Los Alamos Rifle Team Scores At Duke City

Samantha Millier. left, and Steffie Neilsen, second from right, prepare for their finals match. Courtesy photo
The Los Alamos rifle teams traveled to West Mesa High School Nov. 21 to compete in the Duke City Cup match.
This match drew more than 200 participants from New Mexico and Texas. Los Alamos competed with five precision and six sporter class shooters. New Mexico is one of the few locations in the country that has the Megalink electronic target system for large events such as this.
The precision team placed 4th overall and was the high scoring Navy team at the event. Both Samantha Miller and Steffie Nielsen qualified in the top eight to make the final match for the day. Miller also earned the final points she needed to qualify for the Junior Distinguished Air Rifle badge through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
The Los Alamos teams have competed in the first Orion National League tournament this year. The precision team finished 3rd in their league and the sporter team was 4th.
The precision team is now in the final elimination championship with their first match this week. Several team members are traveling to Colorado Springs this week to compete in the Winter Airgun Championships, which draws more than 200 competitors from around the country.
This is a first step qualifier for the U.S. Olympic team for the 2016 Olympics.