New Mexico Film Industry Soars To No. 3 In Favorability

Annual survey finds broad support for New Mexico film and television. Courtesy/NMFO

NMFO News:

ALBUQUERQUE — The film and television industry has a 70 percent favorability rating across New Mexico, making it the third highest rated industry of the 17 surveyed, according to an analysis released Monday by the Garrity Group Public Relations.

The Garrity Group has commissioned Research and Polling, Inc. to do its Perception Survey since 2011, but 2020 marks the first time that the film and motion picture industry was included in the analysis. Of the 17 industries, film tied with community colleges as the most favorable with small business (79 percent) and farm and ranch industry (77 percent) ranking first and second.  

“The survey shows strong favorability for the film industry across New Mexico because it provides a high-paying career path for local students who want to work in the entertainment industry,” said Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes. “It’s also indicative of the support we hear from business owners who receive benefits from in-state production spending on goods and services.”

“I am glad to see support for film and television all across New Mexico,” New Mexico Film Office Director Amber Dodson said. “We have worked hard to bring productions into rural areas and to showcase communities outside the Rio Grande Corridor. This survey shows people everywhere in the state want to see this industry grow and succeed.”

The favorability of the film industry cuts across all demographic groups in New Mexico, but tops out with college graduates, 81 percent of whom gave the industry a 4 or 5 favorability rating on a scale of 1 to 5. Hispanics are just as likely as Anglos to give the industry a rating of 4 or 5.

Tom Garrity, president of The Garrity Group Public Relations, said the film industry was included in the survey because of its increasing economic impact and the positive exposure it brings to New Mexico.

“It provides a sense of pride when we see the state’s natural and unique landscapes featured on the big screen,” Garrity said. “The fact that major studios are now here and film throughout the state will continue to generate intangible benefits for tourism and economic development.”

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