Medin Is Top Predictor In Weekly Pace Race

Courtesy photo
ACRC News:
Four members of the same family were the top predictors in the weekly pace race held at the North Mesa picnic grounds.
Zachary Medin was the best predictor with a 1 second error off his predicted time, followed by his wife Roxana Candia with a 2 second differential. Her sister Pilar Candia recorded a 39 second difference and the father Felix Candia was 50 seconds off.
Mariela Saenz was the top finisher in the 1 mile run with a 7:07 and Brian Newnam recorded a 9:11 for best male. In the 3 mile distance Ted Romero came in at 20:22 and the best female was Nikol Strother with a time of 20:56.
Next week’s race will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, May 24 on the Canada Del Buey Trail in White Rock. The start will be between Chamisa Elementary School and the playground just West of the School on Meadow Lane. 1 and 3 mile courses will be available. 
For more information call 672.1639 or visit the Club’s website.
Courtesy photo