NMAA Selects Monte Del Sol Girls Basketball For ‘Compete With Class’ Honor

NMAA News:
ALBUQUERQUE  The New Mexico Activities Association is proud to announce that the Monte Del Sol girls basketball team and head coach Ricardo Arredondo have been recognized as the Compete with Class award recipient for the month of December.
Monte Del Sol Athletic Coordinator Alfredo Celedon nominated the Dragons after their game with Santa Fe Waldorf in December. Celedon commented, “Our Monte del Sol girls’ basketball coach, Ricardo Arredondo, made the most amazing choice in a recent game against Santa Fe Waldorf School  a real class act that is definitely worthy of ‘Compete with Class’ honors.”
He continued by saying, “When SF Waldorf fouled out three players from their six girl roster and had only three left on the floor to finish the game, Coach Arredondo pulled two of his on court players to the sideline and had conferences with them while three remained active on the floor, making it a 3 on 3 game rather than a 5 on 3 game. He rotated his own players onto the court so they each got minutes, but he never put in all five at once to overwhelm the opponent. Keep in mind that it was still a close game, and, in fact, the game was in overtime. Monte del Sol won eventually, but coach never took advantage of the situation.”
Sportsmanship is defined by the NMAA as the act of treating others in a respectful manner, taking personal accountability for ones actions, and responding with integrity while engaged in competition.
The NMAA would like to thank and recognize the Dragons for setting a great example for the state of New Mexico. Their act of sportsmanship exemplifies the true ideals of the Compete with Class Sportsmanship Initiative – respect, integrity, and responsibility.
More information regarding the “Compete with Class” sportsmanship initiative can be found on the NMAA website. Note that the NMAA will announce a monthly honoree throughout the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year.
Questions regarding this announcement can be directed to NMAA Associate Director Dusty Young at 505.977.5385.