Mental Health Design Team Community Presentation Feb. 23

LAPS News:
Los Alamos Public Schools’ Mental Health Design Team will be hosting a community presentation to engage the community in dialog around the Healthy School and Community Initiative 5:30-7 p.m., Tuesday Feb. 23, in the LAHS Speech Theatre.
This presentation was originally scheduled for February 1st but was cancelled due to inclement weather.
The presentation will include an overview of the team’s work in the Fall of 2015 and short and long term recommendations for a path forward. The presentations and recommendations are intended to engage the schools and community in active collaboration around the issues of mental health and the impact on our students and community.
There will be opportunities for table discussions around the topic of student stress and anxiety reduction focusing on current practices, best practices and strategies and solutions.
“A healthy community is not one without problems. A healthy community has problems and mobilizes resources to navigate through them,” -from Finding Balance Through Community Collaboration, the schools can begin to address some of the root causes and identify solutions that are actionable and have positive impacts for our students.