Los Alamos Adopt A Family Program Seeks Sponsors

The Los Alamos Adopt a Family program is looking for at least 30 more sponsors this holiday season!
All of the families available for adoption have children in the Los Alamos Public Schools. Last year, thanks to your generosity, we were able to help more than 80 families in need. The spirit of our community is truly remarkable! 

TO SIGN UP: To become a sponsor, contact Anne at anne@meapc.com or 708.799.8206. Specify what size family is preferred in your email. Family sizes range from 3-6 family members. 

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Adopt-a-Family program was founded many years ago and has assisted many Los Alamos and surrounding area residents. In 2003, Margie Gillespie, long time program coordinator, had to step down and the Los Alamos Alpha Zeta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi took on the challenge of coordinating the Adopt-a-Family program. 

We focus on assisting families in the Los Alamos Public School system. We have gathered names from Los Alamos school counselors and to date, we have over 70 families in the program. No one is turned away unless they don’t have children in the schools. Even then, if we have extra sponsors we try to help. 

The program consists of, at a minimum, supplying: 

  • • a food gift certificate to a grocery story like Smiths 
  • • one (new) gift of necessity (such as an article of clothing) for each child in the family 
  • • one (new) want (such as a book or toy) per child in the family 
Supplying more than this is fabulous but at your discretion. We also will supply information on the parent(s), so that if you would like to and are able, you may provide something for them as well. 

After we assign your family, we’ll send you all the specifics that will help you shop for them including sizes, wants, needs, interests, etc. 

Join our Facebook page for more information about this program! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416516105260412/