service.

Shortly after graduation, Norm joined the US Air Force as an officer and was assigned to Kirtland AFB, where he served for 28 years (active and reserve) in activities Read More

Obituary: Robert Apodaca June 5, 1927 – Nov. 13, 2021

ROBERT APODACA June 5, 1927 – Nov. 13, 2021

Robert (Bob) Apodaca, a unique and amazing friend to so many…passed from this life on November 13th, 2021, leaving an unforgettable memory with each of us who knew and loved him. His friendship and influence on all will be treasured forever and will be joyfully passed onto future generations.

Words cannot express the sadness and sense of loss felt by all of us whose lives he touched. He was known for his amazing smile, the love he had for all who crossed his path, the love shown for his wife of 56 years, and especially the exceptional care shown to her as she struggled Read More

Obituary: Anne Lanigan Brinkley May 5, 1932 – Nov. 8, 2021

ANNE LANIGAN BRINKLEY May 5, 1932 – Nov. 8, 2021

Anne Lanigan Brinkley, age 89, passed peacefully at home on November 8, 2021.

Anne is survived by her two sons, Patrick “Rick” (Freda) Brinkley of San Mateo, California, Timothy Brinkley of San Diego, California and two granddaughters, Erika (Jon) Lewis of Danville, California and Miranda Brinkley of San Mateo, California. Anne is also survived by her sister Jean Butkovich of Cle Elum, Washington. Also mourning his loss are caregivers Mike and Celenia.

Anne was born in Cle Elum, Washington May 5, 1932 to John Lanigan and Charlotte Tuttle. Anne Read More

Obituary: Thomas P. Wangler Aug. 2, 1937 – Nov. 20, 2021

THOMAS P. WANGLER Aug. 2, 1937 – Nov. 20, 2021

Thomas (Tom) Patrick Wangler was born August 2, 1937 in Bay City, Michigan to Frank and Florence Wangler.

He earned his B.S. degree in physics in 1958 from Michigan State University, followed by a Ph.D. in physics in 1964 from the University of Wisconsin.

Tom started his professional research career in high energy physics at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois where he worked from 1966 to 1979. After joining Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1979, he devoted his entire career in the field of Accelerator Physics.

Tom is internationally known Read More

Obituary: Rebecca Parker 1952 – 2021

REBECCA PARKER 1952 – 2021

Becky Parker—beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend—died peacefully in her sleep in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 14, with her husband Bob at her side.

Becky was born Rebecca Pierce in Elyria, Ohio. She earned a physics degree from Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio, where she met Bob. A member of Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, she received secondary education credentials to teach all sciences and math. She taught in middle and high schools in six states, and discovered that she most enjoyed teaching middle schoolers, just the opposite Read More

Obituary: Kaye Don Lathrop Oct. 8, 1932 – Oct. 23, 2021

KAYE DON LATHROP Oct. 8, 1932 – Oct. 23, 2021

Kaye was born in Bryan, Ohio and grew up in Macomb, Illinois. He attended West Point Military Academy, graduating in 1955. He and Judith Green met while he was at West Point and she at Vassar College and the two were married in June of 1955.

Shortly thereafter they were stationed in Germany as Kaye served as first lieutenant in the U.S. Army from 1955-1958. They then returned to the states for Kaye to pursue a Master’s and then PhD from California Institute of Technology.

He worked at the Los Alamos Scientific Lab from 1962-1984, with 2 years at General Atomic Read More

Obituary: Alice Lelia Baker Nov. 17, 1933 – Sept. 23, 2021

ALICE LELIA BAKER Nov. 17, 1933 – Sept. 23, 2021

Alice Lelia Baker, 87, passed away Sept. 23, 2021, at Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage due to respiratory failure. Services will be held at a later date.

Alice was born Nov. 17, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Grove City College, Grove City, PA in 1951; she later earned her Bachelor of Engineering in 1978 from the University of New Mexico, Los Alamos. 

In 1951, Alice married James Joseph LaRotonda. To this union, four children were born, and the family lived in Toledo, OH, Denver, CO and Los Alamos, NM. Alice married Read More

Obituary: Helen Lucille Barker Nov. 9, 2021

HELEN LUCILLE BARKER May 21, 1921 – Nov. 9, 2021

Helen Lucille Barker was born in Fairview, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1921. She was the oldest of four children in her family, and grew up on a farm with a view overlooking Lake Erie. Helen learned to be adept with tools from her father, who worked for the Marx Toy company and was also an auto mechanic and a man of many other skills.

After graduating from high school, Helen went to work at a TNT plant in Pennsylvania. Hearing about available jobs in Tennessee, Helen joined five other young women and drove (in one car!) to Oak Ridge. “They told us we were making green Read More

Obituary: Dr. Dale Arnink Nov. 3, 2021

Dr. DALE ARNINK Nov. 3, 2021

Dr. Dale Arnink, on November 3, 2021, passed away peacefully and quietly, with friends and family around him, at approximately 7:30 pm.

Dale, a friend, and father, teacher, philosopher, and minister of the Unitarian Universalists Church, will undoubtedly be a presence sorely missed by those whose lives he touched. His instinctual ability to put people at ease, to both feel and believe that they mattered and what they had to say was important, was a touch of grace.

Dale is survived by his sons Brian, Craig, Scott Arnink, and his eight grandchildren, Isaiah, Kyla, Kellen, Read More

Obituary: Shirley Ann Huber July 23, 1944 – Nov. 3, 2021

SHIRLEY ANN HUBER July 23, 1944 – Nov. 3, 2021

Shirley Ann Huber, 77, a lifelong resident of Los Alamos, passed away on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, with her dear friend and caretaker, Doris Baca at her side.

She is preceded in death by her parents Gerald and Ann Huber and her brother Gerry.

A celebration of life and mass honoring Shirley will be held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church on Saturday, December 18th at 11:00 am. Reception following service at Fuller Lodge.

Shirley was born on July 23, 1944 and moved to New Mexico with her parents when she was eight months old. She graduated from Read More

Obituary: John Ferris Oct. 18, 2021

JOHN FERRIS Oct. 18, 2021

John Ferris, 92, a long-time White Rock resident passed away Monday, Oct. 18, 2021. He passed away peacefully at home with his daughter, Maria Herndon, by his side.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Helen Ferris and his son Michael Ferris, of Florida.

He is survived by Maria Herndon of Albuquerque; Brother-in-law, Frank Saiz and wife Susie of Albuquerque and their children Rick, Jennifer, and David; Daughter-in-law, Teri Ferris of Florida and children Derric, Hollie, and Sandra.

John served his country with distinction as an Army Veteran during the Korean War-era. Read More

Obituary: Oliver Rudolf Simi July 20, 1922 – Oct. 26, 2021

OLIVER RUDOLF SIMI July 20, 1922 – Oct. 26, 2021

Oliver Rudolf Simi, 99, died peacefully at his home in Los Alamos on October 26, 2021.

Oliver (“Ollie” and “Papa”) was born on July 20, 1922, in Mass, Michigan. He was a member of the Reserved Officers’ Training Corps during high school. He attended Michigan Tech, studying Chemistry, under a college deferment with the military.

In 1942, in need of personnel with chemistry training for a secret project, the US Army cancelled his deferment. He was inducted into the US Army and assigned to the Manhattan Project in the then secret city of Los Alamos, NM. Read More

Obituary: Elizabeth Knecht June 13, 1943 – Oct. 11, 2021

ELIZABETH (JordanAyne) KNECHT June 13, 1943 – Oct. 11, 2021

On Monday, October 11, 2021, Elizabeth (JordanAyne) Knecht, loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother lost her battle with cancer at the age of 78.

Elizabeth (Jordan), was born on June 13, 1943 in Lexington, Kentucky to Thomas J and Sally Ann Ready. She relocated to New Mexico with her family when her father took a job at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and her mother began working as a Nurse at the Los Alamos Medical Center. 

On July 28, 1962, she married Clinton Knecht and created her family roots. Together, they raised Read More

Obituary: Danny William Vigil Oct. 31, 2021 – Jan. 17, 1963

DANNY WILLIAM VIGIL Jan. 17, 1963 – Oct. 31, 2021

Danny William Vigil, age 58, passed away peacefully on Sunday, October 31, 2021, alongside his family and friends.

Danny was born January 17, 1963, in Santa Fe, New Mexico to his parents, Dolores and William Vigil. He was a proud Navy Veteran, caring Football Coach, loving father, hardworking son, and amazing brother. He was one of the top realtors in Albuquerque and was proudly serving as the Realtor state associations President for 2021. He was also the past president of GAAR in 2018 (Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS).

Danny Read More

Obituary: Eugene G. Szklarz  March 12, 1922 − Nov. 1, 2021 

EUGENE G. SZKLARZ SR. March 12, 1922Nov. 1, 2021

Eugene G. Szklarz (Gene), age 99, passed away in early November of this year at his home in Albuquerque, NM, surrounded by his family.

Gene was the fourth child of the late Joseph K. and Sophie (Bojan) of Buffalo, NY. Gene was born in early March of 1922 in Tonawanda, NY. Gene was a WWII veteran, who came to Los Alamos, NM to continue his work on the Manhattan Project, having previously worked on the project in Buffalo for Linde Air for a number of years.

Gene got his B.S. in chemistry in 1943 from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, his M.S. in chemistry from Read More

Obituary: Michael P. Young March 5, 1967 – Nov. 1, 2021

MICHAEL P. YOUNG March 5, 1967 – Nov. 1, 2021

Mike Young left this earth way too soon. He was born in Santa Fe, NM but grew up in Los Alamos where he graduated in 1985. Mike attended college in Las Cruces, NM where he met his wife, Diane. He worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Financial Systems Analyst.

Mike was a son, husband, father, uncle, grandfather, and friend. He will be remembered as a fun, caring, loving, devoted, adventurous, and passionate man. He loved running-even with the bears, skiing, riding his motorcycle, photography, dancing with his beloved wife, and spending time Read More

Obituary: Christopher Robert Vigil Nov. 9, 1987 – March 15, 2021

CHRISTOPHER ROBERT VIGIL Nov. 9, 1987 – March 15, 2021

Christopher R. Vigil, 33, unexpectedly left our world to chase new adventures on March 15, 2021.

Chris was born to parents Robert and Holly Vigil on November 9, 1987, and raised in Los Alamos, NM. He graduated from Los Alamos High School in June of 2006 and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in July of 2006. While in the Navy, Chris studied to be a Sonar Technician.

After his graduation, he moved to Jacksonville, FL and was assigned to the U.S.S. Farragut (DDG-99) where he stayed until his Honorable Discharge in July 2012. Chris had many adventures in the Navy Read More

Obituary: Anthony Martinez Aug. 31, 1963 – Oct. 18, 2021

ANTHONY MARTINEZ Aug. 31, 1963 – Oct. 18, 2021

Anthony Raymond John Martinez, 58, Española, left this world surrounded by family Oct. 18.

Anthony was born to Orlando and Diana (Garcia) Martinez August 31, 1963 and was raised in Leadville, CO.

Upon graduating from high school, Anthony enlisted in the United States Navy. He spent 20 years proudly serving his Country upon many vessels including USS Clark & USS Theodore Roosevelt as a Gunners Mate and armorer.

Upon his retirement from the Navy, Anthony continued his service to his Country at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  

Anthony was a son, Read More

Obituary: Ann Bell Nov. 1, 1923 – Oct 15, 2021

ANN BELL Nov. 1, 1923 – Oct 15, 2021

Ann Bell, 97, long-time resident of Española and Los Alamos, passed away on Friday, Oct 15, 2021 in Plymouth, North Carolina after a short illness.

She was born November 1, 1923 in New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Andrew and Elizabeth Jorney.

Ann graduated from Alliance High School in Alliance, Ohio in 1941, and married Ray Bell of Alliance in 1947. She received her B.S. in Nursing from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio in 1951. Ann and Ray spent 13 years working as missionaries in Brazil.

Ann spent many years in Española, NM, where she worked as a school nurse Read More