“Meet the PEEC Critters” Summer Family Evening

PEEC News:

Foxxy the Hognose Snake is a friendly favorite of kids visiting PEEC. Courtesy photo

What is a turtle’s favorite food? Does a snake feel smooth or rough? Join animal-care expert Jennifer Macke at 6:30 p.m. at PEEC, (Pajarito Environmental Education Center) Tuesday June 19 for an informative presentation about the live animals on exhibit.

Macke will discuss what each animal eats and tell some amazing facts about each one. The program will answer many questions about local reptiles and amphibians, including questions you never knew you had.

Kids of all ages will get to touch and feed some of the animals, compare how an animal’s skin is different depending on whether it lives in water or on land, dig worms from PEEC’s “worm farm” to feed Elf the Turtle and plant a seed in the veggie garden-pot that Elf can eat when it grows.  

PEEC’s friendly hognose snake will demonstrate how non-venomous snakes have many ways to defend themselves.

Kids can feel the scales on his belly to learn how a snake can crawl without legs.

“Meet the PEEC Critters” is part of PEEC’s Summer Family Evenings program. All events are free for PEEC members. 

The cost for the evening is $5 per family for non-PEEC members. No registration is required.

For more information, visit www.PajaritoEEC.org, call 662-0460, or e-mail Programs@PajaritoEEC.org.



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