New Mexico Prison Inmates Giving Back

Courtesy photo
During Guadalupe County Correctional Facility’s pod decorating contest, a few inmates approached Warden Horton and donated more than $300 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Additionally, one inmate artist drew a picture of Lilly Martinez, the victim of Albuquerque’s Road Rage incident, in support of the “Just Breathe” campaign.
Reacting to these most recent examples of inmates opening their hearts and giving back during this holiday season, Secretary Gregg Marcantel commented “perhaps in life, we get what we expect. I know in my own life, I have frequently risen or fallen to the levels of expectations others have set for me … inmates are no different.”
Referring to how the inmate generosity may relate to the new direction for New Mexico’s prison system, Marcantel added: “In our work to create a more balanced prison system, holding inmates to a more responsible course than the past isn’t demeaning, it’s life affirming! These inmates offer us evidence to this fact. The empathy they have shown should give us all renewed hope for the changes we seek for our prison culture and inmates.”
Courtesy photo