Los Alamos County Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board Agenda May 15th

Los Alamos County Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board
Agenda for Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 1-3 p.m.
Chamber Conference Room
109 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM  87544                   
I.          ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS                                                              1:00 p.m. (5 min.)
A.     Call to Order/Introductions
B.      Review of the Statement of Antitrust Policy
C.      Approval of Today’s Agenda
D.     Public Comment
II.         DESTINATION PROMOTION                                                             1:05 p.m. (55 min.)
A.     County Initiatives Update Kelly
1.      Unmet Needs Review/Update
2.      County Reorganization:  Community & Economic Development Department
3.      Boards and Commissions Luncheon/May 17, 2012 (EVA Greg Fisher presenting)
4.      Wayfinder Kiosk/Day in Los Alamos Brochure Update
B.      Small Project Grants RFP/New Approach Kelly/Linda
C.      Visitor Promotion/Monthly Marketing Report Highlights/Decisions David, G&A
1.      Los Alamos Visitor Guide 2012 Status
2.      Facebook Sweepstakes Promotion
3.      Ambassador Training Video Status
4.      Press Releases
D.     NM Tourism Department Coordination
1.      Region 5 Report (Tourism Mixer, June 2012)
2.      2012 Coop Reimbursement
3.      FY13 Coop Project-N2NM status?
4.      NM True Promotion
IV.        GROUP MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES                                              2:00 p.m. (20 min.)
A.     High Altitude Sports/ International Mountain Bikers Association Event (May 9, 2012) Kelly
B.      German Tour Operator Site Visit (Apr 27th)-Report David
C.      Historical Homestead Markers (May 18) Kelly
D.     Next Big Idea Event (Sep 14-15)-LTAB Contribution Kelly
E.      ISEA/SARC (Sept) Linda
F.       NPS “Ticket to Ride” Proposal Jason
V.         DESTINATION INFRASTRUCTURE                                                      2:20 p.m. (35 min.)
A.     Visitor Operations Contract Kelly
B.      White Rock Visitor Center Complex/Implementation Plan Kelly/Linda
C.      Visitor Trends/Operations Highlights Kevin, LACDC
1.      Visitor Centers Survey Questionnaire Update
D.     Potential Attractions Assessment  Rob/Jason/Linda
1.      Manhattan Project National Historic Park Initiative Linda/Kelly
2.      Valles Caldera National Preserve Initiative  Rob
3.      NEDO Smart House Kelly
4.      High Altitude Training Center Kevin
E.      Lodging Establishment Update Ken
1.      Lodging Establishment Field Trips
F.       CIP Projects/Endorsement Letters Kelly/Linda
1.      Golf Course (course improvements)                                               
2.      Nature Center
3.      Ice Rink
4.      Ashley Pond Park
G.     Interpretation Plan Process for WR Visitor Center
H.     Bandelier Shuttle Service Video Kelly
I.        Creative District Activities
1.      Approved by Council April 24, 2012; Next Steps Kevin
2.      PLACE Status Report Kevin
3.      Cultural Coffee Klatch Next Meeting:  Thur., June 7th, 8:30-9:30 a.m. at the Los Alamos Coop
4.      Friday Night Los Alamos Promotion Linda
VI.        NEXT MEETING(S):  June 12th, 2012                                     2:55  p.m. ( 5 min.)
A.     Proposed Agenda Items:  (1) LTAP Calendar; (2) Strategic Planning/Phase 2;
(3) Schedule for Lodging Establishment visits

VII.             ADJOURN MEETING                                                               3:00 p.m.


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